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Write For US For toolshaven.comAt Tools Haven, we permit you to write plagiarism free, user-handy, and one of a kind article.  It can be on how to use a woodworking tool, power tool or any creative idea of building interesting and exciting carpentry projects.

If you are indeed interested and ardently want to know about the requirements, we recommend you to please follow our ‘Guidelines’ in the subjective part. We will sincerely consider every woodworking related articles, including the informative and how-to article that passes Copyscape check and also 100% plagiarism-free.

Don’t worry; we don’t ask you to be a woodworking specialist to write for us. What we want is that your articles written for Tools Haven are plagiarism-free and useful for readers.  You may follow a serious, traditional, practical, or narrative tone for the articles to engages the readers.

You can start with regular carpentry projects and can build-up a unique woodworking idea that users find appealing. And for how-to-type articles, try to express the steps and necessary guidelines in a focused and easy-to-understand way.

Our Main Focus

Firstly, we expect you to write for general readers and users. Thus, the article needs to be specific and clearly describe every instruction. You can engage more readers with a concise title and description. Also, don’t use any jargon or technical term. You may use drawings or illustrations, Infographic, or tables to add value to the article.

Also, if you don’t have any professional images or sketches, Tools Haven can take care of such problems for you. We even have experts to fix minor issues with the wordings of your article.  But we expect you to provide us unique, user-friendly, and plagiarism-free write-ups. However, if you have already published it somewhere else, inform it to use so that we know it before sending the article for review.

For example, there’s no limit- you can use anything you feel convenient and useful. All you need to do is to come up with perfect headings. Also, we discourage any copy from other’s articles. Even if you take information from different materials, give them due credit with proper referencing. However, it would be appreciated if your article doesn’t match with published and copyright articles.

Tips & Tricks

Start with ease, and don’t make things complex. Remember, you are writing on carpentry, the use of different power tools, and how-to guidelines. You may use a business or conversational writing tone depending on the conditions. However, avoid using unnecessary links that may otherwise drop the quality of your primary focus.

Also, remember that we discourage the use of any vogue and sales word. So, please follow our instructions and understand them thoroughly before you start writing for us.  You may use examples from your experience that will add value to the article. Also, use at least two subjective and useful images to attract readers. However, we appreciate adding more images.

The limit for each article is around 800-1000+ words, and we strictly adhere to it. The article will be in English and should have a conclusion as well as an outline. For paragraphs, use 3-4 short sentences in each paragraph. Short sentences are easy to understand and attract more readers.

Guidelines to Follow


• Arbor Presses
• Air Compressors & Inflators
• Concrete Tools
• Biscuit & Plate Joiners
• Combo Kits
• Glue Guns
• Drills
• Drill Presses
• Grinders
• Impact Drivers
• Impact Wrenches
• Jointers
• Routers
• Milling Machines
• Polishers & Buffers
• Powder-Actuated Tools
• Ratchet Wrenches
• Regenerative Blowers
• Sand Blasters
• Screw Guns & Screwdrivers
• Shears & Nibblers
• Woodworking (Planers, Routers, Sanders, Saws, Oscillating Tools, Rotary Tools, Wet-Dry Vacuums Lathes, Nailers & Staplers, Dust Collectors & Air Cleaners)

Rules and Useful Guideline to Develop Unique and Engaging Articles

  • Must pass Copyscape and 100% copyright free.
  • We permit articles written in English only.
  • No unnecessary sales and deals talk and word.
  • Use business, engaging, or conversational writing tone.
  • The write-up needs to be focused on pressing issues and useful for readers. However, a bit of humor won’t be bad.
  • Avoid any jargon, abstract, and imaginative ideas.
  • Use only relevant and useful images or infographics.
  • Always use examples for more understandable illustrations.
  • Describe each step and instructions clearly with proper titling.
  • The project should be new and unique. For projects, come up with creative and unique ideas.
  • 3-4 sentences on each paragraph.
  • Avoid too many and embedded links.
  • Always start with a narrative and project focused tone.
  • The use of bullet points, listings, and tables are encouraged.

Terms &Conditions

  • The publication of articles will need time since reviewing and acceptance requires some time. So, be patient.
  • Unless our quality team approves the article and we find it useful for readers, your article might not be published.
  • Always give sufficient examples and instructions for how-to informative and new projects. Also, include all materials such as images with the write-up.

The Final Talk

If you find our proposal interesting and consider yourself as a good fit for the requirements, please reach us through email at We will soon discuss it with you and see what awaits next.

Please provide us below information:

Inclusion of the following information will be highly appreciated:

  • A brief biography of you and your working as well as writing experience.
  • Mention your website (if any). Website address (if any)
  •  Professional portfolio or samples (if any).
  • You can also send us your article if you have one ready.

So, if you match all this information and willing to write an article for us, let’s fix a schedule and talk further. For any queries, ardently feel free to reach us at

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