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How to Cut a Straight Line with a Circular Saw

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 17, 2024

How To Cut A Straight Line With A Circular SawThe use of a circular saw for a newbie might prove to be quite a challenge. However, with a little help and possibly a user manual to follow, it might not be that tough after all. While this is true, there are many other things that anyone who wants to work with a circular saw should take time to learn.

They include the following:

  • How to set up the circular saw
  • How to make straight cuts with a circular saw
  • How to replace the blade of the circular saw

In this post, we will not tackle all these topics. We will only focus more on how to cut a straight line with a circular saw. It might sound easy, but it requires you to be very keen.

So, let us take a look at the best way on how to cut straight with a circular saw of your preference.

Learn How to Cut a Straight Line with a Circular Saw

Step I: Set Your Depth of Cut

This is the very first thing that you should do. Make sure that you adjust the depth of cut appropriately and set it to suit your needs. To do this, you will have to adjust the main distance on the blade protrudes in line and also from the main sole of your circular saw.

NOTE: The circular saw should only cut slightly often a quarter inch in and through the main work-piece that you have. This is good for both safety and also for the best cutting efficiency too.

Step II: Keep the Good Side Under

When setting up your lumber, you should keep the good side of the lumber to face under and not up towards the circular saw blade. This is because when the blade in your circular saw starts to rotate, it will cut with the teeth coming from the lowest side of the lumber.

This means that as it is cutting into the main work-piece, then if there is any form of splinter­ing that might occur then it will be on top of the main piece that you are looking at.

This makes the main finished work on the better side smooth and cool. To make the work experience even better, you should always mark the main back on the piece that you want to cut. Eventually, the good side ends up showing and having the smoothest edge of the two.

Step III: Make the Straight Cut

With the workpiece in place, it will be time to make the straight-line cut. To do this, you should align the main work-piece with the cutting line. This is easy to get and will take less of your time too.

You only need to position the main work-piece on the sawhorse or even the top stable work surface. Once this is done, you can then rest the head or front of the circular saw base to the main workpiece while at the same time aligning the line of cut with the front of your sole so as to fall also in the line that you determined for the cut.


Now as you are ready to cut, here is what you need to do. Bring the main circular saw to its full no-load speed before you bring in the blade in any contact with the main piece of lumber that you want to cut.

Now start to advance the circular saw smoothly without applying so much pressure to it. This will make your work better because if you apply so much push then the blade my jam and splinter your wooden lumber.

If you do this right you will get the best cut. Now follow the line of cut slowly until you have ripped the lumber in two.

NOTE: You can also employ the use of a guide such as the speed square or even the com­bination square so as to ensure that you get a straight line of cut. But if you have a laser-guided circular saw, the experience will be easier.


It is not a lie that a circular saw is one of the best tools that you can find today. The saw is great for guys who want to learn how best to make small cuts, bevel cuts, and also large cross-cuts too. It is easy to use and will give you one of the best learning experiences.

More importantly, the saw is also ideal for users who want to save time. This is because many circular saws that are top-rated will come with electronic braking systems that help you to regulate the speed of cut depending on the amount of work that you have.

As if that’s not enough, there is also a brushless motor that prevents it from overheating in case you are working on large lumbers and this is vital when you cut straight with a circular saw.

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