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How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Any person with the experience of shaving with a dull blade knows the importance of a sharpness. A dull blade requires more effort to get any work done. It is even more true for circular saw blades. 

So, when the blade gets blunt, you are left with two alternatives- buy a new blade or sharpen the older one. Buying a new one ensures better performance, but it is an expensive investment. Whereas, sharpening of a blade will provide you with an almost identical performance at a low cost. 

Sharpening a circular saw blade is a relatively easy task. Today, we are going to tell you the secret on how to sharpen a circular saw blade – using a file and how to sharpen saw blades by hand. 

Know When You Should Sharpen A Circular Saw Blade

Whenever you are struggling to cut wood or metal with your blade, take it as a sign of the edge getting blunt and dull. If it requires more labor than average, you should immediately think about sharpening the blade. 

How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade: Useful Method

Steel-toothed circular saw blades can be sharpened easily at home. However, grinding the carbide covered blades is quite a complicated task. So, let’s see how we might sharpen a circular saw blade at home.

Removing the Blade

These days, the most circular saw comes with an automated shaft to hold the edge. You can release the blade by unlocking the shaft with a press only. However, some models will require the nuts to be removed. 

Fortunately, the circular saw comes with a wrench packed in the box. Use the wrench to remove the nuts one by one. To do so, in the first place, the circular saw on a hard floor so that it doesn’t slip. Then move the wrench clockwise for a worm-driven circular saw and anticlockwise for the direct driven saws. 

Tips: Before you start removing the blade, make sure that the saw is disconnected from the power source. 

Soften the Resin Using Vaseline

Gently apply some Vaseline or petroleum jelly with a soft brush (you may use one of your old brush) on either side of the blade. Then, please keep it for half an hour so that the petroleum softens the resin, grime, and dirt. 

Securing the Blade

Use a vice grip or locking pliers to ensure the security of the circular saw blade. While you secure the blade, you should place it in such a way so that the blade teeth are faced towards you. Also, don’t tighten up the blade too hard with the clamp, or it will harm the metal holding the teeth. 

Making Marks

Marks at either side of the circular saw blade helps to indicate the way of sharpening. Moreover, it will help you to avoid the double sharpening of the blade. The marking process is quite an easy one. 

  • Carefully examine the bevels on the blade. For a two-blade point, each there is a beveling mark. It will be facing towards you. 
  • Take a file and stroke it against the bevel. We recommend you hold the file at a 20° angle to get your job done quickly. Typically, 4-5 strokes are enough to create a visible mark on the bevel. 
  • In case you don’t see any markings, stroke the file a few times more. 

Note: It is advisable that you use a diamond file to sharpen your blade. 

Bevel: Give Them Attention 

Bevels will appear on every 2nd teeth of the blade. So, you can skip one and put a mark on the next. In this way, keep marking the edge until you reach the end. While you set the strokes, make sure you have the same number of strokes on each of the levels as the 1st one. 

Turn and Do the Same On The Other Side 

Now turn the face of the blade and repeat the 3rd and 4th step to mark the blade using a file. It will allow you to know when you reached the beginning mark during sharpening. 

Filing (Sharpening) 

Run the file, preferably a diamond file from back to front in each of the circular saw blades teeth. Remember that the file is sometimes called a circular saw blade sharpener. However, file each teeth top with the sharpener by following the same process. 

Once you are done on one side, do the same for the other side as well. 

Installing the Newly Sharpened Blade 

After sharpening the circular saw blade, carefully remove it from the vice grip. Then install it on the saw and lock the shaft. If it has nuts, tighten them. 

Recheck if everything is in place and then connect it with the power source. 

That’s it. You are ready with your sharpened circular saw blade. 


Following the process, as mentioned above, will save a lot of your money and time. With these user-friendly steps, your previously dull blade will reincarnate to perform more cutting jobs for you.

Enjoy it!

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