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How to change a circular saw blade – Step by Step Guide

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 14, 2024

Circular saws are popular among craftsmen for their versatile working features. As they are one of the most used saws, their blades get more wear and tear. So, it would be best if you change the circular saw blade on a regular note so that it gives consistent performance. 

However, people have little knowledge of how to change the circular saw blade successfully. Therefore, after spending substantial time on research, we have jotted down all the resourceful guidelines on how to change a circular saw blade. 

The information will surely help you remove and install new blades quickly in a risk-free manner. So, shall we start? 

How To Change A Circular Saw Blade: 5 Effective Steps

Whenever your circular saw blade becomes dull, you should immediately remove the blade and install a new one. Otherwise, you run the risk of a broken spear and wounding yourself. So, it is of absolute importance to know how to remove a circular saw blade and then replace it with a new one. 

How to change a circular saw blade

Things You Should Know Before Changing a Blade

There are a few essential things that you need to understand to replace and install circular saw blades comfortably.

Blade Size 

There are three things you need to keep an eye when selecting the accurately sized blade for your circular saw.

  • Look at the cover of the blade to know its diameter. Usually, the diameter is printed on the blade cover. 
  • You also need to know the arbor diameter. It determines whether or not the blade whole fits in the shaft of the saw. 
  • The RPM of your new blade should not cross the maximum RPM level of your circular saw. 

Number of Teeth

It would be best if you also kept an eye on the number of teeth so that it fits your purpose. The number and size of teeth determine the use of the blade. So, firstly, decide which type of work you will perform with the circular saw blade. Then, buy the blade accordingly. 

Types of The Blade

Different types of blade are built to perform different cuts. 

  • Rip cutting blades are used to cut along the grain of the boards.
  • Crosscutting blades are used to cut across the wood and boards. 
  • Combination blades are made for both rip and crosscuts. 

Circular Saw Blade Direction

The direction of the blade determines which way you should install the new blade. Usually, the direction is engraved in the blade with an ‘arrow sign’.

Now that we have understood all the key features about how to change a circular saw blade, its time to see what steps we need to follow.

The Steps Are:

Step 1: Exposing the circular saw Blade

Exposing the circular saw Blade

If you are using a cordless circular saw, remove the battery. Alternatively, if you use a corded circular saw, make sure to unplug it from the electric source, i.e., adapter. 

It will ensure a safe installation of the blade and prevent the blade from firing up while you handle it. 

Step 2: Processing the Arbor 

Now place the circular saw on a flat and firm surface. Then carefully remove the blade guard to open up the blade. After that, lock the arbor of the saw, if it has one. 

The arbor is the place where the blade fits in. While you loosen the different nuts to remove the blade, the locked arbor will hold the frame steadily. 

In case, the saw doesn’t have an arbor lock, press it against the surface to keep it steady. 

Step 3: Removing the Nuts 

At first slide in the wrench into the blade nuts. Now move the wrench into the same direction of the blade rotation to unscrew all the nuts. 

If you are thinking about which type of wrench you should use, there’s an easy solution to it. The best wrench to remove nuts from the blade comes along your circular saws in the box. 

Once you unscrew all the nuts, you can remove the blade. 

Tips: Direct drive saws will require an anti-clockwise movement of the wrench. Whereas, for the worm driven circular saws, you will need to move the wrench clockwise. 

Step 4: Installing the New Blade 

How to Change a Circular Saw Blade

It’s time to perform the all-important task. Unpack your new blade and slide it into the arbor of your circular saw. You will have to follow the opposite way of removing the older blade to install the new one. 

After installing the blade, put the nuts in their places and tighten them with the wrench. 

Tips: Make sure that you don’t tighten up the screws so tightly that their patch gets destroyed. It will risk the blade. 

Step 5: Re-Plugin Power Source

Lastly, plug in the power source for a corded circular saw, and replace the battery if it is a cordless circular saw. 

However, before you start working with the blade immediately, make sure that there’s no unwanted vibration. Also, check for the other safety measurements


Did you notice one thing from the method above on How to Change a Circular Saw Blade? Yes, you guessed it right. Nowadays, removing and installing a circular saw blade is quite a simple task. Yet, people make it complicated due to their ignorance of the method. 

However, there’s nothing to worry about. These detailed step by step guidelines with useful information will make your job comfortable and quick.

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