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How To Cut Glass Mosaic Tile?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Wet SawThe cutting of a glass mosaic tile at a far distance looks enjoyable and straightforward. However, the practical part of it is the opposite. It requires perfect skills to avoid wasting the glass tile after a wrong cut. Do you necessarily need an expert to know how to cut glass mosaic tile? The answer is a big no.

All you require to have your mosaic glass tile is clear-stated steps on how to do the task. Also, you need the appropriate tool according to the nature of your material. For small pieces of tiles from thin glass, you will require mosaic nippers. While, if you need large tiles from a thick glass prefer wet saw. In the next part, I will discuss in detail how to use each of the tools to have a cut of your choice without any problems.

In this article, we’re trying to provide the solution of cutting glass mosaic tile. Let’s get started!

How To Cut Glass Mosaic Tile with Wet Saw

How To Cut Glass Mosaic Tile With A Wet Saw

A wet saw is helpful for straight cuts from thick mosaic glass. It is a straightforward procedure and a simple using tool. This tool is excellent when you have a limited time to do your cutting, and if you require clean smooth cuts, the tools that you will need in this process are;

Materials And Tools

  • Damp cloth
  • Wet Saw
  • Washable marker to do the markings on the glass
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubbing stone

Step 1:  Do The Markings On The Glass Using A Washable Marker

Cutting glass mosaic tiles should be perfect as possible to avoid any wastage. As a precaution, use a washable marker to mark straight lines on the tile. In case of any wrong marking use a damp cloth to wipe it but avoid incorrect markings as much as possible.

Step 2: Wear Safety Clothes

Wear Safety Clothes

In any activity, you do your safety should come first. When using a tile saw for square cuts, it is ideal for wearing rubber gloves on your hands. Rubber gloves help to firm your grip which can be reduced by the moisture in the wet saw. Also, it is advisable to wear eye goggles to prevent tiny pieces of glass in your eyes. Avoid using fabric or leather gloves for the get soaked faster.

Step 3: Start The Saw

For the wet saw to be effective in your cutting, it is good for it to have free water flow to the blade before you use it. Hence, start the saw and let it run for 15 seconds. Before you use it to ensure that water is flowing efficiently in the blade.

Step 4: Carefully Place The Tile In The Wet Saw

This step is the actual cutting of the tile, thus needs a lot of attention to have super clean cuts. Carefully, place the tile in the wet saw on the cutting guide. With the view of the mark, you marked using the marker, cut along it precisely.  Move the tile slowly with steady pressure until the cut is complete. After you are through, remove the tile from the wet saw and wipe away the markings using a damp cloth

Step 5: Use A Rubbing Stone Smoothen The Cut

The wet saw produces smooth cuts. However, it is advisable to make them smoother using a rubbing stone. Hold the rubbing stone at an angle of 45 degrees and carefully brush it along the edges of the tiles. Smoothen all the edges of the tile precisely not to cause any damage.

Cutting Glass Mosaic Tile with Mosaic Nippers :

Cutting Glass Mosaic Tile With Mosaic Nippers

Use a mosaic nipper if you intend to have small irregular tiles. Nippers have the shape of pliers but have carbide wheels at the end. Tools required in this procedure;

Materials And Tools

  • Mosaic nippers
  • Washable marker
  • Damp cloth
  • Goggles
  • Rubbing stone

Step 1: Mark The Cuttings Using A Washable Marker

Use the washable marker to do markings on the points you want to do the case of any wrong marking use the damp cloth to remove it

Step 2: Wear Safety Clothing’s

When using a mosaic nipper tiny glass pieces may enter into your eyes. To ensure that you are safe in the entire process and after, wear goggles to prevent the small pieces from finding their way into your irreplaceable eyes

Step 3: Do The Actual Cutting of Glass Mosaic Tile

Hold the nippers like a pair of pliers applying a little force. Using the dominant hand, place the thumb on the top handle and the other handle on other fingers such that the palm holds the bottom handle. If the grip is not firm enough you can wear gloves. Place the carbide wheels on the opposite side of the glass. Squeeze the handles strong enough until they break the tile.

Step 4: Smoothen The Edges

Hold a rubbing stone at the angle of 45 degrees and place it on the edges of the glass. Rubwell until you smoothen all the edges areas you desire.


If you are not a professional then you need some guidance to know how to cut glass mosaic tile? Cutting of tiles requires different tools according to the nature of a cut you need and the thickness of the mosaic glass. If you need small cuts from a thin glass use the mosaic snippers. Also, your large cuts from a thick material are possible using a wet saw.

After every cutting uses a rubbing stone to smoothen the edges and do it super carefully. Whichever the tool you will be using in your cutting ensure that you have appropriate safety elements for your eyes.

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