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Skill Saw vs Circular Saw: Which One is Better for You?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 8, 2024

DIYer or a professional, you definitely have heard about both skill saw and circular saw. These two machines are famous for their power and ability to deal with different tasks with ease. But, which one is the best for you?

It is a tricky question, that’s why we will give you a detailed comparison between the skill and circular saw. Even though we will give you a lot of useful tips, you should always think about what kind of task you are going to accomplish.

General Overview

In general skill saws and circular saws are almost the same thing. A skill saw is a type of circular saw since it has circular blades that go rapidly through the material. However, the circular saws are different in their ability to have sidewinder, different designs or be gas-powered.

Furthermore, to some extent they are identical, but they have some differences that we are going to discuss now. A good example that we thought of is a shelf and furniture. They are not the same thing, since not every piece of furniture can be used as a shelf.

Circular Saw

What is it?

A circular saw is a handheld powerful tool that is powerful with its ability to be mobile and to deal with different materials with ease. Furthermore, this tool can make different cuts in different depths. 

These saws can be bought either as a battery-powered model or as a corded saw. So, it fully depends on your needs. In addition, you can get a circular saw in a different type based on its function, brand, and size.

A lot of professionals use them for daily tasks, but some DIYers use them too. However, it is advised to use a circular saw if you have at least some experience since this tool is quite powerful and can be dangerous in some situations.


A circular saw is a machine that has very broad functionality. It can be corded or cordless, and it can deal with a lot of different materials with ease. You can work with plastic, cut, and even metal if you use the right blade.

This machine also comes with a lot of features such as safety guards and a trigger switch. Furthermore, it will give you the opportunity to adjust the depth, height, and the bevel. These machines are quick and efficient at the same time.

There are different motors for circular saws available. If you need a powerful machine and you are going to deal with harder materials, you can find one. However, if you are not going to work with difficult materials, you may get a less powerful machine.

It is portable and you can carry it around with you. This makes it perfect for people who will work in different locations. It is not heavy, so you will be able to bring extra blades and other materials with you.


The circular saw uses a thick circular carbide blade for cutting. As we already mentioned, it can deal with almost every material if the right blade is used. The tool can be used with different available blades, and the changing process is not hard.

With a circular saw, you can make accurate, quick, and precise cuts. They will not be perfect, like those of a jigsaw, but they will be smooth enough. Furthermore, you can make cuts in different depths, even some very deep ones if you are using good material.

When to use a circular saw?

If you need a lightweight tool that can be easily carried around, a tool that is powerful enough to cut through different materials and make precise and deep cuts, then you definitely need a circular saw.

If you are professional you will be happy with this machine. It is good for people that have some experience since it is powerful and may be dangerous in some situations. However, many DIYers and beginners use this machine too.


  • versatile tool
  • there are a lot of different models you can choose from depending on your needs
  • there are different brands that offer these saws
  • very powerful tools


  • there are a lot of low-quality models on the market
  • it is better to use it if you have experience

Skill Saw

What is it?

A skill saw is a powerful machine with good design that is easy to handle and perfect for both professionals and beginners. This tool is considered to be a type of a circular saw, but with some differences.

This machine can be used for different cuts, including precise and smooth ones. With the right blade, you can deal with any material with ease. It is an incredibly powerful tool, even though it is lightweight and it can be carried around easily.


The skill saw is a very functional machine since it can make deep cuts through different materials. It is equipped with a lot of features and it is very easy to handle. It comes with a lot of extra things too.

With the right blade, this tool can cut through different materials with ease, which makes it capable of dealing with a lot of tasks. It works quickly, it can be either corded or cordless and it is very light.


The skill saw can be used for making straight and squire cuts. It can deal with re-sawing too, and it can make some deep cuts. It is used for cutting across the grain of wood, but it can also cut through metal or aluminum.

The blades can be changed easily, which makes it good for DIYers and beginners too.

However, the skill saw is not famous for its versatility, so if you are looking for advanced features and you are going to make bevel cuts, then you do not need this machine.

When to use a skill saw?

If you are looking for a very powerful tool that can deal with almost any material with ease, a tool that is easy to handle, light, and can be carried around to different locations, then you definitely need a skill saw.

However, if you want to make bevel cuts and you are looking for a versatile saw, then a skill saw may not be your best choice.


  • very light tool, easy to carry it around
  • easier to handle
  • very popular and powerful saw


  • there are not a lot of options available on the market

Similarities between a circular saw and a skill saw

The similarities between a circular saw and a skill saw are a lot. They even refer to the same kind of tool. They are powerful machines that can deal with a lot of materials with ease.

They are easy to handle, and they can be found as corded or cordless models. 

They are similar in almost every aspect including features provided, functionality and portability. Both models can be easily carried around and are good for professional or home use.

Differences between a circular saw and a skill saw

There is almost no difference between a circular saw and a skill saw. The skill saw is not as versatile as a circular saw, and there are less available options on the market at the moment. However, the differences are over here.

We are aware that it may be hard for you to make the right choice, especially when these machines are almost the same. You should focus on the tasks you will be accomplishing with the machine before making your final decision.

Furthermore, when it comes to circular or skill saw it is more about the brand and model you will buy. So, do some good research and find the best option for you and your needs. Good luck!

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