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Best 14 Inch Bandsaws in 2024: Reviews & Buying Guide

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Why need a bandsaw when you have a good old friend jigsaw?

‘Cause bandsaw can offer you so much more than a jigsaw. A good bandsaw can turn your woodworking experience by 360o.

All the professional woodworkers prefer bandsaws for their woodworking projects. It helps you get more versatile and precise cuts; it gives the cutter more control and stability.

You definitely do not want to ruin your perfect piece of wood. So, bandsaw will be the right choice. Get yourself the best 14 inches bandsaw, and you will see the difference for yourself.

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Top 5 14-Inch Bandsaw Reviews

Making the decision will be hard if you start searching randomly. I have filtered down only the best 5 14 inches bandsaw here exclusively for you. I hope you find the right one for your next project.

1. JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

Check Price on Amazon This head-to-toe cast iron-built band saw is a premium grade saw to deal with your perfect wood piece with delicacy. Rigidity, steadiness and stability with zero vibration while working is the first condition to be ensured. And you definitely get it all from this Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14” deluxe Pro bandsaw.

The ergonomic design includes a well-made 15×15 inches tabletop giving you enough room for sawing your wood. The table is designed with a bevel capacity of 45o to the right and 10o to the left to assist you with bevel cuts besides the straight and miter cuts. It includes an adjustable rip fence with scale to help you make accurate cuts each time. You can easily oscillate the retractable blade guard connected to the guidepost from 0 to 12” within a second to fit your required size of wood.

The guidepost of the saw includes a rack and pinion adjustment system for delivering increased precision. All the blade guides from both upper and lower parts have ball bearings to reduce friction and give durable service.

Ball bearings are also used for turning the wheels. The 105 inches blade runs on the pair of cast iron built wheels. These are fitted with yellow-coloured standard polyurethane tires for making it easy for you to track the blade through the transparent window while working.

The highly efficient 1.25HP motor remains mounted behind the lower wheel housing. Its location makes it convenient for changing between the 2-speed levels offered by this saw. This is managed by an efficient poly-v belt drive system for delivering you accurate outcomes.

Key Features

  • The whole bandsaw is made of cast iron and built to last long.
  • 15×15 inches worktable with a cutting capacity of 12”. It can be used for resawing.
  • Ball-bearing guides are used for less friction and high durability.
  • Powerful 1.25 HP motor delivers a dual speed of 1500 SFPM and 3000SFPM.

Check Price on Amazon

2. RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw

Check Price on Amazon This bandsaw from Rikon Power Tools will be the perfect helping hand if you are a newbie using bandsaws. It has the easiest adjusting system and usability. Even with the first try, you can turn into a pro with this easily accessible device.

It has been completely redesigned to include handy adjusting gears. It has a patent-pending tool-less blade guide both on the upper and lower part. It uses hand-operated knobs, turning wheels and handy levers for giving you easy access and operation.

The body of the saw has a simple typical structure including an enclosed stand. It is featured by rigid welded steel frame construction and cast-iron wheels to ensure heavy-duty performance.

The tabletop measures 21.5×15.75 inches with 13.5 inches space between the arm of the saw and blade. It has a bevel capacity of 45o to the right and 7o to the left. You can easily tilt the table with the rotating wheel attached to its back. It has a rack and pinion mechanism accompanying a lever lock system. Thus, you get the most precise angles without any error.

Unlike typical bandsaws, it has a surprising cutting capacity of 13 inches. You get the access for resawing your big wood chunk with this super flexible bandsaw. It comes with a 6” rip fence as extra help to assist you in your resawing job.

This handy tool has unbelievable cutting capability ensured by its 1.75HP motor. It is a dual volt motor with dual speeds of 1445 SFPM and 2950 SFPM. Besides resawing this mighty motor can ensure cutting of foam, plastic or any nonferrous metal with the help of a perfect blade.

Key Features

  • Patent-pending tool-less guides. Very easy for making adjustments.
  • 5”x15.75” table with a bevel capacity of 45o to 7o on each side.
  • Has the highest cutting capacity of 13”. Best for resawing.
  • The powerful motor of 1.75HP with dual speed levels. Enables cutting of plastic, metal and foams.

Check Price on Amazon

3. WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight

Check Price on Amazon Among all the famous brands, this one might seem a little dull. But believe it or not, this is surprisingly one of the best bandsaws you will come across. This multi-featured versatile bandsaw will totally change your opinion towards it once you use it.

This small-sized unit comes all assembled ready to use relieving you from hassles of strenuous assembling. The only thing you have to do is just attach the worktable and the open stand which comes unmounted. The kit contains all the necessary items along with it for assembling these two pieces. It will take at best 10 minutes for you to set and adjust the machine. In the quickest time, it will be all ready for you to use.

The whole unit is very well built for durable service. Starting from the connecting bolts to the housing components, all are made of heavy-duty material. It uses a 9.5amp motor with aluminum cooling fans for delivering high performance relentlessly.

Its thick and strong worktable is of 21.5”x15.75” with a bevel capacity of 45o. It has a mounted scale indicator which you can adjust too. The included miter gauge and rip fence are very helpful to achieve accurate cuts. To help you see more clearly, the saw includes an LED light on the worktable which is pretty useful.

The application and adjusting system are very easy for this bandsaw. All the adjusting gears are designed to be close to you while you are working and made very handy to use.

It is a quiet and clean device. You will have a clean and comfortable working experience with this competent machine. Its 3 in 1 dust cleaning system allows no free dust on the workspace.

Key Features

  • Comes all assembled. It only needs a table setting and blade adjustments.
  • Composed of heavy-duty material for durable service.
  • Worktable includes rip fence, miter gauge, LED light and have a bevel capacity.
  • Quiet and clean device. has a 3 in 1 cleaning system.

Check Price on Amazon

4. Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw with Cast Iron Wheels & Deluxe Aluminum Fence

Check Price on Amazon If you are searching for a good machine under a budget, then you just found it. This bandsaw from Shop Fox is the right tool for woodworking which comes at a comparatively cheaper price.

This 14” bandsaw model uses 1HP motor prewired for 110V which can be changed to 220V as per requirement. Its highly capable motor can offer you a dual blade speed facility. By changing the position of the poly-v belt on the lower wheel housing, you can easily shift between speed levels of 1800SFPM to 3100SFPM.

The saw has a throat capacity of 13.5” with a cutting height of 6”. To increase its cutting capacity, you can add a riser block kit. This can increase the height up to 12” to help you fit larger wood plank on your small saw. The table is 14”x14” with a bevel capacity of 45o to the right and 10o to the left. It includes an aluminum rip fence to help you with accurate cuts.

You can use blades from 0.125 inches to 0.75 inches for cutting your desired piece of wood. With the size of the wood, the blade and its tension must be adjusted. The blade runs on the pair of wheels made of cast iron. It uses 93.5 inches blade on it.

On the backside of the lower wheel housing is the 4” dust port. You can add a hose to collect all the dust and have a clean workspace.

Not only the wheels, the whole structure of this saw including its cabinet stand is made of cast iron. This gives it a very rigid body. You can have a durable service from this saw for a long time. Yet, when necessary you can have very good customer service from the company.

Key Features

  • Motor with 1HP. It has dual speed generating capacity.
  • Cutting capacity of 6” which can be extended up to 12” with a riser block kit.
  • Can use blades from 0.125” to 0.75”.
  • Has 4” dust port ensuring clean workspace.

Check Price on Amazon

5. RIKON Power Tools 10-324 14″ Open Stand Bandsaw

Check Price on Amazon Rikon Power Tools came with such standard ensured bandsaws to rank again with its another model. The first visible difference of this model is its open base having other structural properties similar to the previous one.

This model has slight differences with its counterpart in terms of price. If the other Rikon Power Tools bandsaw is expensive for you, you can go for this cheaper alternative.

Its table includes a very useful rip fence. It slides and locks smoothly without any wobble. When you are not using it, you can put it on the corner of the table or can also slide it off from its rail to keep it away. The rail comprises a scale indicator to help you with accurate cutting. This saw also consists of a pivot bar to add with the rip fence. It helps in stabilizing your wood piece during drifts.

One cool feature of this saw is it includes a 110V power outlet on its back. You can plug in any of your desired electrical appliances like a light or a phone charge or any other necessary appliance. On the back, there is also a 4” dust port to assist in the cleaning business. You can have a clean workspace by connecting a hose to eliminate all the sawdust through it.

The full set of guide bearings both on the upper and lower part are guarded properly for ensuring maximum safety. You can easily adjust the guides using the knobs on either side.

Bandsaws can very loud during cutting. Hence this saw added extra effort to ensure a quieter working environment. It has 2 buttons on the side: one powers the saw and the other ensures quiet operation.

Key Features

  • Has a motor of 1.5HP with dual blade speed facility.
  • Includes a 110V power outlet at the back. Can connect the light, charger or similar appliance.
  • Has a 4” dust removing port for having clean worksite.
  • Ensures quiet operation.

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14 Inch Bandsaw Buying Guide

A bandsaw is a quite expensive device that you do not buy on a regular basis. It has a lot of important aspects that need proper evaluation before making the deal. The vital ones are highlighted below to help choose the right one.

Power of the Motor

For any machinery, the power of its motor is the most essential factor to determine its own power. Bandsaws are no different.

The motor of a bandsaw generates power to rotate the blade. The power of the motor determines the speed of the rotating blade. The more powerful the motor the faster the blade will rotate. And the faster the blade will rotate, the more accurate the cut on the wood would be. So the power of the motor is important here.

For many bandsaws, the wiring of the motor can be changed to obtain differences in speed levels. You can change the pre-installed wiring and insert higher voltage wiring to gain rotating speed. For example, the Shop Fox W1706 14” Bandsaw comes with 110V wiring. It can be altered to 220V to obtain a higher blade speed. While searching for your desired bandsaw make sure you check on the power of its motor.

The Material of the Components

The material of the device is evaluated to judge its longevity and service. But for bandsaw material of the component is important for its performance too. The bandsaws with higher performance are mainly made of high-quality heavy metals which also make them very expensive. Whereas the lighter ones are quite cheaper.

The main reason behind this is because the material of the bandsaws influences its blade rotation thus its performance. When we are talking about heavy-duty materials such as cast iron-built components, they have certain rigidity and stability what the light materials such as aluminum can’t ensure. The spinning wheel made of cast iron will gain such momentum while spinning which is hard to slow down ensuring greater blade speed. You would not find the same happening to a light material like aluminum.

Besides this, the heavy body of the saw is important for retaining stability while working. The large wood planks that you will use will be heavy too. So your bandsaw must be strong enough to hold and cut through them without drifting.

Easy Adjusting System

A bandsaw needs a lot of adjusting to ensure a precise cut. The blade tension adjustment, the spring tension adjustment, bearing guide adjustments, belt adjustment and so on. All these adjustments must be precise to acquire accuracy. Slight mistuning can ruin your best wood piece.

But a lot of times the bandsaws have so tricky adjusting process. It makes it very difficult to go through all the process and obtain accuracy. Yet, it’s not the case for all bandsaws.

In the market, you will also find bandsaws with a super easy handling system. You should go for the bandsaw with an easy adjusting system. One such example is Rikon Power Tools 10-326 14” bandsaw. It has a tool-less handy adjusting system that makes the total process extremely easy.

Speed of the Blade

The speed of the blade in a bandsaw determines its efficiency. A saw requires very high rotating speed to cut wood precisely. The faster the speed will be, the more precise will be the cut. Wood requires a very high speed like 5000 SFPM and above. However, this extremely high speed is very dangerous to possess. That’s why any speed around 3000 SFPM is maintained to ensure effective woodcuts.

Besides the higher speed, many bandsaws have low speeding capability. The low speed helps in cutting other materials like metal, plastic and others. By shifting the speed levels, you can cut both wood and different other materials with the same bandsaw.

Hence it is important to check the speed levels before buying the saw. It will facilitate accuracy and versatility.

FAQs about 14 Inch Bandsaw

What determines the size of a bandsaw?

A bandsaw has a pair of spinning wheels on its upper and lower part respectively. The size of a bandsaw is determined by the diameter of its wheel. Thus if the size of a bandsaw is 14”, then it indicates that the diameter of its wheel is 14”.

Why do I need a bandsaw?

The most convenient tool for a woodworker is a bandsaw. A bandsaw is particularly used for cutting woods. You can cut your wood into your desired shape with this versatile machine. It can make precise cuts of irregular shapes.

On top of that, you can cut multiple slabs at a time with a bandsaw. It is a total time saver. With a single cut, you get multiple identical cuts.

Bandsaw with a higher cutting capacity can also assist you in resawing and book matching. Such a handy tool is desirable to all woodworkers.

What is the benefit of a bandsaw over a jigsaw?

The bandsaw defeats the jigsaw with its huge number of benefits. The most important benefit of a bandsaw is that it can cut from smaller to a larger piece of wood, whereas the jigsaws are limited to only smaller cuts.

A bandsaw can cut through a pile of wood with its rotating highly efficient blade. On the other hand, the jigsaw with its small blade size can cut one at a time.

Again, a bandsaw makes very little mess compared to the jigsaw. The blade of the bandsaw drives down towards the table in a single direction. Thus it pulls the dust downwards and under the table. While the jigsaw blade oscillates during cutting, it pulls all the dust upward and eventually making a huge mess.

Lastly, the bandsaw gives the cutter more control to cut than a jigsaw.

What is the average speed of a bandsaw?

The rotating speed for bandsaw is measured by SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute). The average speed for a bandsaw is around 1000 SFPM. To cut a block of wood perfectly it requires a lot of speed.

The highly effective bandsaws have a much higher speed than this. All the bandsaws from the above-mentioned list have a speed around 3000 SFPM for the precise woodcuts.

Can I cut metal with my bandsaw?

Yes, you can cut metal with a bandsaw that can deliver lower rotating speed. In modern woodworking business, the woodworks include many metal details. The bandsaws are made versatile enough to cut through multiple materials.

Woodcutting requires very high rotating speed and metal cutting requires very low rotating speed. To do so, you will need to attach the right blade size, adjust the blade tension and change the blade rotating speed. Thus, you can get your required cut of metal with a bandsaw.

My Two Cents at the End

All those limitations, all those problems you faced and all those flaws, everything will be gone forever with your one step in changing from a jigsaw to a bandsaw. Its time you embrace all the new cutting techniques and enhance your skill with a bandsaw.

Go ahead and grab the best 14 inches bandsaw and evaluate the difference yourself.

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