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Best Compact Circular Saws in 2024 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 13, 2024

Do you know what makes searching for the best compact circular saw the hardest?

It’s the look of these compact circular saws. Technically they all look the same and they are quite deceiving.

Don’t worry. I won’t let you fall into this maze. I have made this review list exclusively with the best mini circular saws.

I have selected the finest ones based on strength, versatility, and comfort. So, no matter which one you choose among them it will be very efficient in its work for sure.

So, with the help of this list of mini circular saw reviews, you can help yourself with two things. One, you can save yourself from being in an indecisive situation. And two, you can get yourself the top-rated compact circular saw.

Our Top Picks

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Editor's Choice
TECCPO TAPS22P Compact Circular Saw (Editor Rating: 4.8/5)
DEWALT DCS571B ATOMIC Circular Saw (Editor Rating: 4.9/5)

5 Best Compact Circular Saw Reviews in 2021

Making a compact circular saw review post would not be easy if I didn’t filter my search. Filtering them makes the work easier and takes it closer to the goal. That’s why I sieved them and chose only the 5 best small circular saws for this post.

1. TACKLIFE TCS115A Compact Circular Saw For Cutting Soft Metal, Wood & Plastic

TACKLIFE TCS115A Compact Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Let’s begin with a massive hit. It’s the bestselling mini circular saw from Tacklife. Packed with all the necessary equipment, this saw is just the thing you need.

This electric-powered saw is a must-have tool for a workshop. Small size, compact design gives it all the advantages to make it the best. Its ergonomic structure includes such a sophisticated metal handle to give you the highest convenience possible. It increases grip and helps to get better control of the saw.

What else is important for a cutting device other than its cutting element? The total set includes altogether 6 competent blades of 3 different types. Each of them has its own purpose based on their arrangement of teeth. You can use them based on their ability to cut through not only wood but also tile, light metal, and plastics.

You do not have to be worrying about the effectivity. It’s highly functioning 5.8 Amp motor does not lack a bit to generate the highest speed possible. The saw gains a massive speed of 3500 to cut through materials efficiently. You can go as deep as 1.687 inches with this speed.

You can guess by now where this saw is taking you. One by one it is completing all your requirements. But this is not it; it has more. Its fancy laser guide is a must talk feature for this saw. This helps in attaining straight cuts in every attempt.

Why We Picked It?
    • Sophisticated design with a metal ergonomic handle. Very convenient for handling.
    • Comes with 6 blades of 3 different types. Can be used for cutting soft metal, tile, wood, and plastic.
    • A highly competent motor can generate 3500 Rpm blade speed. Can cut up to 1.687 inches deep.
    • Has a laser guide to assist in making straight cuts.

2. Rockwell RK3440K Versacut Mini Circular Saw with Laser Guide

Rockwell RK3440K 4.0 Amp Versacut Mini Circular Saw

Lightweight or the heavy one, which one would you choose? Obviously the light one. Handheld tools are better when lighter.

That’s why now it’s time for such a lightweight compact circular saw. This Rockwell Rk3440k circular saw model weighs merely 4 pounds in total. Your hand won’t feel anything when working with this tiny circular saw.

This feather-like circular saw is only light in weight not in work. It can give you high performance for all your heavy-duty cutting projects. It can cut through wood like moving through butter. And its high blade revolving capability is the reason behind its such effectivity.

Talking about versatility, it doesn’t lack a thing. Name all the necessary cuts for woodworking, it can deliver you all. From rip cut to miter cut, from bevel to even plunge cut, it can help you with all. You can set the depth as per your need following the scale and make your desired cut.

Precision is highly prioritized in this saw. Every adjustment setting is given with scaling indicators. You don’t have to mark or draw lines scaling separately. The cutting accuracy is the saw’s responsibility. Just follow the measurements and adjust the saw. And as the cherry on the top, it consists of a laser guide. This smallest circular saw can help you to move in a straight line to make a straight cut as possible. So, there is no room for mistakes with this.

This rockwell compact saw is made completely focusing on your necessities. You can tell it by how it ensured safety measures to convenience only for you. Its lock switch facility, dust port system, comfortable handle, and all the small to visibly large contents are included just to make sure you have a safe and comfortable trimming session with this saw.

Why We Picked It?
    • A lightweight body weighing only 4 pounds. Won’t tire you off easily.
    • Versatile saw with rip cut, miter cut, crosscut, bevel cut, and even plunge cut capability.
    • All adjustment aspects include scale markings to help you get the most accurate result.
    • Ensures both safety and convenience prioritizing both similarly.

3. WORX WORXSAW WX429L Compact Circular Saw for Smaller Hands

WORX WORXSAW 4-1 2″ Compact Circular Saw (WX429L)

A tight budget is not a problem at all. Cause this review list covers one such extraordinary compact saw that can fit even the tightest budget. This worxsaw compact circular saw can fit your budget with a big gap for sure. If you are not believing me, check for yourself through the link.

It’s a good catch indeed. Do not even have to spend a lot but get a great saw for your trimming jobs. You won’t be facing any downside based on effectivity or versatility. This tiny thing is as capable as all its counterparts. You can genuinely give it a go.

If you check its strength, you will be definitely shocked. Cause this affordable saw competes with the highly expensive ones. At such a reasonable price it can literally give you a massive 3000 Rpm blade speed to cut through woods. The set comes with such a high quality 4.5 inches blade that can be spun even faster. You can go as deep as 2 inches easily with it.

Moving on to the design and body structure, it is of very high quality. Its fully rubber covered grip ensured handle is just the thing you need. It will give you a never slipping working capability.

It has some additions for ensuring safety. The saw never starts on just by the connection with a power source. It includes a thoughtful safety switch besides having the on and off trigger. The machine will start only when you press it. Thus, no accidental start over.

Why We Picked It?
    • Highly capable saw at a very reasonable price. Great for the money.
    • Can generate a high blade speed of 3000Rpm to cut through up to 2 inches thickness.
    • Has a convenient handling facility with rubber over-molding.
    • Has a feasible safety system for full protection against unintentional starting of the saw.

4. Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw for Wood Cutting

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw Kit

This is another Rockwell circular saw to rank in this list. This model of Rockwell circular saw is run by a 5 Amp motor with a bigger power generating capability. This will give you a wider range of cutting capabilities.

The saw is a versatile one. You can be creative and try on all your necessary cuts. It can also give you the bevel capacity of up to 45o to make essential bevel cuts. You can lock the head at your desired angle up to this limit.

It has a rear motor design. The motor of the saw is placed on the handle. It might sound just a design but it has been done so strategically. As the motor is on the handle, the hefty part remains on your hand giving you better control of the device. the front part remains light and thus easier to move.

You get a simple blade changing facility on this. It has a useful spindle lock button. It is used when you are going to change the blade. Just press the button and it will allow the blade to come out. It is a much safer process than normal ones.

The dust exhaust system is not something to be ignorant of. For a woodworking tool, it is very important. Before even you can finish your wood cutting task, the whole place will be covered by sawdust and debris. The dust extraction facility will make your job easier and clean all these for you. And this saw has a very effective one. It works while the saw is in use and does its job right.

Why We Picked It?
    • Has a highly efficient 5 Amp motor to generate power. Can generate a blade speed of 3500 Rpm.
    • Wisely planned structural design for convenient use.
    • Has a safe blade changing facility including an effective spindle lock button.
    • Includes a dust exhaust system for clearing out sawdust.

5. Makita SH02R1 Cordless Compact Circular Saw for Faster Cutting

Makita SH02R1 12v Max Cxt Lithium-ion Cordless Circular Saw Kit

The last one is a cordless compact circular saw. This cordless saw is Makita’s one of the best battery mini circular saws found in the market. This saw is powered by 2 mighty 2.0 Ah CXT lithium-ion batteries.

The 12 V batteries can be extremely effective if we judge them based on their power and ability. They can generate a blade speed of 1500 Rpm. It might seem less but its capability is not something you should look down to. No matter if it’s wood or particleboard or drywall or MDF, it can cut through all.

Now how deep you can cut is also an important fact. The depth factor is not compromised here. You can go as deep as 1 inch with its fine quality 3.375 inches blade. And this definitely will fulfill your regular need.

As for the versatility of cuts, you do not have to feel limited. Cause this saw can make cuts as any other heavy-duty ones. You can go for either a perfect bevel cut at any angle up to 45o angle or a simple straight line. That’s completely your choice, as this saw gives you the freedom to choose any.

When you will hold the saw, you can tell yourself how strategically the whole saw has been designed. Its curved handle with rubber overmolding is such a favorable addition that provides both grip and comfort. Just in the front, the power trigger has been placed so that you don’t have to struggle to power it on. In total, this will amaze you with all its tactical additions when you use this cordless mini circular saw.

Why We Picked It?
    • Cordless battery powered circular saw. Eliminates the issues of cords.
    • Powered by 12 V lithium-ion batteries. Can generate high blade speed to cut through the 1-inch thickness.
    • Can cut through drywall, plywood, MDF, particle boards, and others.
    • Has a strategically designed body structure. Delivers full comfort in use.

What to Look for When Buying a Compact Circular Saw

The buying guide is for helping in doing a filtered search. You can cut down the ones which do not have these features from your list. This shrinks the list and makes the search easy.

The Efficiency of the Saw

Compact & Mini Circular Saw

Mini saws are small-sized saws but do not lack efficiency. In the market, you will find different highly efficient compact saws. They can cut deep and accurately to give you the best results. And such efficiency is gained by the strength it gains from its motor and power source.

The wired circular saws such as the electric ones remain highly powerful. They can generate continuous power for heavy trimming projects. They can cut deep and are ideal for heavy-duty cutting works. You can judge the efficiency of these by the strength of their motor designated by Ampere.

The wireless battery powered ones also do a great job. They can be used for hours by charging ones. The strength of such saws is exhibited in Volt. Normally its battery’s strength represents the total strength of the saw and how efficiently it can work.

Structure of the Saw

The design and structure are significant aspects of a circular saw that are needed to be checked before buying. Being a handheld tool, it has to be well designed and structured benefiting handling. You will have to use it for hours. If the structure is not user-friendly your work will be tiresome and painful.

The things you need to consider are its handle position and design, presence of comforting elements, the weight of the device, using technique, and other such relatable aspects. The right combination will make the cutting sessions very comfortable for you.

Accuracy in Cuts

You will be cutting your precious wood pieces. So, you definitely need a saw that cuts accurately. Accuracy is the top-level priority for every fine cut. To ensure the utmost accuracy different circular saws have different features. Some have traditional hardware guides and some have advanced laser guides. Both of them are effective.

The hardware guides are simple tools that include scaling indicators, parallel guides, a bevel cut scale, and so on. These help in making straight and accurate cuts in each attempt.

Again, the laser guides are as effective as the physical ones. The laser ones are modern and sophisticated. They remain built-in the saw. When you initiate your cut, the light beam will glow to guide you until the end of the cut. The light beam travels in the utmost straight line possible. Following that, you will get the most precise cut.

Dust Management Systems

You do not want to end up being under a pile of sawdust after you finish your trimming works. That’s why you should be looking for circular saws that have a proper dust management system.

Many mini saws have effective dust managing facilities that will work automatically. They will keep the sawdust away from your work spot and keep your cutting line clean. These make it easier for you to see clearly and make accurate cuts.

Many compact saws might not have this facility. So, it is wiser to check and choose the one with this amazing feature.

Low Vibration

As the saw will be cutting some hard surfaces like wood, it is likely to vibrate. But too much of such vibration can hamper the actual cutting process. The line of the cut will get crooked and precision will be at the stake.

That’s why you need a saw that does not compromise on vibrating effect. Such saws eliminate this vibrating issue as much as possible. The lower the vibration created during a cut, the straighter cut the saw can deliver.

FAQs about Compact & Mini Circular Saw

We are done with the top-rated compact circular saw reviews. Let’s now see what people often ask about mini circular saws and what professionals say in reply.

Why should I buy a compact circular saw?

Ans. Half of the answer lies in its name itself. It is a compact circular saw. It is small in size and light in weight. It is all a worker needs in his toolbox to carry around. And of course, its size is a big advantage to fit it anywhere in the workshop or the toolbox for storing.

It is super convenient too. Using this won’t let you feel a thing. You can carry and use it for hours without getting tired. This way you can finish your work faster.

Another plus point for this tool is its less usage of power. Being small in size in all dimensions, it requires lesser power than the usual. Thus, not wasting too much energy you can complete your task effectively.

Is a mini circular saw as good as the random circular saw?

Ans. Regardless of the size, the compact circular saws are actually as good as the normal-sized circular saws. The random ones can be highly efficient and very powerful. But the mini saws don’t lack anything either. It is highly capable and can accomplish all the cutting tasks as bigger counterparts.

The small power saws can cut through multiple materials such as usual wood, tiles, plastic, soft metal, and so on. They can cut deep cuts based on their blade sizes and can show versatility in cut forms too. You won’t find the small battery circular saws lacking in any respect from usual sized circular saws.

What is the average depth a mini circular saw can cut?

Ans. A mini circular saw can cut half the depth of a cut usual sized circular saw can do. On average the depth goes from somewhere between 16 mm to a wide 45 mm. The range may fluctuate for different mini saws with differences in the blade.

What cuts can be accomplished by a small circular saw?

Ans. A small circular saw can cut all the types of cuts that a normal one can. It can assist you in making extremely accurate straight cuts. The saw consists of guides to give you such preciseness for your cuts. You can accomplish various complex cuts like rip cut, cross-cut, miter cut, and even bevel cut with a mini saw. You can play around and make desired cuts as per your requirement.

Final Words

What do you think after coming to the end of the list? Did you get what you were looking for?

After going through the total review list one thing is for sure, whichever of them you choose won’t be a mistake. All of them are such great saws that none of them will be a crooked deal. You can go with anyone without a doubt.

However, if you can’t choose any one of them, then settle for the first one from the list. It is WORX WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw (WX429L). It comes with all the necessary tools and kits. You won’t have to buy anything separately. This saw is self-sufficient and one of the best compact circular saws in this suggestion list.

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