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Best Track Saws of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Track Saw ReviewsIf you have a personal workshop then you will need the best tool for your projects. The same applies if you love woodwork, metalwork, or even jobs that involve so many cutting experiences.

Whichever the type of work that you are involved in, a great tool will still play a key role. Among the tools that you will need to get the perfect cuts is the best track saw.

A track saw is ideal for small cuts, longer cuts, guide rail cuts, and high precision. In this post, we give you the perfect track saw reviews, buyers’ guide, and best sellers. We have also recommended the top-rated models and that’s why you should read through.

Our Favorites Track Saw Comparison in 2021

The 5 Best Track Saw Reviews of 2021

1. Makita Sp6000j1 6-1/2-inch Plunge Circular Saw With Guide Rail – Editor Choice

Makita SP6000J1

  • 6-1/2” Plunge Saw
  • 55” Guide Rail
  • 12 AMP brushless motor
  • Magnesium
  • Electronic speed controlling technology
  • -1° to 48° beveling capacity

For the top track saw, the Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2-inch plunge Circular Saw with guide rail is arguably one of the top saws that you can use.

Apart from originating from one of the top brands in the market, this model is also very reliable on its own.

The Makita 6-1/2” Plunge Circular Saw comes with a 55” Guide Rail. The two will work together to leave you with some of the most accurate cuts.

The use of these two tools will also leave you with zero or no tear-out. The Makita track saw is ideal and combines with a powerful 12 AMP brushless motor that prevents it from overheating and leaves it one of the smoothest operations.

In addition to that, this saw also has a large cutting capacity that makes it use easier and faster. It comes with some of the most durable components that are made of the magnesium metal alloy for the most reliable results.

The control system is great and will also leave you with a smooth cutting experience in general. As if that is not enough, the saw is also ideal for anyone who wants to have a splinter-free mirrored finish on their cuts.

Many users also love the Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 in. Plunge Circular Saw Kit because it is light and actually a much more portable option for continuous use.

This table saw offers several selected applications that will make your work easy. It is also very ideal for personal use on jobsite or on a workshop.

In addition to all these, this saw also has one of the perfect beveling capabilities of -1° to 48° and is composed of other positive stops at 22.5° and the 45°.

The saw is good for anyone who wants to deliver precise cutting. Thanks to the blade’s position that enters the whole material on one and the same cutting line. This doesn’t matter whether the cut is a straight or bevel cut.


  • Most durable components
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Zero or no tear-out
  • Splinter-guard is also replaceable
  • Lighter and lesser weight
  • Smooth cutting experience

  • Complex user manual

Tips- Best for use on close-to-wall cuts and also offers one of the perfect-expanded cutting experiences and applications. The saw uses the built-in depth technology that helps to stop if you want the perfect preliminary cuts.

2. Dewalt Dws520ck 6-1/2-inch 12-amp Tracksaw Kit – Premium Pick



  • 12A, 1300W motor
  • Rubber pad
  • 48-tooth blade
  • 6-1/2-Inch 12-AMP Track Saw Kit
  • Anti-kickback functionality

The next top-rated track saw that you can also go for is the DEWALT DWS520CK 6-1/2-inch 12-amp track saw kit.

This saw is another model that’s quite reliable. Apart from coming from one of the top brands and manufacturers, the DEWALT DWS520CK Track Saw Kit also stands out on its own.

The features that make this saw one of the most reliable models are so many. They are also very reliable and will leave any user with one of a kind thrill.

Among these top-rated features that the expert reviews highlight is the parallel plunge technology.

This is a technology that allows the main operator of the saw to easily maintain a good and smooth cut while having constant control with the perfect hand position ability.

This technology comes into work often and especially when you are cutting. In addition to that, this DeWalt track saw dws520ck also comes with the 48-tooth blade that will also give it a fine and also an accurate finish.

Unlike the other regular track saws that you will get, this one is highly reliable and will come with zero or very limited breakout in the use of laminates.

The model works with a rail. The rail is easy to adjust. The rail adjustment technology also allows anyone that is using the saw to operate it easily and also to adjust the saw accurately.

More importantly, this model also comes with the variable speed technology that will allow you to easily set up the correct speed depending on the time and also the type of materials that you intend to cut.

For the people who want this model, you will also enjoy one of perfect padding and stone guard undercoated for reliable insulation. The use of the rubber pad also reduces the noise when the sink out.


  • Splinter-free mirrored finish on their cuts
  • Best beveling capabilities
  • Deliver precise cutting
  • Use on close-to-wall cuts
  • Best expanded cutting experiences and applications
  • Built-in depth technology
  • Compact and will take less space in case of storage
  • Micro-adjustable depth indicator
  • Offers a zero-tearout cutting feature

  • Catches dirt easily

Tips- This is full-wave electronics that will maintain constant speeds on any personal experiences when your track saw is under the heaviest load. The saw also comes with an enclosed guard that gives you a 90-percent easy dust extraction.

3. SHOP FOX W1835 – Best Track Saw for the Money



  • Magnesium build
  • Motor: 120V, 9A
  • 45-degrees beveling
  • 5500 RPM
  • Cutting depth of 90D

Among these tracks saw reviews that we will look at, the SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw will also surprise you. This is another perfect track saw that will come in handy for your general woodwork and simple cuts.

The saw has so many cool features that make it ideal for both experienced workers and newbies too. For starters, the saw is an awesome model that is quite portable.

It is also the perfect accurate cutting of sheet and goods and will work easily without having a table saw or even a panel saw.

The saw is also designed to work with the D4362 Shop Fox Guide Rail which needs to be used with its accessory pack.  However, the accessory pack is not included.

More importantly, the SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw with guide rail is an awesome combination that is great for the trimming of door bottoms and the making of the best plunge cuts.

It works best in the simplest middle panels and also in the cutting of the full sheets such as those of the plywood.

Even if you chose to use it without a guide rail the SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw will still be highly accurate. It will provide additional experience and the safest safety touch.

According to the track saw discussions, this reasonably priced track saw is also packed with bevel gauge. The gauge is good for the angled cuts and comes with lock for higher performance.

The bevel cuts easily and will go up to 45-degrees. In addition to that, it has a 1-1/2-inch dust collection port that’s also adjustable and easy to use.

The model uses primary and also secondary handles and will work best to provide you with even better stability when you are cutting.

This Shop Fox track saw is ideal if you want to reduce any risks of having a kickback or even getting some degree of pinching.

  • Best hand position ability
  • Limited breakout in the use on laminates
  • Rail adjustment technology
  • Perfect for anyone who needs the quickest
  • Comes with the variable speed technology
  • Stone guard undercoated for a reliable insulation
  • Comes with a laser-straight cutting technology
  • Slightly weighty compared to others

Tips- Works with the plunge action to eliminate the most dangerous flip-up of the blade guard. The riving knife also lowers the main risk of any form of blade pinching or even the resultant kickback.

4. Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

Festool 575389

  • Zero-tearout cutting feature
  • Micro-adjustable depth indicator
  • Splinter-guard
  • Top quality guide rail
  • Magnesium build

Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw is also another perfect track saw that you can work with too. The saw is awesome and offers one of the top personalized experiences too.

While this may summarize it all up, using the Festool 575389 Plunge cut saw with its Guide Rail is easy for newbies too.

The saw allows for a quick and precise cut and will offer a very minimal setup time. If you are using the saw, you will love it on both the straight cuts and also the plunge cuts.

But what makes this saw one of the perfect track saws that you will get today? This saw comes with guide rail precision. It is a model that will provide the perfect cut on the first time that you choose to use it. It is also ideal since it comes with laser-straight cutting technology and will offer the perfect splinter-free cuts.

The system is also highly efficient. It is compact and will take less space in case of storage or use. It also offers one of the quality micro-adjustable control technologies for the cutting depth and comes with the micro-adjustable depth indicator.

According to our reviews, this saw also offers a zero-tearout cutting feature that will prevent any form of destruction on your material.

The Festool plunge saw also has a guide rail splinter-guard that is integrated into the system and which is easy to use. The splinter-guard is also replaceable and reduces the rework and any wastage on the material.

In case you want to get an even better experience, this model will do exactly that. It comes in two sizes and offers a cordless option that gives it much more versatility for a high-end optimum result.

  • Gives you a 90-percent easy dust extraction
  • Perfect accurate cutting of sheet and goods
  • Great for the trimming of door bottoms
  • Making of the best plunge cuts
  • Additional experience and the best safety touch
  • Good for the angled cuts
  • High quality lock for higher performance
  • Guide rail not included

Tips- Comes with a riving knife that’s integrated into the system. The spring-loaded knife helps at keeping the cut’s kerf open and will keep the material away from the cutting table’s rear end blade. This is a good chance of reducing any form of kickback.

5. Dewalt Dws520k 6-1/2-inch Tracksaw Kit

DEWALT DWS520K 6-1/2-Inch TrackSaw Kit


  • Powerful 12.0 AMP motor
  • Both 90° and 45° cuts possible
  • 1750-4000 RPM
  • 48 toothed blades

The DEWALT DWS520K track saw is suitable for those artisans who want accurate cuts with no fragment. This final addition in our track saw review list and offers comprehensive performance.

The corded power track saw features a ‘Zero Tolerance’ cutting system. So, you can expect precision at work and some remarkable straight cuts at a pretty quick time. Additionally, you can perform consecutive cuts on both sides using the dual-sided rail guard.

The cutting depth for 90-degree and 45-degree beveled angle are respectively 54 mm and 41 mm, which is adequate for achieving the desired depth in most cases. Also, the depth measuring scale is very accurate, so you won’t have to think about the faults.

The powerful track saw comes with a 1300Watts and 12 AMPs motor. So, it can perform the most complicated cutting tasks with 2-1/8 inches depth. The stealthy engine means cutting though hardwood is a breeze.

But that’s not. The fantastic track saw kit also has some awesome features to offer. First off, the package is exceptionally safe for use. When you work with the tool, its anti-kickback technology prevents the backbites. Also, the riving knife works perfectly to stop the kickback.

This means you enjoy the smoother working experience and precise cuts. Moreover, DeWalt has made the track saw kit with a low blade profile. So, you can work in the tight space well with the saw.


  • Extremely powerful engine
  • Blade for ultra-fine finishes
  • Laser technology for accurate cuts
  • Adjustable depth and guard facility
  • Bevelled cuts possible
  • Safe for use

  • Complicated and time-consuming setup

Tips- The DEWALT DWS520K track saw kit is the right choice for those who want precision in their works. Also, it performs both straight and bevelled cuts, which is a big bonus.

Track Saw Buying Guide

Best Track Saw buying guide

It is a good thing that now you have the top track saw discussion at your fingertips. Even so, you still need to get the right saw for your personal use out of all these models that we have for you here.

If this is the case, one thing is clear; you need every tip that can help you to round off that type of saw. In this section, we will give a buyer’s guide that saves your day easily. Take a look at what we have.


When you buying a track saw, the budget plays a key role. You will realize that with the right budget you will easily shop for your track saw and also buy it comfortably. The reason that you should have a budget is simple.

First, it prevents you from buying in impulse. Secondly, it helps you to have an affordable model. Lastly, it is a good way of saving some money for the maintenance of your track saw too.


In case you want to end up with the track saw for your use, it is important that you take a look at what the previous users are saying about the model that you are buying. If the feedback is great, then there is a possibility that the saw is reliable.

Look at what they are saying about how the saw works, its durability, its overall performance, and how it withstands the most demanding working environments.


The type of construction that the track saw comes with is also very important. Remember, by buying this track saw, you are investing your money in the tool. It is, therefore, very important that you get a model that can last longer.

A long-lasting model will give you the value for your money and also leave you with an easy to address type of design. To get the best design, look for a model that comes with the durable casing, strong guide rail, and metallic component fittings.

With proper outlook, you will realize that the model that you end up with is very ideal for your use and will leave you with an even better personal experience.

Power Motor

In addition to what we have seen, it is also important that your track saw comes with a powerful motor. The best thing about such a motor is this. It will give you saw enough power to give you the perfect cuts.

It will also help you to finish the cuts on time and ideally give you a touch of resilience when it comes to the most demanding cuts. That is why a powerful motor is very important. Look for the brushless model that prevents any form of overheating.


Track Saw blade

A good blade is also very important for your track saw. It will give you better cuts in a shorter time. While many models go for regular blades, the top-rated models will leave you with a blade with over 45 teeth.

This type of blade will cut more in less time. It will give you a better touch of quality and you will find it easy to use. That’s why most models that you have to look at should be models that operate with you.

NOTE: While the track saw is easy to use the tool, you will realize that going with your personal needs will leave you with an even better experience. It will give you a focused choice and also help you to get good experience.

Additional Tips

Apart from what we have seen in the buying guide, there are many other things that you should keep in mind too. They are quite important and will leave you with the greatest user experience too. Take a look.

Guide Rail

track saw Guide Rail

If you have to use a track saw and have a good experience, you will have to get a guide rail too. Well, guide rails can be purchased independently. However, getting a model that comes with its own guide rail in one package is very important.

It will prevent you from overspending and will also help you to get the saw with a compatible type of guide rail for your use.

Riving Knife

The track saw should have an integrated spring-loaded type of riving knife. This knife is often ideal and will keep the cut kerf in place and open for a long time. The knife also helps to keep the material out of away from the main rear-end of the blade.

By doing this, the riving knife will help in reducing any chances of getting a kickback and also maximizes the user control touch. So having a riving knife is equally important.


Another thing that is very important is the maintenance of your track saw. According to the track saw discussions, the maintenance of this type f saw is not tricky at all. You will easily find out that the saw may only need a few things.

First, for the track saw, you will only need to replace the blade. Next, if you are using a corded option, you will need to replace the cord in case it is damaged. The last thing that may need replacement is the guide rail.

Apart from that, what you need to do is this. Make sure that you clean your track saw after every use to keep the glitter in place.


Most regular track saws don’t come with user manuals. Or if they do, the user manual is often quite shallow and will have no valuable information at all. It is because of this reason that our reviews suggest that you should focus on a model that has a comprehensive user manual to go with.


While most people will think that buying a track saw is hard, the truth is, it is not. What is challenging is getting the best out of the many models that we have today. Nonetheless, with the reviews, buyer’s guide, and feedback, you will nail what you need.

The only thing that you must know about buying the track saw is this, where to buy the saw. Buying online is often the good option. It will help you to reduce costs. You will also get a direct warranty and the delivery will be done right at your doorstep.

Apart from that, shopping is often made easy. You can simply shop from the comfort of your home and order.

FAQs about Track Saw

In this section, I am answering the most common questions that people ask about track saws.

What is a track saw?

Ans. A track saw is almost identical to a circular saw except for the fact that you can mount it on a track or guided rail system of metal to perform different cuts.

What is the use of the track saw?

Ans. The most appropriate track saw is used to cut larger wood blocks into a more manageable size for working with a table or circular saw.

Can I replace a Festool track with the Makita?

Ans. Yes, you can. I have heard many experts aligning their Makita track saw with the Festool track.

Will a Festool track work on the Dewalt track?

Ans. A Dewalt track saw can work with the Festool track, but you can’t replace the Festool track with the Dewalt.

Will I’m able to replace a table saw with the track saw?

Ans. As long as you are not going to make rip cuts, a track saw can replace the table saw. But it needs a bit of adjustment.

Our Recommended Products

The top five track saw reviews that we have given you are cool. They are helpful and will leave you with the best-personalized experience. Even so, the top three models that you have seen are not for the sake of it. The first model is the “Best Choice”, the second, the “Premium Pick”, and the last model the “Great Value” pick.

Why is that so?

Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw- Best Choice

Makita SP6000J1

For the top track saw, the Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 in. Plunge Circular Saw Kit is arguably

First, we tested the Makita sp6000j1 6-1/2-inch plunge circular saw with guide rail. Upon testing it, we found out that the saw performed best on all the materials that we took it to. From wooden ply, plastics, to tiles, this saw very reliable.

In addition to that, it was easy to set up. The beveling technology, for instance, is self-explanatory and doesn’t require you to have a lot of steps to follow. It comes with positive stops that are also easy to follow and which will leave you with a variety of cuts.

As if that’s not enough, this same Makita plunge saw model also has a better stopping technology for anyone who needs preliminary cuts. The built in-depth technology is superior and will leave you with a better smooth touch too. It is because of this that the saw comes in as the best saw model.

DEWALT Track Saw DWS520CK – Premium Pick


Dewalt Dws520ck 6-1/2-inch 12-amp track saw kit with 59-inch and 102-inch track is our premium pick. First, this saw comes from one of the best tracks saw manufacturers. Dewalt has been around for long and is one of the pioneers of this industry.

They have a premium build that gives them a highly reliable type of construction to work with. In addition to that, they have the best anti-kickback functionality that will leave them with an even better cutting touch too.

The DeWalt track saw kit is incorporated with better noise level control. The use of rubber pads reduces the level of noise pollution. It also helps the user to have a safer cutting experience.

SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw – Best Value


Finally, we have the SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw for our best value choice. Well, it is. When you look at it closely you will realize that the model comes with a guide rail to its package. More importantly, it also comes with a beveling technology that you can go with.

For a better say, this Shop Fox track saw is also easy to use. It will serve all types of workers easily including the seasoned and newbies. The saw also comes with a spring-loaded riving knife technology which gives it an edge over the regular models that you will find today.

NOTE: If you want to get the very best of the pack, these top three choices will serve you well. However, they will give you an even better touch if you follow them according to the recommendations that we have made for you.


If you are looking for the perfect track saw for your personal use, then working with any of these top choices will make it easy for you. More importantly, they will give you one of the best experiences that you can get from a track saw.

Nonetheless, in our view, it is important that you choose a model that will satisfy your needs by looking at how these top choices work. Among what you should look at is the durability of the track saw, the reliability, and also the ease of use.

For a better choice, reading our track saw reviews will be very important. In an ideal sense, you can combine it with the user reviews so as to get the top-rated choices too. This is very important and will leave you with a better picture of what to expect.

Often, many people also fail to service their best track saws. It is important that you ensure that you replace the dull blades, get a straight guide, and prevent any forms of kickback too.

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