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7 Different Types of Scroll Saws & Their Uses

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 23, 2024

The scroll saws are one of the best options in the market for DIYers and professionals.

Okay, but when it comes to purchasing, it may be hard to make the right choice. There are different types of scroll saws that have to be considered since each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

In this article we are going to tell you more about the 7 different types of scroll saws.

Types of scroll saws

The scroll saws are very handy tools that can be used by professionals and beginners. They can make very good wood and metal cuts, and they have great performance. Here are the 7 different types and their specifics.

1. Rigid arm Scroll Saws

The rigid arm scroll saws are not as popular nowadays as they used to be in the past. In fact, they are so rare that you can only find them in a specific old shop. The rigid scroll arm was created of a single piece of metal, most of the time cast iron.

You can use it for wood cutting, but as we already mentioned it will be hard to find it, and even harder to find parts for that type in the future.

2. Parallel-Arm Scroll Saws

The parallel-arm scroll saw is the most used type of saw. It consists of two parallel arms that are attached to the motor, and tiny blades are placed at the end of each arm. These saws are good because they have fewer operating parts than other types.

You can easily buy a parallel arm scroll saw at the market. This model is very good for beginners since it is one of the safest options for a scroll saw because if the blade breaks the saw will immediately stop.

3. C-arm Scroll Saws

The second most popular type is the C-arm Scroll Saw. The design is shaped like a C, and the blades are placed at the ends of the ‘C’. This type of scroll saw can create an aggressive cut, they are fast and strong, but their cuts are not precise.

You can use the C-arm scroll saw for many different tasks and materials. It is good for professionals, the beginners need to be more careful while using it, since it is really powerful and may be dangerous.

4. Double Parallel-Link Scroll Saws

This is the most complex type of scroll saw. It does not produce a lot of vibration and noise, it makes very good cuts with different materials. It is perfect for professionals, beginners can use it too, but they should be careful. It is also good for home use since it is not noisy.

The only issue with the double parallel-link scroll saw is that it is a rare type and you will have to spend some time looking before finding it.

5. Oscillating Loop Scroll Saws

The oscillating loop scroll saws are really rare models. They are the most expensive ones, but they are considered to be able to make the most precise cuts. They are better for professional use since they are good for more difficult and detailed projects.

If you can afford to buy such a model, and you really need the precision in the cuts, then this may be a very good option for you

6. Floor Scroll Saws

The floor scroll saws are very powerful machines, they can be used for many different tasks. Most of the time they are controlled with a floor pedal and they can work at a very high speed. 

They are good for professionals that know how to use a scroll saw, they are highly-priced but most of the time they deserve its money.

7. Bench-top Scroll Saw

The bench-top scroll saws are heavy machines that are attached to a bench. They are very powerful, they can make different cuts, both deep and wide. It can be used with thick materials too. 

It is not a dangerous scroll saw and it can be used by professionals and by DIYers if they know how to use it.

To conclude we can say that now you know the 7 different types of scroll saws, and maybe you know which one is the best for you. You should definitely consider your tasks first. If you need to make detailed, specific cuts, then you already know your best choice- Oscillating Loop scroll saw. However, if you are not going to make specific cuts, and you need a scroll saw for DIY use, then you should make another choice. We wish you good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of scroll saw?

There are 7 different types of scroll saws. They have their own pros and cons, and your choice about a scroll saw should be based on the tasks you are going to complete with the machine. The 7 types are:

  • Rigid arm scroll saws
  • Parallel arm scroll saw
  • C-arm scroll saw
  • Double parallel link scroll saw
  • Oscillating loop scroll saws
  • Floor scroll saws
  • Bench-top scroll saws

What should I look for in a scroll saw?

There are several things that you should look for in a scroll saw:

  • the size of the throat- the size is important because the throat size is connected with the length of the cuts you can make
  • types of blades- you should consider the type of blade you are going to use. There are pinned blades that are thicker and good for cuts of wood, instead of fine details. There are also unpinned cuts that are better than wood cutting with detailed cuts.
  • work table-you have to consider the size, material, and durability of the table.
  • dust collector

What are the major parts of the scroll saw?

The main parts that a scroll saw include are a blade guard, which protects your fingers; a table, which is used to place your material during cutting; a tilt lock knob- used to adjust the table; a throat, dust blower, and blade clamps. 

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