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6 Most Common Wood Router Uses

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 8, 2024

The wood router is one great tool that has many functions and can be used for different projects around the house. It can be easily moved around and it can do much more than just cutting edges. Today we are going to share with you more about the wood router uses .

Many professional woodworkers believe that the wood router is one of the most important and most useful machines in their inventory. So, we strongly believe that this tool is a good investment.

1. Creating Perfect Edges

We know that creating the perfect edge can be one very tricky task, which not every person can accomplish. However, having a wood router in hand is one very big help for this tricky task, since this tool can give you a nice, clean and smooth edge every time.

The wood router can also make level cuts on curved edges and replicate them on different pieces of wood. Furthermore, it is easy to do that!

2. Cutting Dadoes

Dadoes are used to support shelves in a bookcase, or to support a cabinet. They are one of the strongest possible methods to support any wooden cabinet. However, making them is not always an easy task.

With a wood router you can easily cut both most often used types of dadoes. The first one is stopped( also called blind) dado, that ends before the cut actually goes to the edge of the surface.

The second one is through dado which does not only meet the edges, but goes through the edges of the surface and leaves both ends open.

3. Shaping Decorative Molds

Of course, this tool can be used for shaping decorative molds. With the wood router you can easily decorate different wood pieces. 

You may need to practice, since decorating is not an easy task. However, with some work you can create really beautiful designs on wood.

4. Carving Rabbets

The rabbits are groove cuts that are made into the edges of the wood. They are most often used on the back edge of a bookcase’s sides, or on a cabinet. Furthermore, they are used for doors and windows jambs

When used with dadoes, rabbits can easily form a strong point. Wood routers can create clean rabbets with ease and many woodworkers use them with this specific purpose

5. Attaching Door Hinges

Wood routers are used for attaching door hinges too. Most often woodworkers use them with a jig and they cut space where they place the door hinges or the lock faceplates. With this tool this task can be made with ease.

6. Re-Creating Patterns

Wood routers are often used for re-creating different patterns. One of their main uses is to cut grooves, patterns and designs on wood. So, if you want to create a beautiful design on a piece of wood- the wood router is your tool.

Furthermore, it can easily trace the outline of an already created design, so it is used for re-creating patterns. It is not hard, but you should have at least some experience when using this tool for this purpose.

To conclude we can say that the wood router is an amazing tool that has many uses and can be useful for different tasks. That;s why every woodworker has this tool in his inventory. We wish you good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with router woodworking?

As we already mentioned, with a wood router you can accomplish a lot of different tasks. You can cut traditional joints, cut inlays and trim wood. You can shape wood in almost any form, drill clean holes and cut screw threads. 

Of course, you can make profile edges, decorate wood and trim wood. This machine gives you a lot of opportunities and that’s why every woodworker has it in his inventory.

What is the purpose of a router in the woodshop?

In the woodshop the router has many uses. We already mentioned most of them, but to sum up we can say that the wood router is used for decorating wood and shaping it in different forms.

Woodworkers often are used for cutting edges and drilling clean holes. Furthermore, woodworkers often trim the wood with this tool.

How do routers design wood?

The routers are easy to use machines, but it is better if you have experience, especially if you are going to design decorations. It is formed of an electric motor-driven spindle. It is easily used and you have to cut through the wood and create the design you want to.

How do you use a handheld wood router?

The handheld wood router is used for trimming boards and working on small pieces of material. They are called Pal Compact Routers. These tools have speed control features, which gives you a lot of control over the speed.

In order to use these tools you have to be careful, since accidents may appear. You use them just as you can use any wood router.

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