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How To Cut Porcelain Tile: 5 Easy Methods

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 16, 2024

Goplus 24 Inch Manual Tile CutterHome decor, somewhat, is now a symbol of social status.

And for this, people use tile to enrich the beautification of their loving home. Porcelain tile is one of these embellishment ingredients.

To make the porcelain tile compatible with the target zone, it is essential to know how to cut porcelain tile accurately.

Besides, we have to keep in mind that cutting porcelain tile requires pure attention and caution while doing it. Because these tiles are structured to be a tremendously rigid and dense obstructs.

Here, at the end of this article, you will be familiar with the porcelain tile, ways to cut it and moreover, you will have information regarding safety tips to follow.

What is the porcelain tile?

Porcelain tile ( also known as ceramic tiles ) is a hard form of clay tiles primarily used in the washroom, kitchen, and any other room to enwrap the floors and walls. Variety in colour, design, and quality are the good things regarding this type of tile. For being made with dry clay at high temperatures, it is considered one of the most durable tiles.

5 Best Ways How to Cut Porcelain Tile

The fascinating fact is which things make it durable also similar things make it challenging to cut. In the below, there are 5 best ways to cut porcelain tile have been discussed.

1. Cut Porcelain Tile Using a wet tile saw

Cut Porcelain Tile By Wet Tile Saw

The wet tile saw is the best thing to cut porcelain tile. It uses water to make the blade wet and cool while the tile is being cut with it. By using it we can have any pattern like conventional, sloping, mixing, and even a small cut on porcelain tile.

It has a diamond blade and a water reservoir to use for cutting. When the blade starts its cutting work, water passes through it keeps the cutting blade cool. This cutter helps to make a great pattern on porcelain tile. The job is not very difficult, but it takes time to make it accurate.

Before cutting any things with it, we have to exact the measurement of tile. For this reason, it will be good to mark the spot which is going to be cut. After that make it ensured that the water tray is filled with water. Don’t be hurry while cutting. Just gently push the cutter on the tile.

2. Cut Porcelain Tile Using a Tile Cutter

Cut Porcelain Tile By Tile Cutter

Somehow it is very much similar to the glass cutter. A manual tile cutter is good enough to cut porcelain tile. It takes not much time to cut because it uses the “score and snaps” technique. We can have our tile cut in any size and pattern by using a tile cutter. When we use it, we have to mark the cut line facing the tile and make the necessary adjustments with the scoring wheel.

3. Using a Tile Nipper for Cutting Porcelain Tile

Cut Porcelain Tile By Tile Nipper

To fit a slice of tile to cover up the corner or next wall, we have to have a tile nipper. It is such a thing that can eradicate little things. But the worst fact is that it leaves rough edges but won’t do any matter if it tiles are used for some zone that is not visible. When a person is efficient, he can convert rough edges to smooth good looking things.

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4. Cut Porcelain Tile Using An Angle Grinder

Most people think an angle grinder is only used for shinning, honing, and also grinding surfaces. But groove angle grinder also can be used for cutting tiles. Based on the type of surfaces, the angle grinder often varies to cope with the surfaces.
So 1st thing we have to find out which type of angle grinder will be perfect for your work. As other cutting, we have to mark the cut line. Most importantly, before start cut, we have to secure the tile.

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5. Using A Wet Wheel (Diamond Blade)

Its blade is made of diamond and can cut hard and dense materials. A wet wheel is an instrument to make the cutting sharped and accurate. While the cutting process is going on this wheel becomes essential because it guides the blade through the cutline.
Before starting to cut, be sure that there is something to tight the surface of the tile. Otherwise, the cutting tile will not get a proper cut. It can cut the porcelain tile based on the surface and frequency.

Safety Rules For Cutting Porcelain Tile

Cutting porcelain tiles require some safety rules to follow. Because we have to keep in mind that while the cutting work is going on, then dust can harm us. An important fact is that sometimes it has been seen a little piece of tile can be harmful to the body. Some rules are given below :

  • when working with power tools, whatever it is, you have to wear glasses to protect our eyes from being injured.
  • the tools can be dangerous, so it will be nice if you use all the safety materials regularly.
  • the hand can get injured if use saw and crusher. So like intelligent people, everyone should use gloves to protect the hand.
  • there is huge dust surrounded every time. If you use the mask, you can be safe from inhaling the dust.
  • use wearable ear protection because the porcelain cutting works can be very loud and hamper ears. So be serious and have ear protection.
  • be familiar with the tools. Because they can be complex and brought physical hazards.
  • be serious and attentive while working with tiles. Don’t lose your focus form the work that is running.
  • check the tools. Some powerful tools use electricity. So when cutting work is going to have an eye on electricity to remain safe.

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Porcelain tile has the power to make the home aesthetic looking. For this, it is a very obvious matter to know how to cut porcelain tile. If you can cut it accordingly, then the home will get a better look. Cutting porcelain tile can be defined as an art.
Through this art, we can have a great beautification of our home. But the work is not a job to do. It can be claimed that you have got some this cutting process after going through the article. Just remember before doing this job be sure about your safety and because in this way you can have great knowledge of porcelain tile cut.

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