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DEWALT DWE575 Circular Saw Review

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 11, 2024

The building and construction trends these days are changing fast. From the new rot materials and junky design to today’s buildings have improved insulation as well as sturdy and resistant materials. Henceforth, you need to keep updated with the changing patterns.

And having the Dewalt DWE575 circular saw can be the difference between failure and success in this regard. The DWE575 is the lightest circular saw of its class and delivers power pack performance with an upper motor when needs.

Today, in this Dewalt DWE575 review, we will see its phenomenal features, find out its pros and cons along with the specialist reviews. So, you can decide if the circular saw is worth investment or not.

An In-depth DEWALT DWE575 Review

DEWALT DWE575 7-1/4 in. Lightweight Circular Saw

Dewalt has been a trusted circular saw manufacturer for the last few decades. Its DWE575 is another extraordinary addition in Dewalt’s legacy. It is lightweight and easy to operate, which makes it a consumer favorite.

Let’s see this Dewalt circular saw review.

Technical Features:

Without delaying the in-depth review further, let’s move on.

Optimal Power and Perfect Speed

Dewalt Dwe575 Review

Dewalt has redesigned the circular saw from their already popular model. During the redesign of Dewalt Circular, Saw DWE575 engineers have mainly focused on the motor. It translated into a practical and smaller engine while having the same strength as the former heavier ones.

Thus, the Dewalt 15AMP circular saw motor runs with a 120V household line and consumes up to 1950 watts. Henceforth, the monster delivers up to 5,200RPM speed. It serves all necessary wood cutting motive as well as glossy cuts for plywood and sidings.

Moreover, the powerful motor and suitable blade combo can even cut roof slates, ceramic tiles, and even thick plastic sheets. It can accomplish roofing and flooring chores too. The 15AMP motor with 5200 RPM speed will make each task a breeze.

HighBlade and Cutting Capacity

The Dewalt 7-1/4 circular saw equips with a stealthy carbide blade with powder coating for rust and corrosion resistance. The multipurpose module has two various cutting depths.

At 90-degree it’s cutting depth is 2.55 inches, and at 45-degree the depth is 1.9 inches. So, you can cut some really thick metals with the blade. Also, the carbide blade is powerful enough to cut almost all commercial materials such as wood planks, MDF boards, and plywood.

Beveled cuts and intricates are like child play with this remarkable blade and motor of Dewalt circular saw DWE575.

Yes, Dewalt has taken the angle cutting capacity for this circular saw one step further with 57-degree maximum beveling capacity. In contrast, the lowest angle cut is possible at 22.5-degree. So, you can use the circular saw for broader applications now.

The blade has a rail guard for added safety and accurate cuts too.

Extreme Dewalt Endurance

When it comes to durability, Dewalt enjoys extraspecial rivalry. So, you can depend on the sustainability of the Dewalt DWE575 circular saw.

The DWE575 circular saw is made of aluminium base with the highest-grade material available. So, it endures extreme wear and tears while supports smooth movement and accurate cuts. It’s a lower guard with ball bearing features anti-snag technique. It thus helps you have better control over the cuts and ensures an extended lifespan for the blade.

Also, the Dewalt circular saw corded comes with a ToughCord. It is 3X more resistant to pollutant wiring. So, your machine will remain safe, all the time.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

Despite owning a powerful motor and high-quality build, DeWalt DWE575 is built with an ergonomic handle. Thereby, the gripping is comfortable. Also, this is one of the ardently lightest circulars saw you can think indeed.

In fact, the DeWalt lightweight circular saw weighs only about 8.8 pounds, which is effortless to move. Lastly, its 7.2″ width makes it a compact saw also- a bonus for you.

Other Features

  • Dust collection: It’s built-in and active dust-collecting porthole. So, your workstation remains neat and clean.
  • Power button: Underneath the handle, you will find the on/off switch. It is beneficial for the user-friendly interface.
  • Key storage: You can store the blade wrench and small gear in the key room.

DeWalt DWE575 Circular Saw Pricing

During our DeWalt DWE575 review, we were most amazed at its competitive pricing that is relatively reasonable. Furthermore, the DWE575 has a powerful 15 AMP motor, 5200 RPM speed, and high-end specs. Yet it is a win-win price compared to its counterparts such as DeWalt 7-1/4-inch circular saw and Skill 5280 that sets the power tool apart from others.

Furthermore, the price perfectly justifies its enhanced 57-degree beveling, aluminum base, and lightweight construction. So, it’s endurance, and diversified performance talks about its quality and the pricing accordingly.

Also, customers treated the circular saw as an excellent value for their money.

Experts Opinion on DeWalt circular saw DWE575

DWE575 is immensely popular among woodworkers and other artisans as well. And with such infinite popularity, the power tool hasn’t gone unnoticed from expert woodworkers and reviewers’ observation. Almost all of them had high hopes on the circular saw.

One such reviewer is Tools in Action, and they came out with an in-depth DeWalt DWE575 review. They were impressed with its lightweight yet sturdy construction. Also, they appreciated the improved motor but remained doubtful about the heavy-duty capacity of the tool.

A Concord Carpentry also was delighted with the easy use and versatility of the tool. However, they suggested that DeWalt needs to provide a longer cord with the power saw.


  • The lightest circular saw with 8.8 pounds weights only.
  • An improved motor for maximum output at a smaller size.
  • Sturdy Aluminum base construction.
  • Updated design helps better visibility on the workpiece.
  • Key and wrench storage facility.
  • The dust blower function has been integrated to keep the workstation clean.
  • Lower guard and anti-snug ball bearings increase the blade lifespan on tough times and help smooth cuts.

  • You won’t find any variable speed control.
  • The cord isn’t long enough to reach far ends.

Why Should You Buy It?

Dewalt Dwe575 Review

DeWalt DWE575 circular saw is a consumer favorite for many reasons. First off, you will like its extreme lightweight construction that helps you to transport the saw from one workplace to another without much fatigued. Also, the sturdy construction is ready to endure the harshest conditions giving value to your money for a long time.

Its powerful 15AMP motor has been optimized with a carbide blade that works on most materials. Henceforth, it is an incredibly versatile power saw. And its 5200 RPM delivers exact rotatory speed for the blade to cut every metal with accuracy. In fact, you can cut even hard plastics with the circular saw. So, it saves you from buying multiple saws for different purposes.

Thus, the DeWalt7-1/4 circular saw is suitable for both professional and DIYer alike, and its reasonable pricing makes it a perfect saw for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the operational voltage capacity of DeWalt DWE575, 110V, or 220V?

Ans: DeWalt DWE575 comes with a regular household 110V operation. So, it is pretty much easy to use the power saw even at home.

How many teeth does DeWaltDWE575 have?

Ans: The answer is a little complicated. While some customers say that the carbide blade equips with 40 modules, the most dependable and expert reviewed say it has 18 teeth. And the product picture justifies the 18 teeth claim too.

Does DWE575 have depth adjustment?

Ans: Yes, the DeWalt lightweight circular saw has depth adjustment facility.


DeWalt Circular Saw DWE575 is a fantastic power saw tool that is a mesh of optimum power, high-speed cutting, accuracy, and brilliant optimization. While it may not be the most strengthened motor currently, it’s a perfect one for everyone.

In our DeWalt DWE575 review, we were particularly satisfied with its ability to provide smooth and intricate cuts under all conditions. Also, we found its endurance one of the highest at present, thanks to its rugged aluminum base.

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