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JigSaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

A Jigsaw is one powerful tool that has the ability to cut curves and holes. There is no other type of saw that can actually do this, which makes the jigsaw a unique machine that every woodworker actually needs.

Furthermore, the jigsaw has many other uses which make it great. Today, we are going to share these uses with you.

Jigsaw Uses

Jigsaws are mainly used to make curves in wood, but they can work with other materials such as plastic and metal. As we already mentioned, they have a lot of interesting uses that you should know about if you have decided to add a jigsaw to your tools.

1. Cut Curves

The jigsaws are more precise than other saws. They have thin blades that can easily follow a curved line, create an interesting shape or fit into a tight space. Furthermore, these machines are light and they can be easily maneuvered.

You can make a circle in any size, you can make many forms and even start a cut in the middle of the workpiece with a jigsaw.

2. Bevel Cuts

Jigsaws can make bevel cuts too, thanks to their pivoting shoe. You can position the shoe at different angles up to 45 degrees. 

For making the perfect bevel cut you have to make sure that the angle of the blade remains the same throughout the cut. If you do that you will have the perfect, accurate and clean bevel cut.

3. Woodcutting

One of the most accurate uses of a jigsaw is woodcutting, especially if the wood is soft. The blades of this type of saw are thin, which makes them perfect for cutting circles and curves. 

Most often they are associated with woodcutting, but you can make much more. You can cut precise cuts into the wood, you can create different shapes and inside corner cuts. Furthermore, you can decorate furniture, do some scrollwork or cut stencils.

However, if you want to make a long, straight cut as fast as possible, the jigsaw is not your best option. If you want to make good cuts you should be familiar with using a jigsaw, otherwise, you may have some problems and even ruin the material.

4. Metal cutting

Yes, you can actually cut metal with a jigsaw. Surprisingly, most of the professionals will actually advise us to use the jigsaw for metal cutting. Why? Because it is more accurate and less dangerous than other saws.

You can make a hole in a metal piece of work, or cut some curves for the piece to place it on a wall. It is a good idea to place the metal on a piece of wood when using the jigsaw for safety measures.

However, you should remember that this tool is not good for making long, straight lines. It is specifically designed for curves, so if your tasks include straight lines you better consider another model than the jigsaw.

5. Pumpkin Carvers

Even though it may sound strange, the jigsaws are often used for pumpkin carvers. We all have seen these insanely perfect faces cutted in a pumpkin, and now you know their secret. Nobody actually does these with a knife, they use a jigsaw.

It is not hard and everybody can use this type of saw for making pumpkin carvers. It will not take a lot of time, and it will not be dangerous. Just keep your hands away. If you are a beginner you may need to have more than one pumpkin to develop your skills!

6. Tiles

If you want to use a jigsaw to make curves on a tile, you should use the right baldes. This type of saw is perfect for shaping a tile because it can make quick, precise angles and curves.

7. Laminate

The best machine that you can use for making curved cuts needed for laminate flooring is a jigsaw. The saw is thin enough, so the blade can easily go through. Furthermore, it can not overpower it and damage the laminate if it is used in the right way.

8. Carpets

Yes, you can actually use a jigsaw to cut carpets.Surprisingly, it will be much more accurate than using a knife or scissors.

You should have the right blade made of soft material and you will have the perfect machine for cutting carpets.You can even cut polystyrene and leather.

Now you know that the jigsaws are incredible machines with many different uses. You have to cut wood? Your child wants to have the best pumpkin for Halloween? Or your wife has bought a new carpet that needs cutting? You can accomplish all these tasks with a jigsaw! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a jigsaw be used for?

Jigsaws are most often used for cutting shapes and curves in wood. However, they have more uses than this one. You can use this machine for cutting metal, making bevel cuts, cutting pumpkin and even carpets.

How do you use a jigsaw?

It is not hard to use a jigsaw. You should select the right blade depending on the material you are going to cut. Then you have to set up the machine after making sure that the saw is unplugged. The set up includes putting the blade and preparing the workplace.

After that you have to set up the material and start cutting. Don’t forget to clean the jigsaw and the working place when you are ready. This is a must for keeping your machine healthy for a long period of time.

What are the most important things to consider when using a jigsaw?

The most important thing that you should always consider while using a jigsaw is your safety. The jigsaw is a powerful machine, and safe operation is a must.

It is not hard to operate this tool, but you should be informed on how to do that in order to prevent dangerous situations. You should always unplug the machine when changing blades, If it is battery powered you should remove the batteries in order to avoid injuries.

How do you use a jigsaw as a beginner?

As a beginner, safe operation should be your priority. You should carefully read the instructions, you can even watch some youtube videos or read some beginners guides on how to use a jigsaw.

There are several steps that you need to follow. Remember, you should always unplug the tool when changing blades, and you should always keep it clean to avoid dangerous situations. 

As a beginner you should choose the right blade, set it into the jigsaw, prepare the material and start cutting. It is always a good idea to wear safety equipment and ask for help if you need it.

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