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6 Best Horizontal Band Saws in 2024

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

The horizontal band saws are powerful and underrated tools. They can cut through wood, plastic, and metal with ease. Furthermore, they are one of the favorite tools of both professionals and DIYers. 

If you have decided that you want to buy a horizontal band saw you better make some research before making a final purchase. Here we are going to give you a list of the best horizontal band saws.

Best Horizontal Band Saws

Here is the list of the best horizontal band saws, some are excellent, others are merely good, but all of them are in our list of the top ones. 

1. JET HSB-1018W Horizontal Band Saw

The JET HSB-1018W is one powerful machine that can cut through metal and many other materials. The design is considered to be one of the best on the market since the coolant system can protect your fingers.

It is easily adjustable, it comes with a fully adjustable jaws hydraulic down feed and feed roller. It is a very safe model since it has an automatic shut-off. You can also protect yourself with extra equipment, and this is strongly advised.

The blades are very good and can cut through hard materials. You can also easily change them. Even though it can make perfect cuts, this machine can rotate only 0-45 degrees.

However, the JET HSB-1018W Horizontal Band Saw is definitely an unportable model. It can not be carried around, and if you do not have a workplace it will be hard for you to move it. Furthermore, it is definitely not an affordable model, since it is one of the most expensive ones in the market.

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2. Grizzly G0561 Cutting Band Saw

The Grizzly Industrial G0561 is considered to be the ‘best overall’ option in our list. It comes with a powerful model, which makes it possible to make different cuts with harder materials such as metal or wood. It also has hydraulic feed control.

It is considered to be a safe saw since it has an automatic shut-off button. Overheating it is impossible since it is famous for its great cooling system. The band saw comes with a cast-iron wheel, which makes it a portable model.

The Grizzly G0561 model is a qualified, powerful, and portable machine that does not take a lot of space. It comes with an amazing blade that can cut through many materials. Another advantage is that Grizzly has responsible customer service.

However, changing the blades may be a hard and slow procedure. The blade speed can be adjusted in steps and to change the speed you will have to use a lot of force. Furthermore, this is one pretty expensive model.
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3. Kaka Industrial Mini Metal Cutting Band Saw

Kaka Industrial Mini Metal Cutting Band Saw is considered to be a budget option since it is one of the most affordable options available at the moment. You can get it in two sizes- BS-85 and BS-150, but you should have in mind that there is a price difference.

This Band Saw is a very powerful machine that is easy to use and it can be rotated up to 45 degrees. It can cut through different materials such as metal and wood.

It is a portable option since it has an aluminum-casting structure, it is light and it is stable. You can easily regulate the speed and you can carry it around with ease. Furthermore, this saw is very easy to use, which makes it perfect for DYErs

However, many professionals that work in different locations use it too. This saw is one of the best options on the market, but it has disadvantages too. One of them is the instructions provided, which are not very good, and another one is the blade.Check Price on Amazon

4. Klutch Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw

The Klutch Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw is one very good option, considered to be a best overall option. It is perfect for DIYers and beginners with a band saw, since it is not highly-priced and many people can afford it.

It is one very portable and contact band saw, but this does not make it less powerful than other models. It has a 110-120V motor that can pip up to 5 in. You can cut through different materials such as metal with ease.

It comes with a beveled blade that can make angled cuts from 0 to 60 degrees. You will get a bi-metal blade with the Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw too. However, there are some hard and wide materials that may be a difficult task for this saw.Check Price on Amazon

5. Grizzly G9743 Metal Cutting Band Saw

The Grizzly G9743 Metal Cutting Band saw is a mobile machine that has a great capacity and a lot of different features. It comes with positive locking features, which makes productivity better.

This band saw has three blade speeds, which gives you the opportunity to cut through different materials, some of them harder than usual. It is a big machine with an interesting design. The hydraulic downfeed maximizes the blade life.

It has a very good coolant system that includes 1-½ gallon coolant capacity, a coolant nozzle, and a coolant pump. It also has a lot of good safety features such as thermal protection, a control package, and an automatic shut-off button.

This band saw has wheels for moving it around, but its size is too big to do it often. It is perfect for professionals, but DIYers can use it too. However, it may be hard to change the blades sometimes. Furthermore, this is one very expensive option.Check Price on Amazon

6. Jet HVBS-56 V Horizontal/Vertical Variable Speed Bandsaw

The Jet HVBS-56 is a model that is definitely considered one of the best ones. It is both a horizontal and vertical band saw that can make precise and smooth cuts no matter its position.

The blade it has is thick and durable, and it works with a powerful model that makes it possible to cut a variety of metals such as steel and aluminum. Furthermore, this band saw can be easily adjusted, and the blades can be easily changed.

It has good safety features such as automatic shut-off. It has a built-in handle and wheels, which makes it one very portable model. You can move it around if you are going to work in different locations.

However, the provided instructions can be better, but it is not hard to use the machine. In addition, there are a lot of videos and information online.
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How to choose the best horizontal band saw?

We believe that there are several things you have to consider before buying a horizontal band saw. Most of us will look at the price tag first, we know it is important,  but there are some features that should be researched.

Power of the motor

The motor determines how quickly the blades will cut. It is important to get a powerful motor, especially if you are going to cut hard materials. If you are a DIYer and you are going to use it for small projects then you can focus on a more affordable model.

However, if you are a professional and you are going to use the saw for cutting wider materials then a more powerful motor will be needed.Most often a horizontal band saw will have a motor between ½ and 1 horsepower, which is the speed between 80 and 230 FPM.


The blade is very important for good performance. It is good to state that the blade can be changed. So, the blade the saw comes with is not of much importance. However, the traits are important. 

The horizontal band saw should have the capacity to hold wider blades too, it should be easy to change the blades and it should match readily available blades.

You should also take into account the blade speed, the angle and the number of teeth. T


The platform where you have to place your workpiece to make cuts. The table has to be large enough, so you can place workpieces and stay balanced without support.

It also has to be strong enough to be repeatedly hit with a saw blade, and last, but not least it should be at a comfortable height for you in order to use it. Working without a table will be dangerous and in some cases impossible.

Coolant System

The coolant system is extremely important especially if you are going to cut metal with the saw. You have to apply cooling lubricant in order to prevent overheating of the blade. Make sure that you have a supply of the coolant with you.

You should look for a horizontal band saw that comes with a system for applying coolant easily while the blade is moving. If it does not have that system you will have to apply it by hand, which will take more time.

Guide and Vise

The guide and vise are important for making accurate and smooth cuts. The design and technologies depend on the model you are going to choose. 

You should always look for a machine that is durable, can be adjusted easily, and sturdy. This will ensure maximum accuracy and easy work.

Cutting Angles

Most of the horizontal band saws can make angled cuts, they can be easily adjusted. This is one very important feature, since the more angles you can cut, the better. 

This feature depends on the tasks you are going to accomplish. If you are going to do some small tasks that do not need rotations you can work with a model that can’t rotate. However, if you are a professional and you have to make different projects it is always a good idea to get a saw that can cut into different angles.


If you are a professional and you have a workplace, then you are most likely not interested in the portability of the saw. However, if you want to use the machine at different locations, then you need a saw that can be carried around easily.

There are some light models that are portable and can be carried to different locations. The other option is a saw that comes with wheels, which makes it possible for you to pull and push it around.

If you get a horizontal band saw that has wheels make sure that you have locked them before working, since it may cause accidents.

Safety Features

Another extremely important thing that you should always consider before buying a saw is the safety feature. The horizontal band saw has a fast-moving blade, which makes it one dangerous machine. 

Most of the time it is really powerful too. So, if you are looking for this type of saw you should be aware that dangerous situations may appear. Make sure that the blade’s idler is hidden by metal covers.

Make sure that there is an emergency stop button, or that there is an automatic shut off. The cooling system is part of the safety features too. It is always a good idea if you wear extra safety equipment too.

To conclude we can say that the horizontal band saw is one amazing machine that has a lot of power, can be portable and comes with many different useful features. Every professional has a horizontal band saw in his inventory, and many beginners use it too.

If you are going to buy this type of saw you better do some research and make the best possible choice based on your needs and the tasks you are going to accomplish. We wish you good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use a horizontal band saw for?

In general, the horizontal band saw is used for cutting steel and cutting through other hard materials. It is a powerful machine that can make cuts in almost every hard material such as metal, aluminum, etc.

What is an important economic advantage of the horizontal band saw?

An important advantage of the horizontal band saw is the fact that they can make cuts which do not need a secondary finishing operation. They are a very efficient choice, since the material is not too large.

Another economic advantage of the horizontal band saw is the fact that it can cut through many different materials, so buying one will help you deal with a lot of tasks.

What are the 5 general guidelines for using a horizontal band saw?

The 5 general guidelines for using a horizontal band saw are:

  1. Carefully read through the instructions and make sure you understand them before using a band saw.
  2. Wear safety glasses or a face shield; hearing protection is needed too. Wear protective footwear if it is required.
  3. Make sure all band wheels are enclosed before starting the machine since it can cause dangerous situations. Make sure the guards are adjusted too.
  4. Keep your hands away from the blades. Be careful, if you need to stop using the saw you should shut it down. Never leave it running and unattended.
  5. Keep your band saw properly oiled, serviced, and clean to avoid breakage and dangerous situations.

Why is a horizontal bandsaw used to cut steel?

The horizontal bandsaw is used to cut steel because it has a higher cutting rate. Furthermore, they can provide optimal squareness if that is needed and they are considered to have longer lifespans of the blades. This type of band saw can cut through metal and hard materials.

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