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Skil 5280-01 Circular Saw Review

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 16, 2024

When looking for a good circular saw, one of the models that you might encounter is the skilsaw 5280-01. It comes with some cool technologies and will promise even better results before its use.

So, is it really worth the chase? Take a look at the Skil 5280-01 review to determine what next for you.

Technical Features

Skil 5280-01 15-Amp 7-14-Inch Circular Saw

For a model that’s extremely loved, here are some cool features to look at.

Laser Guide

This is a model that’s highly celebrated with guys who love to make straight cuts. The model comes with a high-end laser beam technology that’ll give you the perfect cuts. The laser guide illuminates the line of cut so that you can make an easy follow up with your saw.

High Power

Like most high-end circular saw models that you will get today, this one also offers high power capacity. Thanks to the powerful 15-amp motor that will easily deliver up to 5,300-RPM in case you want to make a cut at the highest speed.

This high speed is also ideal if you wanted to save time when making cuts and also to get better results in no to time.

Durable Blade

Apart from the great speeds and faster cutting experience, this circular saw model also uses the 7-1/4-in type of blade. The blade is a carbide-tipped blade that will hardly get dull. As such, the blade can make numerous cuts without dulling, getting replaced, or requiring any sharpening.

Spindle Lock Technology

Again, for people who want to easily replace the saw blade, remove a dull one, or store the one they are using after cutting, this saw offers the spindle lock. This is an easy to use blade locking technology that you can quickly go with when you want to make fast blade changes. It is highly efficient and, above all, time-saving.

Beveling Technology

Notwithstanding what we have said above, there is even better flexibility to this circular saw. It has an easy beveling capacity of up to 51 degrees. This bevel capacity is perfect for any user who wants to make a variety of wide cuts on lumber. The cuts can be cross, straight, or curvilinear.

Arbor Size

For a 5/8 inches abhor size technology, this saw is also a cool model for anyone who wants to enjoy a wide cutting throat. The technology ensures that the flexible 6 feet corded saw gives the user a great touch on their project.


Thankfully, this model is also very light. It weighs only about 6.95 lbs. Thanks to the lightweight magnesium technology that gives the design a reliable weight reduction and, in so doing, eliminates any form of fatigue.

Anti-Snag Technology

There are also the anti-snag lower guard features that will easily reduce on the snags when you are making the narrow cut-offs, and it is a factor that most Skil saw reviews will highlight.

Dust Blower Technology

Finally, keeping your line of the cut as visible as possible isn’t anything to worry about if you have this circular saw. The saw comes with a dust blower that keeps the sawdust off your space and, as such, leaves you with a line-of-cut that’s free of any dirt.

Skil 5280-01 Circular Saw Price

For the buyers who are new to the market, most circular saws may pose a challenge when it comes to matching up their prices to the features that they offer. Thankfully, the Skil 5280-01 circular saw model doesn’t.

This new circular saw is one of the most celebrated circular saws in the market today. Thanks to its high-end features and, more importantly, affordable pricing.

You will get the saw for a great price in most online sites, and you may never cough anything more than 100 USD. The saw is also fitted with cool features that make it an easy and efficient model.

Skil 5280-01 Reviews: Other Expert Opinions

Skil 5280-01 15-Amp 7-14-Inch Circular Saw

Since this is one of the most commonly sought after circular saw models that we have today, it has enjoyed some expert reviews from far and wide. The saw is highlighted in most reviews because of its lightweight touch.

The model also provides an easy to fasten blade technology that most reviews stress on. As if that’s not enough, some of the best woodworkers marvel at how easy the blade change is for this circular saw.

The skil circular saw 15 amp is said to have a hard case that perfectly protects all the interior components from damage. It is easy to care for and will enjoy a longer circular saw lifespan.


    • Delivers the best speeds for faster cuts, thanks to the reliable, powerful motor technology.
    • Easy to replace and highly durable carbide-tipped blade technology.
    • Blade change is made easy with the spindle lock technology.
    • Wide beveling capacity of up to 51 degrees for the wider variety of cuts.
    • Comes with 100% rust-resistant surface coating that eliminates the need for maintenance.
    • You can easily make one-handed adjustments quickly when on a large workload.
    • Comes with an ergonomic design that offers a better fit and a much ideal control grip.


    • The dust blower doesn’t have a vacuum technology that sucks the dust off the surface.

Why Should You Buy It?

Skil 5280-01 15-Amp 7-14-Inch Circular Saw

We highly recommend the skil 5280-01 15-amp 7-1/4-inch circular saw with a single beam laser guide because of many reasons.

This saw is safe to use. It will quickly alert you when it is powered on and when it is off. This means that you won’t bump on it accidentally and eventually end up with an accidental injury. The model also has a guarded trigger that eliminates any forms of accidental startups.

More importantly, when using this circular saw, you will get a clear line of cut. This is because the saw is equipped with a dust blower that clears the way for you. Even so, you will still get a clear line of the cut as the saw uses a single laser beam to illuminate the line.

As if that’s not enough, this saw also provides a variety of cuts. It ensures that you get straight cuts, cross cuts, lumber ripping power, and even angled cuts. All the cuts are smooth, and you will get a warp-free touch around the edges.

The depth of cut is also easy to adjust, and depending on your needs; you can easily set it to meet what you want.


Do I really need a circular saw?

Ans. Yes. If you want a saw that’s good at rip cutting, then a circular saw it is. Even better, the saw can also be used on smaller boards such as plywood.

What is the perfect circular saw for a beginner?

Ans. A saw that’s greatly affordable for a beginner is perfect. It should also be easy to use and must come with a simple to follow user manual.

Why should I buy a cordless circular saw?

Ans. The corded circular saws are much more powerful than their cordless counterparts. However, the cordless models are ideal for easy movement but will still get the work done. Choose a model depending on your needs.


It is a good thing that the skilsaw 5280-01 comes with a single beam laser. As such, you can always rely on it if you wanted a laser-guided circular saw for the highest precision touches. This model is therefore ideal and can give you an effective touch for most of your cuts.

Even so, learning how the features that we highlighted in our Skil 5280-01 review work is integral to the performance of the saw. You must make sure that you have the user manual at heart and that you also understand how best to take care of the circular saw.

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