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Different Types of Wood Routers (with Pictures)

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

Most of the time, you get confused about your purchase. You know why? It is because you have a lack of knowledge regarding the item that you are going to purchase. And when it comes to woodworking power tools like wood routers, it becomes more confusing since the market is loaded with different types of wood routers that also come with separate benefits.

Take your worries aside as we are going to discuss the types of wood routers so that you can get the one that can meet your needs with ease. Knowing about the different types is not rocket science, just make sure to stay connected with us till the end!

3 Different Types of Wood Routers

Fixed Base Routers

DEWALT Router, Fixed Base, Variable Speed, 1-1/4-HP Max Torque (DWP611)

This type of router is mainly for those who just start woodworking projects. For a newbie, there is no better solution than the fixed base routers since it is quite easy to maneuver. In general, this type of router stands in a fixed position on a router table or a bench. If you are going to carry out a project that demands straight lines accuracies, fixed based router is hands down, the best solution without a doubt!

You can use this particular machine especially for molding and edge cutting tasks. In addition, it is quite lightweight than the rest. It can be a plus for those who need a machine with mild weight so that they can use it with ease.

Before running this machine, make sure to set the depth of the blade. Due to the adjustable system, you can set it according to your projects. If you are a beginner, then you should pick out this machine with your eyes-closed since it requires less maintenance.


You can use the fixed base routers for most home projects. When it comes to weight, it is lightweight and easily bearable than the rest. Plus, this is one of the most efficient edge sharpers, which is an advantage for those who are newcomers in the field of woodworking.


    • Best choice for beginners.
    • Ideal for home uses.
    • Mild and easily bearable.
    • It is able to offer precise cuts.
    • It comes with an affordable range.
    • Rather easy to use.


    • Due to the fixed base, it is quite unable to perform over cutting or gouging.
    • It is not the best option when it comes to versatility!

Plunge Router

DEWALT Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, Variable Speed, Soft Start, 2-1/4-HP (DW618PKB)

Basically, we prefer to use this piece of machine for professionals or those who are quite experienced in the field of woodworking. This tool is able to perform heavy tasks as well as can hold enough loads with ease. For versatile uses, this could be the first and final choice.

Like the previous, it allows you to adjust the depth of cut so that you can accomplish your woodworking task accurately. It is pretty much rigid, flexible, and the best option for multiple uses. By having this tool, you can cut incised letters, stopped dados, mortises, and grooves.

When you are going to do woodworking, an adequate amount of safety is a must. In that case, you can rely on the plunge router with your eyes closed, whereas it is one of the safest options for any users, of course! However, this machine is not for those who are used to with the fixed base routers because it cannot be adjustable with a bench or a table.


As per our previous mention, it is an ideal pick for experts and long-term DIY’ers. You can accomplish any kind of task in a snap by just having it, but remember, you have to learn the proper way of using it so that you can stay out of danger.


    • You can adjust the depth of cut in multiple directions.
    • It is rather safe than our previous fixed base routers.
    • Versatile, rigid, and flexible than the rest.
    • One of the best options for experts, undoubtedly!
    • It is quick yet accurate.


    • You have to spend enough cash in order to get the best plunge router.
    • Compare with the fixed base routers, it is a bit heavier!

Combo Router Kits

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit - 2.25 Horsepower Plunge Router & Fixed Base Router Kit with a Variable Speed 12 Amp Motor

Indeed, this type of router is a better combination of both a fixed base and a plunge router. As a result, you can kill two birds with one stone by just purchasing it. This particular tool is able to provide both fixed and plunge base options, thankfully.

In order to replace it, you need to remove the engine from the one and set it carefully on the other. As it offers both plunge and fixed base, so it will be a piece of cake to increase your design capabilities. If you already know the replacement techniques, then hands down, combo router kits will be the best option for you!


You can get dual facilities by just having a single piece of machine, which is the best part of the combo router kits. In order to get this tool, you don’t have to spend enough cash at all, whereas it comes with an affordable range so that anyone can get it with ease. In short, it is the best option for those who are tight on cash!


    • You can get 2-in-1 facilities (both fixed base and plunge).
    • It is quick, versatile, as well as flexible.
    • Relatively easy to use, however, a minimal amount of knowledge is required regarding routers.
    • A budget-friendly tool.


    • The way of replacing it is an issue for those who don’t have enough knowledge concerning routers.

Bottom Line

We have provided all the necessary pieces of information in a nutshell so that you can know about the different types of wood routers with ease. If you are a beginner, from now, you can choose the right wood router for beginner for your projects and there is no more chance of confusion.

As a beginner, the fixed based routers have no alternatives. A plunge router, on the other hand, is the best option for experts or seasoned workers. Last but not least, you can also buy the combo router if your budget is limited. So, which one you are going to purchase, the ball is in your court!

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