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Bosch CS5 Circular Saw Review – An In-depth Buyer’s Guide

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 17, 2024

Bosch CS5 Review Bosch CS5, with its sheer power and comprehensive versatility at work, is an excellent pleasure for both DIY workers and professionals. It is built sturdy and has a high-quality design and strength to compete with the most staggering circular saws of its kind.

Customers in their Bosch CS5 review talk high about the circular saw and opines its price as an excellent bargain in the market. And so, no wonder why this left-hand blade circular saw is surging in the market.

That being said, here is an unbiased and neutral review of Bosch CS5.

An In-depth Bosch CS5 Review

Bosch CS5 Circular Saw Review

Bosch is the industry-leading circular saw manufacturer, and the CS5 is the newest edition in its long line of boasting legacy.

And here’s a Bosch circular saw review from us to help you decide whether the circular saw is worth buying or not.

Technical Features

Let’s jump to the technical features of the Bosch circular saw.

Bosch CS5 Circular Saw Review

Extreme Power

The CS5 comes with a 15AMP motor and runs with 120V. With such power, the circular saw is destined to be one of the powerful in the market. Indeed, this has one of the elevated powered motors currently you will find in any circular saw.

Also, the Bosch power saw has a 6200RPM speed, which is by far the speediest RPM you may think of at present. The no-load speed is also within the top-class circular saws. With such speed and motor power, the circular saw can cut through most hardwood and plywood effortlessly.

Carbide Blade With 24 Teeth

When it comes to circular saw blades, Bosch CS5 circular saw surpasses every other saw blades of its class without a doubt. The stealthy module is made of carbide to withstand every toll and has 24 teeth for accurate and quick cuts.

The blade also has a perfect spindle lock that operates without a tool. You can use it to change the blades quickly. Also, the spindle lock stops the blade rotation when you tighten or loosen the edge to achieve your preferred accuracy.

Easy Depth Adjustment

The depth adjustment lever of Bosch CS5 is another selling point of the power tool. With it, you be able to adjust the cutting thickness effortlessly. At 45-degree, the blade offering a dimension 1-7/8” cutting depth, and at 50-degree the cutting depth is 1-5/8”.

When set at 90-degree, you will get 2-7/16” cutting depth, the maximum you can expect.

Bevel Adjustment and Line Guard

The maximum bevel adjustment for Bosch CS5 is 56-degree. This gives you the easy adapting efficiency for beveled cuts. Also, the lower guard of the left-handed sidewinder brings forth the anti-snag technique for smooth cuts.

The footed line guard comes beneficial for the natural alignment of the circular saw. Remember that the left side notch is for 90-degree straight cuts, and for the bevel cuts, you need to use the right side of the blade notch.

Left-Hand Operation

Bosch CS5 Review

This is a Bosch left handed circular saw. And as of the thumbnail rule, left handed circular saw help increase the visibility of the workpiece since your eyesight isn’t blocked. It brings many benefits when it comes to accuracy and the risk-free cutting of different materials.

That’s is why the left-hand alignment is one of the favorite consumer options for this saw. And if you are a left-hand user, the orientation adds a bonus to your working.

Multi-Purpose Use

The Bosch CS5 circular saw brings forth some practical features at hand, which are very much beneficial during the works. It has the maximum 2-7/16” cutting depth for straight cuts, which ranks into the highest in sidewinder saws.

Also, the Bosch left blade corded circular saw can easily cut and shape 2X lumbers of its size. This tremendous cutting capacity is undoubtedly an edge for the power tool. Moreover, the multipurpose circular saw can cut the ¾-inches OSB too.

9 Feet Cord Increases Reaching Capacity

Bosch CS5 circular saw comes with a 9 feet long power cord. So, you can reach far corners of the logs and plywood with the remarkable circular saw. The reaching capacity helps you achieve accurate cuts without having to think about the power source, a great relief.

Price of Bosch CS5 Left Blade Corded Circular Saw

The Bosch CS5 review got a mixed bag of experiences when it came to the pricing. No distrust, this corded circular saw is an expensive investment by all angles. Yet, the pricing is a fair bargain, according to most professionals and DIYers. Then told that the extensive extent of ardent features CS5 Bosch offers justifies its price tag.

However, only a few were little concerned about the price. With such mixing, our expert review team thinks the price is somewhat logical than high if we consider its fantastic features and long-lasting performance.

Expert Reviews on Bosch CS5 Left Handed Circular Saw

Bosch left handed circular saw is a famous and consumer-friendly circular saw. So, many experts in the saw industry have used and frankly reviewed its ins and outs.

One such reviewer is Workshop Addict. He came up with a detailed review of the saw. He especially likes its smooth operation and the left-hand orientation that is rarely found at present. He also admired the comfortable blade change due to the spindle-lock. However, he disliked the sawdust collection of the tool and said it needs development.

Popular Circular Saws, on the other hand, praised its construction and performance but remained sceptical about the high pricing.

Power Saw Channel and was pleased with its stealthy motor, speedy RPM, and accurate cuts while they too questioned the pricing. In short, experts have lots positive about the saw than some minor negatives.


  • Left-side alignment for increased workpiece visibility
  • Power 15AMP motor with 6,200 RPM
  • The 9 feet cord improves the reaching capacity
  • Spindle lock for easy blade change
  • Its anti-snag technology brings smoothness in cuts
  • Can cut even the 2X lumbers
  • Easy bevel adjustment

  • The sawdust collection is rather messy
  • High-end pricing

FAQs about Bosch Cs5 Circular Saw

How is left-hand CS5 different from the regular circular saws?

Ans- The left handed circular saw excels in many functional areas compared to the regular or right-hand circular saws. First off, it has improved visibility. Then, its motor and RPM is higher than the regular ones. All this makes it the right choice for everyone.

Bosch CS5 vs CS10, which one should I choose?

Ans- The main difference between these two great circular saws is in their orientation. While CS5 is left-handed, CS10 is right-handed. CS10 has 5600 RPM, which is a little less than CS5. However, both are remarkable when it comes to practical performance.

How do I know if the blade is dull of CS5?

Ans- When the CS5 circular saw blade gets dull, you will immediately feel it. First off, it will call on more power than in measure times, and besides, cuts will be rough. As soon as you see the blade’s dullness, change it to avoid mishaps.

Why Should You Buy It?

Bosch CS5 Review

As we audited in the Bosch CS5 review that it is a high-end power saw. It has almost everything a professional and DIYer would want. The 6200 RPM, 15AMP motor, low rail guard, and risk-free changes of blades make it a suitable option for everyone.

You will especially praise its accuracy and endurance at work. So, anyone looking for a reputable circular saw that will serve him for an extended period and won’t lower the performing graph, they must give this saw a try.

Also, it performs a myriad of chores, so professionals will be exceedingly favorable once they have Bosch CS5 at their workplace.


Bosch CS5 circular saw is undoubtedly one of the most feature-stalked and top-performing circular saw of its class. It has sheer power and fantastic control to cut through most materials and has an inconsistent cutting depth too.

The only shortcoming of the saw that we observed in our Bosch CS5 review is it’s an unusual saw dust collection. Also, the left-alignment will need a bit of time for adjustment. However, once you are familiar with it, this circular saw will change your cutting and shaping experience forever.

And with such shiny features, it is a must-have power tool.

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