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8 Best Manual Tile Cutters of 2024 – TOP Pics & Reviews

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

The manual tile cutter is one great option when it comes to repairs and tile projects. Those machines are easy to use, they save a lot of time and effort and most of them are affordable. However, there are many available options on the market and the choice may be hard.

Today we are going to share with you a list of the best manual tile cutters of 2022, their pros and cons, and of course, we will provide you with a buying guide, so you will know what to look for in a tile cutter.

Best Manual Tile Cutters

Here is the list of the best manual tile cutters for 2022. Furthermore, there are pros and cons of every tool.

1. Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 93

Montolit is a very popular brand that provides great tools with amazing experiences for the users. The Masterpiuma Evolution 93 is a tile cutter that makes manual cutting easier than ever.

The design is ergonomic which makes it easy for the user to work with the cutter and to accommodate extensive jobs that need powerful tools. The cutter does not have to be disassembled for transport and storage. 

Furthermore, the Masterpiuma Evolution 93 is a very accurate tool, its blade lasts a long time and it is rust-resistant. 

It comes with a scoring system that saves a lot of time and effort. The machine is made of die-cast aluminum and nickel-plated steel which makes it light and easy for carrying around. However, this tool is Italian and you will see it in metrics, and it is more expensive than other tile cutters.


  • accurate cuts
  • great material
  • long lasting blade
  • rust-resistant blade


  • more expensive than other tools

2. BestEquip Tile Cutter

BestEquipe is a reliable brand that is known for providing high-quality tools and accessories. The tile cutter that BestEquipe offers is excellent and has a great performance.

The BestEquip Tile Cutter can cut tiles made up of materials such as porcelain, limestone, granite and ceramic. The maximum cutting length is 1000mm, and the cutting thickness is between 0.24 inches to 0.6 inches.

The manual tile cutter has laser infrared that makes sure the cutting is always as accurate as possible. Furthermore, it is equipped with rulers that make the cutting process easier than ever. 

The design is very ergonomic, which makes it easy for the user to lift and handle the tile cutter. It is an easy to use machine and it is not a very expensive one. It is great for its value.


  • precise cutting
  • aluminium base
  • great design, easy to use
  • can be used in many situations
  • precise cutting 


  • it sometimes flexes

3. Goplus 24 Inch Manual Tile Cutter

The Goplus 24 Inch Manual Tile cutter is perfect for smooth and accurate cuts. It comes with a titanium-plated wheel which will help ensure smooth cuts. Furthermore, this tool has a removable scale that is useful for angle precision cutting.

The design is ergonomic and this makes the tool easy to use. It is equipped with anti-skid rubber pads that give more stability to the tool. You can use every type of tile and you do not need to assemble it.


  • do not need to install it
  • removable scale included
  • smooth cuts
  • durable tool


  • chipped cuts may happen

4. Nisorpa Professional Manual Tile Cutter

Nisorpa is one great brand that has always been famous with great tools which are long lasting. This nisorpa professional ceramic tile cutter can be used for cutting floor wall tiles, it can be also used with marble and porcelain.

The maximum thickness that can be cut is 0.55 inch, and the maximum length is 25 inch. You can also adjust the angle up to 45 degrees. This tool does not lead to cutting loss. You can make precise and accurate cuts.

You have to install it, but this will not take a lot of time and effort. You do not need electricity, since it comes with a free-standing telescopic platform device. This tool is perfect for parallel and angled cuts.


  • precise cuts
  • made of quality materials such as aluminum and steel
  • good for angled and parallel cuts
  • easy to install


  • very expensive

5. Fit Choice 24 Inch Manual Tile Cutter

Fit Choice is a very popular brand that is famous for making high-quality and affordable tools. The Fit Choice 24 Inch Manual tile cutter is a professional porcelain tile cutter with an aluminum cutting wheel.

It has a heavy-duty construction because it is built with all-aluminum high-end material. The tool is compact, durable and rust-resistant. The wheel is of high quality and made of aluminum and it ensures smooth cuts.

You can make precise cuts  and it can be used with many materials. The maximum thickness that can be cut is up to 0.6 inches. The tile cutter is easy to use because it has smooth slide rails and ergonomic design.

Another advantage of the machine is that it does not need to be assembled, it comes ready for use. You do not need tools to install it, and you can do it very fast.


  • no assembly
  • good design
  • can be used with many materials
  • heavy duty construction


  • heavier for carrying around

6. Norske Tools NMAP 001 13 Inch

Norske tool NMAP001 is one very famous tool that was number 1 best seller in amazon for a long time. It can cut a variety of materials such as laminate, fiber cement board, flooring, etc. This tool is compact and easy to use.

The cuts you can make will be precise and smooth with no splintering. They will be clean and easy to make. The construction is of high-quality steel and aluminum. The cutting tile is easy to use and that’s why many beginners make this choice.

You can make angled cuts because it is adjustable to 45 degrees. It is dustless, quiet and it can be used at home too. You do not need electricity to use the Norske tool.


  • dustless
  • quite
  • can make angled cuts
  • precise and smooth cuts


  • hard to find since it is out of stock in many times

7. Reliancer 25 inch Manual Tile Cutter

Reliancer is one great brand that always delivers high-quality tools used by professionals and DIYers. This tool is powerful and can handle many tile types up to 25 inches in length and 0.6 inches in thickness.

You can use it with materials such as wall tiles, stone materials, ordinary floor, ceiling and others. It is the perfect machine for people that are looking for versatile tile cutters for demanding house jobs.

You almost do not need to assemble it. The tile cutter is made of high-quality aluminum material that is durable and strong. With the reliancer tool you can make precise and smooth cuts, most of the time with great accuracy thanks to the laser.

The tile cutter is equipped with an infrared ray device and adjustable measurable ruler. You also receive a free cutting wheel bonus. However, this tool may be more expensive than others because of the laser equipment.


  • adjustable measurement ruler
  • high-efficiency
  • precise and smooth cuts
  • all-aluminum frame


  • more expensive than others

8. QEP 10630 Tile Cutter

QEP is one new brand on the market, but it delivers great, small and affordable tools and accessories, so you should definitely check them when you are looking for a tile cutter.

The QEP 10630 model is a manual tile cutter that is one of the cheapest options on the market, so it is the best choice if you are looking for a budget version. It is not expensive, but its cutting length goes up to 24 inch, and you can also use the 17.5-inch diagonal cutting length which is perfect for angled cuts.

However, the thickness rating is not that high and it is limited to 0.25 inch to 0.375 inch. The cuts are very accurate, the manual tile cutter is made of ceramics and you get a 1-year long warranty which is more than great.


  • 1 year warranty
  • can be used with porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • high precision when cutting
  • very good price


  • limited cutting thickness rating

Buying Guide

It is important to know what to consider when choosing the best manual tile cutter. If you want to get the perfect option for you, you should always keep in mind why you actually need the tile cutter and in what kind of situations it will be used.

Cutter Wheel Material

The wheel is a very important part of the tile cutter. It should be a carbide blade since this type of blade is very strong and can be used with many materials. We can also advise you to buy a tungsten carbide blade because this is durable, impact-resistant and great metal that can be used with many materials.

Tile Cutter Bed

There are specific features of this part that make the usage of the manual tile cutter better. The tile cutter’s bed should be considered even though it looks like a simple and not so important part.

You better look for rubberised bed because it will hold more and will ensure clean cut with more precision.

The best manual tile cutters come with rubber material or foam placed on the ridge. Those are important for better accuracy and less waste. They also support the tile and absorb the pressure.

Base of the Tile Cutter

The base of the tile cutter is very important, since the rubber feet may make a very big difference. When you are working with larger materials it may be hard for you to apply pressure if the base does not have rubber feet. This may lead to scratches on the surface.

So, you should always consider the base of the tile cutter and make sure that you have the right tool and material.


Of course, the guides are very important, because the tile cutters usually come with different types of guides depending on the brand. Some machines have rule guides, others have infrared lasers that help for accuracy. The ones with lasers are more expensive.


Mark The Cutting Points for Cut Marble Tiles
Mark The Cutting Points for Cut Marble Tiles

There are several things that have to be considered about the overall construction. For example, it is good to look for an aluminum base, because it is good for stability. You also better look for rubber feet that will keep the cutter from slipping around. Ergonomics is also important.

Tile specifics

You should also consider the size and type of tile that you will be cutting, plus the cuts you will have to make. Why? Because the manual tile cutter may have different cutting capacities and they can range from 20 to more than 48 inches. Same goes for the thickness.

Some models are designed to cut porcelain, others to cut glass and mirror, so you should consider the material you will be using. Furthermore, you have to check the degrees and range of the model.

We really hope that our review was useful for you and now you know which tool is the best for you. In conclusion, we can say that you have to think about the tasks you will be accomplishing first, and then you can make the right choice.

The tile cutters are different in size, material and price, so make sure that you are checking more than one option. When you have questions- always ask a professional. We wish you good luck in your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use a manual tile cutter?

It is not hard to use a tile cutter, but you better practice a little before trying to accomplish a real job. Then it will be easy for you to use it in several steps:

  1. Mark out the cut line on the tile with a pencil
  2. Place the tile onto the cutter and line up the cut mark with the raised guideline
  3. By adjusting the try square you will make sure it is fixed properly, then you can start cutting more than once.
  4. The scriber has to be placed closest to you
  5. You have to push away the scriber from you
  6. Then you have to align the breaker bar, only if necessary
  7. You have to press down firmly on the scriber so it can snap the tile in two
  8. Carefully sand the break line on the tile

2. Does it take much time to cut tile using a manual cutter?

It does not take much time to cut tile using a manual cutter, of course it depends on your skills and experience. We always advise beginners to start with some practice. When you have practiced enough and you know how to use the tile cutter it will not take long time to cut tile.

3. What is the thickness of tiles that can be cut with a manual tile cutter?

The thickness of tiles that can be cut with a manual tile cutter depends on the model and the brand. There are some tile cutters that can cut more thickness, and others that can not cut so much thickness. 

The standard ceramic tiles can cut up to ⅜ inch in thickness.

4.What’s the difference between a tile cutter and a tile saw?
The tile saw is a tool that is used for cutting hard tiles such as marble or granite, most of the time is used with a diamond blade. The saw also has a water system that keeps it from getting too hot. Most of the time this is an electric machine, a heavy-duty one. 

However, the tile cutter is a manually operated tool that is equipped to cut smaller porcelain and ceramic tiles. The tile cutter is used for precision too.

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