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How to Cut a Circle in Tile

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

How to Cut a Circle in Tile: Bosch HDG11A majority of people like to splice tiles near the pipes, which makes the plumbing look unfinished and even tack on time. Instead, you may prefer cutting holes in the tile to make them look impressive.

Although there are many ways of making a hole in the tile, not all of them are effective. What worst is that some of them are really complex. Therefore, for your convenience, we came up with the popular recipe of how to cut a circle in tile in an easy and fast method.

Learn How to Cut A Circle In Tile: A Stunning Way

While most people keep flaunting us with questions like how many tools do, they require to cut a hole in the tiles, the reality is quite the opposite. Thanks to the modern-day tools, you don’t need a ton of tools for knowing how to cut circles in tile. Most of them are accessible at your home. You might need to but one or two for the drilling only.

Necessary Tools

  • Drills with variable speed
  • Tile hole saw
  • Water for cooling off the tile and drill
  • A marker for making the circle

The steps are-

Identifying the Most Appropriate Tools

The success of making a perfect hole in the tile largely depends on the devices you are going to use for creating the hole. I already mentioned that not all the tools are equally useful. So, how do you choose one?

We won’t flaunt with you. The answer is quite apparent- a hole saw is an ultimate tool to create a hole in the tile. Hole saws come with different sized bits in the market. However, making holes larger than 4-inches with a hole saw isn’t an ideal option.

In such cases, you may use a Dremel or angle grinder to get your job done.

Marking the Circle

Uh, yes, a perfect circle requires appropriate circumference. Want to know how to do it?

Take an already circled hard-paper. Place it on the tile you want to make a circle. Now, use a good marker with pinpoint nib to mark the ring. Lastly, remove the marker and place plastic on the surrounding area to protect it — plastic acts as filtering to keep away dust and tile projectiles from the tile.

Ensure Your Safety

Once the circle is ready, nothing is going to stop you from making a perfect hole in the tile except your safety issues. Yes, it’s recommended that you wear safety goggles, gloves, and, if needed, a pair of hearing protection also.

All these safety gear will protect you from unwanted accidents.

Creating Circles in Tiles

We have broken down the cutting process into two different sections with two various tools.

Cut A Circle In Tile Using A Dremel

Cut A Circle In Tile Using A Dremel

A Dremel is a widely acclaimed tool for creating circles in tile, especially on the ceramic ones.  It is incredibly easy to use.

  • At first, install a diamond bit to cut tiles in your Dremel apparatus. We suggest you use a #562 diamond tool.
  • Now turn on the Dremel tool and wait for a few moments to kick start the Dremel.
  • Slowly plunge it on the marked circular area. Once you are sure that it has plunged the circular area, put pressure with your both hands.
  • While operating the tool, gently move it along the circular line to cut the hole on the tile.
  • Lastly, don’t cut through the tile. Once you complete one circle, take out the tool. And repeat the process.

Cut A Circle In Tile Using A Hole Saw

Cut A Circle In Tile Using A Hole Saw

The hole saw makes the whole making process as easy as walking in the park in the morning. Don’t you believe it? So, here’s the break down for your convenience.

  • At first, soak the tile overnight in cold water to soften it. Furthermore, this will allow the tile to better adjust with the heat generated during the cutting process.
  • Alternatively, you may apply some cooling oil in the hole saw bit.
  • Set the drill speed at a low measurement.
  • Now put the drill in a way so that the hole saw bit falls precisely in the middle of the circle.
  • Now start cutting the tile with the drill at a slower speed and slowly increase the speed to an optimum level.
  • While cutting, hold the tile with one hand.
  • Sometimes the tile might get hot due to excessive generation of heat. In such a case, apply some water or cooling oil.

That’s it.


Your efforts have paid off! The circle in the tile is ready for use in different purposes. We admit that for newbies cutting a circle in a tile can be a real tough job. However, following our detailed outline will surely enable you to cut circles in tile without any hassle. And after reading the whole article we definitely sure you get the answer to the question of how to cut a circle in tile!

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