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11 Essential Circular Saw Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: May 9, 2022

In this modern age, we use numerous tools to reduce our workloads. Circular saw is one of them.

It is one kind of power tool which is used for cutting materials such as timber, metal, stone, and many more. But the fact is that with the innovative features of this tool there are some safety-related issues also which we cannot overlook.

Here in this article we are going to discuss some circular saw safety rules which are much needed to maintain in the workplace.

Experts have put a lot of emphasis on this regard and advised to ensure safety through maintaining the guidelines strictly. It is no wonder that fewer physical hazards maximize the outcomes of the work process.

Most Essential Circular Saw Safety Tips

Circular Saw Safety Rules & Tips
We know a circular saw is a complex structure in design. It is also easily comprehensible that while working with it, there are probabilities of physical hazards because of the working procedure of it. To confirm safety circular saw activities, we have to follow some guidelines. Let’s See…

1. Put on Safety Equipment before Handling the Saw

There are some gears by wearing those we can lessen the risk of physical hazards. These are known as personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes spectacles, hand gloves, masks, protective cloths, helmets, and shoes, etc. By wearing these gears, we can sustain far distance from physical hazards. But we must say that protective gear only lessens this risk but not fully eliminates.

2. Learn to Hold it Properly

Learn how to a Circular Saw Hold Properly

It is another important point that we must look at. People often befall to the accident because they do not know the ways of holding a circular saw. The circular saw is two types such as a left-hand circular saw and a right-hand circular saw. Before using it, be sure what types of circular saw it is to cope with. Hold it tightly by putting the hand in the right place of the saw.

3. Do a Saw Check

Damage circular saw can be dangerous for people. So, before using it, just check every part of it if every part is working properly. At first, check the blade of the saw to find out the wrecked or damaged part on it. Be sure that the circular saw is running smoothly. Never plug the switch while you are doing a check.

4. Use a Safe Depth of Cutting Settings

Before using it, we have to match the depth cut to the breadth of the board. Another thing we ensure that there not many teeth of the blade have been visible. It is must needed thing because we can have a decent and exact cut of the board. Measurement of depth cut will be taken before starting the cutting procedure.

5. Only Use Sharp Blades

Sometimes we see that people meet the accident because the blade of the saw is not sharp. If this is not sharp then at the mid of the work various physical hazards can come. While we are on to cutting work, we must guide the saw to the cut point but not to force hard. By using sharp blades, we can get the task easily, and it is safer than any others.
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6. Unplug the Saw When Not in Use

Unnecessarily plugged in towards electricity supply extension when it is not in work, can bring devastating outcomes. It may come out as the cause of a short circuit or any other physical risk. Just imagine the situation that a chord is plugged in with an electricity port while the saw is not being used and someone has just switched on. Then any type of physical hazards can happen. So, after using it unplug the switch.

7. Never Use a Defective Saw

It may bring out numerous physical hazards if we use defective saw. It becomes difficult to hold and control. Remember that it is a powerful tool and also a complex one for cutting. If you see that the circular saw is not running accurately, then you should stop the work and should never try to work with it until getting repaired.

8. Do Not Overreach

It can be dangerous for us if we try to cut the board by going far enough from our reach. We can lose balance and may get physically injured. On the other hand, overreach work lessens the overall performance. So, just we have to be in our reachable position and should get our work done with great performance.

9. Keep Live Chords Out of the Way

When we work, live chords must be avoided. Because a circular saw needs more power to run and a live chord is passing a lot of electricity within it. If there any leakage on a live chord, then we can fall into physical hazards. So, we should keep our eyes open and avoid every live chord for not be physically injured.

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10. Check for the Obstruction in Stock

Before cutting the woods or any other things, we have to careful to find out any nails or hard thins are within the wood. Otherwise, there is the possibility to lose the teeth of the blade. There may have screw-in woods or other things. So, check this kind of obstruction to have a better cut of wood without any physical hazards.

11. Secure the Stock or Board Being Cut

While we are cutting any timber, it may move here and there. It happens because when we don’t tighten the board or wood, it becomes a threat. So, before starting the cut works, we have to use clamps to hold the board tightly. Then the wood will remain good and hazard free to cut.

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Circular saw may seem difficult, and that’s why a lot of practice is needed to use and control it. But we have to keep in mind that there are many physical hazards associated with these tools. So, all the users should follow circular saw safety tips to be safe from these dangers.

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