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Best Corded Circular Saws of 2024 – [Details Reviewed]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 21, 2024

It’s not that hard to find a corded circular saw in the market. just one step out and it will be there. However, it is not guaranteed that it will be the one you really want.

To find the best corded circular saw, you need to do your research. You have to search sites, read pages, gather detailed info and finally make up your mind about just one.

That seems like a tough job, isn’t it?

Well, you don’t have to do all that hard works anymore since you are already here. You can find all the finest corded circular saws in one place right here.

So, no need to move here and there. Just scroll down and choose the one that fits your needs and suits your budget.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks

5 Best Corded Circular Saw Reviews of 2021

No matter which one you choose, you will take home the finest one. I have selected exclusively 5 of the top-rated corded circular saws in the market after doing hours of research. So, there is no chance of taking a wrong decision.

Let’s check them out and pick the finest one.

1. DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4-inch Lightweight Circular Saw

DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1 4-inch Lightweight Circular Saw

Dewalt has brought out such a great circular saw that will sway you to buy it right away. All aspects of this saw are unique and very significant for making the cutting process easier and more relaxing.

Its sophisticated body structure is one of the highlighting features of this saw. This aspect plays a huge role in differentiating it from others. You can experience supreme comfort and control using it. Its rear angled handle and one in the front has been given so that you can hold the saw using both your hands. It increases control and helps to keep balance. Both the handles are rubber overmolded to ensure a better grip without a slip.

As there is so much to talk about its structure, there is much to talk about its strength too. The Dewalt circular saw dwe575sb is powered by electricity. Its 15 Amp proficient motor helps to generate maximum power possible. The saw gains a very high blade rotating speed to cut through every material you work on.

A powerful saw with a high blade speed can be dangerous at times. But this saw makes sure you only get the positive sides of its strength diminishing all the threatening aspects.

Such thoughtful addition to the saw is its advanced electric brake system. As soon as you release the trigger, this brake stops the blade from revolving. This brake is really effective to give you a safer version of a circular saw.

It’s a common scenario after every cutting session. The sawdust gets piled up everywhere. I don’t think you will be facing that for this saw. Cause this special saw has its own dust exhaust system for clearing out specks of dust right after work. You don’t have to do anything about that. You can work in peace with this.

Key Features
  • Saw with a well-designed body structure. Comfortable and easy to manage.
  • Has a 15 Amp proficient motor to generate high blade speed.
  • Includes a sophisticated electric brake system.
  • Has its own dust exhaust system to clear out sawdust automatically.

2. Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Corded Circular Saw

Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1 4-Inch Corded Circular Saw

Makita circular saw is a huge hit by the name itself. The brand has consistently manufactured incredible power tools over the years and maintained its standard till now. And this model of the corded circular saw from Makita is no different.

The saw is a very powerful one. You can complete all your hard-core cutting tasks with this. The saw offers a massive blade speed of 5800 Rpm. This huge blade speed with the right blade can make your cuts faster and more efficient.

Besides efficiency you require versatility. And so you get from this saw. It is a highly versatile tool with the capability of making multiple forms of cuts. It also gives the opportunity of making bevel cuts up to a huge 56o angle. You may lock the saw at +22.5o and +45o angles. It has a very simple lever lock system with angle markings engraved on it. Literally, anybody without any prior knowledge about circular saws can adjust it and make successful cuts. Its usability is that straightforward.

This Makita circular saw 5007mg is made with highly durable magnesium. This gives the saw both durability and light weightiness. Its construction is done in such a way it maintains balance and can tackle all work abuse.

A unique feature for this circular saw is the addition of LED lights. Now you may ask what’s so good about them? They are a very effective light pair that illuminates when you start the saw for cutting. They brighten up the dark cutting area to get better visibility of the cut line. It is very useful in times of need.

Key Features
  • Highly powerful saw with a massive blade speed of 5800 Rpm.
  • Has a bevel capacity up to 56o angle with stopping capability at 22.5o and 45o
  • Made of durable magnesium components. Can tackle job site abuses.
  • Includes a pair of LED lights to brighten the cut line.

3. SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

If you are on a tight budget, this saw is for you.

It doesn’t lack in any aspect even though coming at a very low price. It is one of the best saws for the money. You would not even believe me that it comes at such an affordable price after getting to know its qualities.

This Skil circular saw includes some marvelous features that even many expensive ones don’t. Not always the price matters. Quality is the main factor here.

Like all the other circular saws, this one shows great efficiency in cutting. It lacks in no respect not even in power. It is a highly powerful saw that can generate about 5300 Rpm blade speed. You can achieve accurate cuts and fast cuts with this high-speed range.

Big cuts are comparatively easier to make. The struggle comes when you have to make cuts in small material pieces. Nonetheless, you do not have to be facing such issues if you work with Skil circular saw. This advanced tool has a lower guard with an anti-snag feature. This ingenious addition eliminates the snagging issues and helps you to make successful cuts on small objects.

Sawdust is a big issue while sawing. And no issue is ignored in this saw. All problems are mitigated by the extraordinary features the saw has. Similarly, this sawdust problem is solved by its in-built dust blower system. It blows away all the sawdust from the workspace and gives you a clearer view of the cut.

Circular saw being a handheld tool its weight is a huge factor to consider. Surprisingly this Skil 5280-01 circular saw even though having that many features have very lightweight. It weighs merely 6.95 pounds making it easy for you to handle it.

Key Features
  • Very affordable circular saw that comes in way under $100.
  • Has a blade speed of 5300 Rpm.
  • Includes a dust blower feature to eliminate sawdust issues.
  • Weighs only 6.95 pounds making it easy for you to carry.

4. Porter-Cable Pce300 15 Amp Heavy Duty Steel Shoe Circular Saw

Porter-Cable Pce300 15 Amp Heavy Duty Steel Shoe Circular Saw

Porter-Cable has brought out this model of circular saw that gives more than enough but at a very reasonable price. It will be unwise to let this offer go. It is the top-rated corded circular saw under $100 that you can ever find in the market.

This saw is preferred by many professionals for its performance. It is suitable for heavy-duty jobs as it can work for long hours. You can use it break free in keeping with your requirements. In terms of efficiency, it has shown positive results as reviewed by its users.

The saw can deliver a blade speed of around 5500 Rpm. This speed is perfect for large wood cutting works. With the right blade, you can gain high SFM. This can help you get quicker cuts and complete your tasks much faster than usual. Even though it will be quicker, your cuts will be accurate too. You can rely on it for not giving you rough ends.

Changing the blade is a piece of cake for this saw. In no time you can change the blade with a new one. And this is for the effective spindle lock system it has. This lock system keeps the blade secured on its position when locked and pops it open in one try when you want to change it. It makes the work effortless.

An important aspect to talk about for this saw is its auxiliary handle. This type of handle raises the comfort level for handling. In addition to this, its rubber overmolding is like the cherry on top. This gives you grip and provides better control of the saw.

All in all, you hit the bounty at such a reasonable price. You should give this competent corded circular saw a try.

Key Features
  • Comes at a very affordable price. Ideal for tight budgets.
  • Can gain a massive blade speed of 5500 Rpm with the help of its powerful 15 Amp motor.
  • Has a spindle lock system facilitating easy blade change.
  • Includes an auxiliary handle that provides higher control and comfort.

5. Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Left Handed Circular Saw

Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1 4-Inch Left Handed Circular Saw

Ending the list with an extraordinary circular saw from Bosch. This model of Bosch circular saw is a tough one. The saw is made focusing on the principal needs of the users. It matches the professional standards and can be used in heavy-duty jobs.

To perform hardcore cutting works a saw needs strength. And this saw is ready to provide you with that. The saw consists of a 15 Amp powerful motor that can deliver higher power to cut through your required materials effectively. You can expect to get fine cuts without any chipping or roughness.

Accuracy is a bigger aspect if you consider so. It is not only bound to power but also accurate measurements and following it accordingly. This saw includes an error-free measurement scaling indicator marked on its shoe. It is very helpful to deliver quick measurements while making the cuts. And thus, helps to gain accurate cuts.

Making versatile cuts is a core feature for a circular saw. This saw is no different. One such unique cut form is bevel cuts that you can make with this saw. You get a bevel capacity of up to 56o angle. With its easy lever lock system, you can choose and lock at the required angle to make your cut.

Maintenance is necessary for increasing the life of the saw. In this Bosch CS5 saw, you can easily remove the end cap and do proper servicing. This cap removing facility makes the maintenance process effortless. You can brush the saw inside out. Thus, your saw gets a holistic cleaning service.

Key Features
  • Powered by a highly powerful 15 Amp motor.
  • Has engraved scaling indicators for both linear and angled measurements. Can get accurate results in every cut.
  • Has a bevel capacity of up to 56o
  • Easy maintenance system with a cap removing facility. Can clean both the inside and outside parts of the saw.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Corded Circular Saw

Buying on your own won’t be as effective as buying following a guide. That’s why I have made a small buying guide for the corded circular saw only for you.

Blade Speed

Best Corded Circular Saws

You may find different circular saws with different blade speeds. The speed varies from saw to saw. This blade revolving speed is generated by the efficient motors of such saws. The corded circular saws generally have higher blade speed than the cordless ones. But this blade speed does not mean that the saw can cut more than the others.

The blade speed denotes how fast the saw can revolve the blade. The effectivity of the cut depends on how much of the surface area that the blade can pass through at a time. The larger space it can pass through the deeper it can go and the faster the cut will be.

This surface area measurement is dependent on how large the saw blade is. The blade size plays an important role here. Large blades can traverse a larger area than the smaller ones.

Thus, besides the blade speed, you need to get yourself the right size of the blade. Together it will give you the effective cuts you want.

Body Design

The structure of the corded circular saw is similar to any other circular saw type. They have the main cutting body including a convenient handle attached to it. The body of such a saw is strategically designed. It includes sophistically designed handles with planned positions.

Different circular saws have different strategies when it comes to the position of the handle, motor, or the main cutting blade.

You may find different types of handles in a circular saw. Their position plays important roles too. They mostly remain covered by rubber to offer you with higher grip.

As for the motor, you can find worm drive motor, non-gear motor, motor placed on the rear handle, and so on. All of these have specific purposes. You can take a deeper look at which one has what positions going through the links above.

Another special structural facility that circular saws offer is placing the blade either on the left or the right side. The blade placed on the left facilitates the right-handed people to have a clear view of the cut when holding the saw from the left. Whereas, the right-hand side arrangement of the blade benefits the lefty people. You can choose the one that facilitates you.


The circular saws are generally made of lightweight magnesium components. It is the most common form of material construction that you will find for a circular saw. Another metal that you may find is steel; steel works fine too.

The light weightiness of the magnesium facilitates the handling of the saw. It doesn’t seem a burden to carry it.

Despite being light, the metal is strong enough to tackle all the job site abuses. It tolerates all the bumps and clashes during regular work with the saw. These are normal scenarios for a construction work tool and a saw must have the capability of tackling them.

Such quality is very important for a saw material. It is important for ensuring the durability of the saw. The more tolerant it is to its surroundings the longer it can survive.

Step by Step Guide to Correctly Use a Corded Circular Saw

This slice of the article is a must-read if you’re new to using corded circular saws.

It’s not a tough process but mistakes while using a sharp machine like it can end up deadly for you and the folks around you.

So, you should go through the following steps before you hop on to sawing things.

Firstly, wear your safety gear and check if they are still sturdy enough to protect you from external injury. The safety gear while using a saw includes gloves, padded boots, and goggles. While all of them are equally necessary, wearing gloves is a must. But you already know all this if you’re a professional at handling this machine.

Secondly, check the saw every time before using it. There’s a good chance the blade might be loose or the blade is defective and blunt. Troubleshooting is necessary if you face such problems after using them for a while but if you bought it recently, send it back to the manufacturer. Plug the cord into an electrical outlet and run the saw on-air to see it runs smoothly.

Next, slowly press the saw against your desired material and cut it with ease. Circular saws need to be handled with care because they are lightweight and flexible. If you apply too much pressure and you get unlucky, you’ll probably end up in the hospital or the morgue. So be patient with the machine as it slowly cuts into the material and provides you with a smooth, bump-free finish.

Finally, you need to clean the sawdust mess created by your saw. Try to blow and slowly rub the surface of the material where you cut with the saw to remove any sawdust particle from it. A good option is to put a cover of the paper, plastic, or other material on the floor before sawing so that the sawdust can be removed along with it. Now that the work is complete, remove your protective gear and reward yourself for your craftsmanship.

Corded or Cordless Circular Saw: Which Is Better?

A common question among the users of both types of saws is:

which is the best among these two?

The answer is not simple because both of them have their advantages and disadvantages which make them suitable for you depending on your work and craftsmanship skills.

Through some key points that are common to both the saw types, we will compare the corded circular saw to its counterpart, the cordless circular saw, and show you which is the better choice for you.

Weight & Size

The size and weight of a saw machine play an important role in balancing and flexibly using the saw in different circumstances. As you may have guessed, a cordless circular saw has no wiring that attaches it to an electrical outlet.

For this reason, the machine gains more weight from the built-in battery backup inside it. Whereas a corded saw has no such battery which makes it lightweight and easy to yield.

Better handling means better precision while cutting. So, if you’re a beginner at using saws, a corded circular saw is the better choice for you. Cordless saws are for professionals who can yield heavier saws due to their experience.

Power Transition

This segment has nothing to do with the speed of the blade. The speed of the blade doesn’t determine the efficiency of sawing either.

Anyway, this segment is about how long a saw can work. Corded saws will keep working for long periods until the blades get heated to an extreme level.

But if you work from place to place, there’s no guarantee that your next destination will have an electric source.

On the other hand, cordless circular saws have their own battery life which provides them with a backup of 3-4 hours on average.

So, you can take it to your next destination without any worries but once the battery runs dry, you have no choice but to recharge it again.

Overall, corded is better for beginners and professionals while cordless circular saws are better for professionals only.

As a result, after comparing them to each other, we’ve decided that a corded circular saw is better for everyone compared to a cordless saw because of its power stability, comparatively lighter weight, and better handling.

Sidewinder Vs. Worm Drive

There are two types of corded circular saws too which do the same work of sawing more or less the same way.

In this segment, we will provide you with an in-depth understanding of Sidewinder type and Worm Drive type so you can decide for yourself which suits your style of sawing.

For better understanding, I’ve divided both the corded saw types into various organized specifications. Be sure to check out this unbiased comparison and choose your desired type.

RPM: RPM (Rotation Per Minute) is higher in Sidewinder sawblade compared to Worm Drive blade.

Maneuver: Due to Sidewinder being a direct drive sawblade, it has an easier maneuver compared to Worm Drive that has a tougher maneuver.

Cutting Edge: Sidewinders work better while cutting through soft and brittle wood while Worm Drive can easily cut through hard and rigid wood.

Weight: Sidewinders are the newer version of sawblades that have lesser weight compared to Worm Drives that are heavier and bulky.

Depth: Sidewinders cut through objects with high precision and splendid quality but the cut has low depth and wide size. On the other hand, Worm Drivers cut through objects with high precision too but with narrower size and longer depths.

Maintenance: Sidewinders require no additional maintenance except sharpening the blade from time to time while Worm Drives require oiling as an additional maintenance cost.


Benefits of Buying A Corded Circular Saw

A corded circular saw is an electrically powered saw. This remains connected to the main source throughout the working session. It gets continuous access to power until it is disconnected from the main power source.

This gives the saw a huge benefit. You can work with such a saw the whole day without exhausting it. It is the perfect choice for heavy-duty cutting jobs as this possesses more strength due to its power source. It gains more energy to generate higher working power.

On the other hand, the cordless circular saw has a limit. They are bounded to the constraint of battery power. Whatever power the battery posses is the only strength it has. When the total battery power drains off, it stops working and you need to charge it again. Due to the limited energy flow, it lacks strength. Thus, it can’t be used for heavy projects.

Hence it can be said, the continuous energy flow of the corded circular saw is a great benefit for it that the cordless one lacks.


Safety Tips

A Circular saw is a cutting device. So, it must be handled by taking proper safety measures.

The first safety step is to put on the safety gear. You should wear heavy shoes and must wear gloves. These two are a must because even by accident if the saw falls on your feet the heavy shoes will help to tackle it.

Your hands are the closest part of your body to the saw. Gloves will keep your hands safe from the dangerous running blade. That’s why wearing gloves and shoes are the most important ones.

Besides them, you can also wear safety goggles to save your eyes from sawdust.

After you ensure the safety gear, you should check the blade properly if it has any damage or not. You should always practice doing it before starting any power tool for ensuring maximum safety.

Another important aspect of safety issues is to use the saw properly. Never misuse the saw. Follow the correct rules to use the saw and work with it accordingly. Rough and ignorant use of the saw might lead to unwanted hazards.

FAQs about Corded Circular Saw

We are now going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers from industry professionals. Make sure you check them out before making the purchase; they will help you decide which one to pick and find out why it is the best possible option for you.

Which is the best-corded circular saw available in the present market?

Ans. The best-corded circular saw has to be “SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw“. You will find the link to this saw in the above review.

Do corded saws create less sawdust in comparison?

Ans. No, the amount of sawdust created is quite the same with all the saws but some saws have the power to suck in the sawdust while working.

Is it hard to maintain a corded saw?

Ans. If you buy a Worm Drive type corded saw then you need to oil it. Other than that, there’s no extra maintenance for Sidewinder types.

Do corded saws consume a lot of electricity?

Ans. No, they consume very little electricity and don’t use up any electricity unless while in use.

Is the cord extension long enough to move freely?

Ans. It varies with the product. You should check your suitable length before buying them.

Are corded saws childproof?

Ans. No electric saw, in general, is childproof. There’s no safety hatch like a gun so always be cautious while using an electric saw.

How deep can be cut using a corded circular saw?

Ans. The depth of cut by a circular saw depends on the size of its blade. In short, the blade capacity of the saw determines its cut depth. The larger the blade size the deeper the cut.

The most common corded circular saw blade size is around 6-7 inches. A random 6 inches corded circular saw can make cuts up to 2 inches. The larger the capacity becomes the deeper the cut can be. The smaller ones make much shallower cuts.

However, despite the highest point that the saw can go, you can make your own adjustments and decide the depth yourself up to this limit.

Is it hard to handle a corded circular saw?

Ans. No, absolutely not. The corded circular is like other circular saws very easy to manage. It generally includes a comfortable and slightly big handle to let you get a proper hold of the saw. The handle can be a rear one or front one.

Again, the saw can have both at a time with rubber overmoldings on them. These facilitate the handling process of the saw.

Besides the handle, the weight of the saw is also a factor that influences the handling of a circular saw. The corded circular saw normally has a lighter weight than the cordless one. Being electrically powered it does not require any extra battery on it and thus has comparatively lighter weight. And lightweight means easy to carry and easy to handle.

All in all, it is not at all hard to handle a corded circular saw. Once you get along with the saw, it will be a piece of cake to handle.

Final Words

Settling down for one can make you indecisive at this moment. All the corded circular saws that you just scrolled through are not merely circular saws— these are the best corded circular saws of all.

The technical features, usability, functionality, strategical body structure, immense power, all these aspects of these circular saws make them the best among all.

Being in this situation as all of them did such a great job choosing only one is definitely hard, I admit. But you have to choose your ideal one— the one that suits your requirements and matches your job criteria.

If you want me to bring out one from the list for you, I would go for PORTER-CABLE PCE300 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw. This saw comes at an affordable price and is highly capable of serving in every way. Its features are such that it can fulfill regular cutting needs and can match with all of your work requirements.

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