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6 Best Meat Band Saws in 2024

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 16, 2024

The Meat band saw is one powerful tool that every professional butcher uses to make his work easier. As you already know, the meat band saw is used for cutting meat and sometimes this task may be harder than it seems to be. 

The market offers different types of machines for this purpose, and your choice may be hard. That’s why we decided to give you a list of the best meat band saws nowadays.

Best Meat Band Saws

The meat band saw is one of the most useful tools for every butcher nowadays. Here is a list of some of the best meat band saws on the market and some details about them, that will help you to make the best choice based on your needs. 

1. Vevor 110V Bone Saw Machine

The Vevor 110V Bone Saw machine is a very powerful tool that comes with the popular saw blade tension system and meat pushing slab. It is specifically designed for cutting frozen meat and bones into small pieces.

It can be considered as a safe saw, since it has an emergency stop button located on a very good place. It is easy to clean it up, and it is a machine that complies with the normal hygiene standards.

However, this saw is one of the most expensive ones in our list.  Furthermore, it can easily catch bone dust. The Vevor 110V is considered to be ‘best overall’ product.Check Price on Amazon

2. Guide Gear Electric Meat Cutting Band Saw and Grinder

The Guide Gear Electric Meat cutting band saw is a good tool for professionals, but for DIYers too. It is an easy-to-use machine that can cut through bone and frozen meat. It has very good safety features too.

It is not expensive, and it has a very good and portable design. You can easily put it in your garage without needing too much space. It is considered a ‘budget option’. However, it may take a lot of time to clean it up.Check Price on Amazon

3. KWS B-210 Countertop Electric Meat Band Saw

The KWS B-210 is a good machine, used in many butcher shops that have to cut meat and fish. It is not expensive, and can be considered as ‘best for its price’. It has a powerful motor and can cut up to 6inches thick meat.

It has very good safety features, if the machine’s outer cover is opened it will stop working. It is one of the easiest machines to be cleaned and comes with an extra blade. However, it may break down easily.

However, this machine is a very expensive option. It can be considered as ‘best for its value’.Check Price on Amazon

4. Vevor 110V Bone Saw Machine, 1500W Frozen Meat Cutter, 2.1HP Butcher Bandsaw<

This is a very powerful machine, which is offered for a very good price and considered to be one of the ‘best for its price’. It is a commercial machine mostly used by professionals. You can cut frozen meat and bones.

It is equipped with good safety features, and it also comes with extra blades. It is easy to clean, that’s why it complies with high hygiene standards. The baldes it comes with are of a  very high-quality. Furthermore, the motor is very powerful.

However, it is not portable and transportation problems may cause the saw blades to lose, or even to fall.
Check Price on Amazon

5. XtremepowerUS 2-in1 Professional Butcher Meat Cutting Band Saw

This is a 2-in-1 professional meat cutting band saw, that can be used in supermarkets, meat markets or at home. It is a powerful machine that complies with every hygiene standard possible. It is easy to clean because of its stainless design.

Furthermore, it comes with a sausage attachment, which makes it possible to make sausage easy. It is tested and certified. It is convenient, anc it can be moved around easily. It is not expensive, and it is considered to be best for its value. 

However, the instructions provided are not very good and some people say it is of very poor quality.Check Price on Amazon

6. LEM Products 688 Electric Meat Saw

This LEM Products 688 Electric Meat saw is one powerful machine that gives good stability for cutting. It comes with a good model and it allows you to cut pieces up to 8 tall. It has a meat pushing guide and it has disassembles for cleaning.

It comes with very good blades and with complete instructions for using it. It is not highly priced, it is affordable and many professionals and DIYers choose the LEM 668 Meat Saw for everyday use.

However, this saw comes with only one blade, so you better purchase blades too. Furthermore, it can be very difficult to clean.Check Price on Amazon

What to consider before buying meat band saw

Now you know which are the best options for meat band saws, but there are some things that you should consider before buying one. There are some features that you should take into consideration.

Model Type

You should always consider the model type of the band saw before making a final purchase. The meat saw is available in two different options- the one that we discussed, meat band saw and a meat slicer. 

They are different, and all professionals use both of them. However, you should buy the one that will help you accomplish your specific tasks, but it is always a good idea to know more about the types. 

The meat slicer is a scroll saw that has small blades and can cut smaller chunks of meat. It is used for producing small chunks of meat, since it can cut the meat into small pieces that can not be made by a band saw.


As for every saw, the blades are very important for making precise cuts. To make the perfect choice you have to consider buying a machine that includes good teeth.Good teeth are specifically designed to make precise cuts on meat, they are shaped to cut forward and reverse.

Some meat band saws come with more than one blade, which is always an advantage, since the blades are expensive. However, there are a lot of different options available on the market.

Speed Control and Motion

If you are going to cut meat you will have to work with different thickness leves. This means that the best meat band saw will not work only with standardized speed. You should look for a bandsaw that comes with variable speed triggers, so you will have 2 speed settings.

To make good cuts you have to control the speed. By controlling the speed you will be able to avoid creating unwanted shapes. Furthermore, it is always safer if you can control the speed.

Motor Power

The motor is one of the most important components of the meat band saw. It is calculated in amps and it gives the blades power to cut the needed material. Before buying your machine you should make sure that the motor will be powerful enough to accomplish your tasks.

Usually, this type of saw comes with a powerful model, which makes it easy to cut frozen meat. If you are going to need it for professional use, then you will definitely need a powerful motor that will be able to work a lot.

However, if you need it for home use you can look for a more affordable version instead of a powerful motor.

Basic Components

In order to buy the best meat band saw, you should look at the basic components. Some of them are:

  • Design frame- it can be made of cast iron, or of a solid steel frame.
  • Capacity- the capacity is very important since it gives insight into the cutting that a bandsaw can do per period.
  • Safety-one of the most important features are the safety features.  The band saws are very powerful machines, so you should always consider their safety features before buying one.
  • Spare parts- do some research and check if there are spare parts available on the market, and if they are affordable.

You should always do some research before making a purchase. You can buy a meat band saw from a physical store or online. If you want to buy it from a store you can easily ask for more details, but the research will give you the main insight on model and price.

However, if you want to buy it online you will need much more research in order to make the perfect choice for you. You should not only investigate the saw, but also the manufacturer and its track records.

It is always a good idea to ask your friends or people who know more about meat band saws. Recommendations are always useful, so take your time and read some of them before making a purchase.

Is it easy to clean?

One of the most important features of a meat band saw. The easy-to-clean surface is comfortable and efficient. The parts have to be removable because this will reduce the possibility of injuries when you clean the machine.

You will be working with food, which makes hygiene extremely important. A machine that can be easily cleaned is more hygienic than a machine that can’t be cleaned. So, you should always consider this feature as important.

We strongly believe that now you have enough information about the best meat band saw. You should always consider the features and the tasks you are going to need the machine for. 

If you are going to use it in a meat shop then you are going to need a powerful machine, if you are going to use it at home for some DIY tasks then you can look for a more affordable version. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you use a meat band saw?

It is not hard to use a meat band saw, but you should always wear safety equipment if you want to avoid injuries. It is designed to cut through meat, but you should not force it.

To use a meat band saw you should be able to control the speed. You should place the meat under the blade and by controlling the speed to make the cuts you need.

How do you clean a meat band saw?

To clean a meat band saw you should clean the blades. Most of the time you can remove them, which will make things easier. You should use an antibacterial soap or bleach and hot water.

After cleaning the blades you should clean the surface and the table too. You have to sterilize the machine by washing it with hot water (170 degrees at least)

What are the hazards of a band saw?

The meat band saw is a powerful machine and there are some hazards of using it.

  • If the blade is dull, or a tooth is missing the meat that you cut can kick back. This can result in injuries.
  • With a band saw a hand or a finger can be cut off if you are not wearing safety equipment or you put your hand under the blade.
  • If you are using a band saw there may be dust that can be inhaled and this will most likely cause problems.

There are even more risks of using a band saw, that’s why you should always consider the safety features and equipment as important.

How many teeth does a meat saw blade have?

The number of teeth that a meat saw blade has depends on its type and length. There are different available options that include:

  • 10-inch blades that have 50 teeth
  • 12-inch blades that have 60 teeth
  • 10-inch blades that have 24-30 teeth
  • 12-inch blades that have 40 or less teeth

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