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Powermatic Pm1500 Review: Getting the Right Bandsaw for Newbies

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Most people who love woodwork always want the best tools. Having the best types of tools will allow you to have an easy time with most of your woodworking projects. You will enjoy a faster work rate, better results, and high-styled efficiency.

One of the best tools that a woodworker can opt for is the band saw. Band saws are ideal for making the most intricate cuts on wood. You can also use them for contoured cuts that requires so much precision.

Here is the powermatic pm1500 review that will help you to understand what the best band saw model has to offer.

Technical Features

The Powermatic 15 bandsaw comes with a set of redesigned features for incredible durability.

Ball Bearing Guides

The most significant of these features is the upper and lower ball bearing guide. These guides are greatly reliable and will help any user to achieve a smooth operation and to reduce on any form of friction.

In general, the technology will enhance the band saw’s blade performance and in turn, translate into better durability.

Two Speed Technology

More importantly, this band saw also offers an additional range of features that will guarantee the best precision and also safety touches. This includes the two-speed technology that gives you more than a single-speed level to choose from for your cuts.

The result of this is that you will have better speeds for the most versatile control strategies too. It is, therefore, a highly convenient saw for your choice and control.

Quick Release Tension

In addition to these features, there is also the quick release blade tensioning that’s conveniently placed to ensure that you attain a high-end flexibility and even better a faster and effortless blade adjustments.

Blade Guide Post

The band saw model like many other top-rated designs also come with the blade guidepost. This is integrated with a rack and pinion adjustments technology to guarantee an even better accuracy with a high-end efficiency.

It is designed with a high tension spring that will deliver a powerful but consistent performance even during repetitive use.

Easy-View Window

To add on the safety touch, this band saw also comes with a blade viewing window. The window offers utmost safety and keeps you on top control when working with these types of spinning blades.

So with the handy easy-to-view blade tracking window, you will always be aware of the position of the blade while you work.

Wide Throat

For easy feeding, there is the 15 ½” throat capacity. This capacity also provides the perfect 15″ of resawing so that you can enjoy a much easier design.  You can easily feed your band saw irrespective of the speed that you are working with.

Sturdy Cast Iron Table

The working table is also made with the highly durable cast iron and has a trunnion assembly that will offer maximum rigidity on all the heavy work pieces. This type of table is found on the best band saw models that intend to leave you with better levels of durability.

T-Square Fence Technology

The T-square fence style also maximizes the accuracy and the safety of the both the work and the user. It comes with a complete adjustability that you can easily use to align your work piece to the blade and to the squaring.

Use it with the positive locking cam and enjoy the best pressure adjustment touch for all your work.


There is no better way to save money than to buy a band saw that lasts longer. If the band saw is durable, it won’t give in to wear and tear, however much the job might be demanding. In so doing, you will minimize the repairs, fixes, and replacement of parts.

This is what you will get from the powermatic pm1500 review. A reliable saw that would eliminate other additional expenditures and as such, give you an affordable edge.

Buying this band saw is, therefore, a great way to save money and get an affordable band saw eventually.

Powermatic PM1500 Review: Experts Opinion

Among the most reliable band saws is the powermatic pm1500. This is what the other reviews attest to.

The other expert powermatic pm1500 reviews focus more on the ability of the saw to get large volumes of work done in no time. This is attributed to its wide throat. It is also durable and will withstand high amounts of wear and tear due to its high cast-iron build.

For the people who want better precision levels, this model is also said to guarantee accurate cuts with smooth adjustments. You can easily align the blade and get the best cutting capacities that you need.

One thing that they advise against it to feed the band so extra-large workpieces that it can actually hold.


  • Gives you a smooth movement
  • Comes with computer balanced wheels
  • Easy to maintain and care for
  • Gives clinical cuts
  • Comes with a wider resawing touch
  • Ideal for anyone that needs a heavy durability
  • Easy to learn for new woodworkers
  • Comes with a simple user manual
  • The fence is made of cast iron for straighter cuts
  • Comes with a blade tracking window


  • Lower monitor capacity. But it gets the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

We give you the most vital concerns that you should know.

How much speed can you get from a band saw?

The band saw speeds would differ depending on the model. However, most reliable models will give you speeds of between 1500 FPM and 3500 FPM.

Can I move my band saw?

Yes. Most high-end models come with wheels and tires that are built to hold the weight of the saw and move it.

How do I ensure less vibrations when using a band saw?

Find a band saw with a heavy-duty stand. You can also use a model that enjoys a heavy build or work on a flat surface.

Why Should You Buy It?

Apart from our recommendation and tests, there are many more reasons why you shouldn’t mind spending your money on the powermatic pm1500 bandsaw. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

First, you will get more cutting capacity than you would from a regular band saw. This saw’s 15 ½” throat and the 15″ resaw will provide you with more leverage in case you wanted to make numerous designs.

The model also has more power than many other options that fall under the same category. It has a longer blade length as we saw in the powermatic pm1500 review that combines with high-speed range to save you time and energy on huge amounts of work.

As if that’s not enough, this band saw offers one of the longest warranties. With up to 5 years of warranty, you can be rest assured of the best repair to any manufacturing defects that you may encounter along the way and eventually save more money.

The model also offers high-end durability, which means that it will withstand even the harshest working environments to deliver the best results. Spending on this band saw is therefore quite commendable and will give you a better return.


After looking at the powermatic pm1500 review, here is what I want to say. If you can get the powermatic pm1500, there is no need to look elsewhere. This saw comes with tons of features that’ll make your work easy.

It is also equipped with some of the latest technologies that guarantee highly efficient results. For a woodworker, this band saw model is completely equipped for the most demanding jobs.

You can use it for extended timelines and still have the same cool results that you did in the beginning. That’s why you should stick with it if you have the chance.

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