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Bosch CS10 Circular Saw Review – An In-depth Buyer’s Guide

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 22, 2024

What does a craftsman anticipate from a high-quality circular saw? Maybe it’s the accuracy or easiness at work or the increased motor power along with the proper visibility. And if you want everything of these features in a single power tool, then look no ardent further to the Bosch CS10 circular saw.

This saw has a 15Amp motor and versatility that makes most saws jealous of it. And in this Bosch CS10 review, we will investigate its benefits, flaws as well as worthiness of its huge hype among consumers.

An In-depth Review about Bosch CS10 Circular Saw

Bosch CS10 Circular Saw Review

Bosch is a legendary German power tool manufacturer, and they brought this mid-range circular saw at the disposal of woodworkers to improve their craftsmanship.

So, let’s see will the circular saw meet your requirements or fall short in this Bosch circular saw review.

Technical features

Power Motor and Optimal RPM

One of the most essential and selling points of any circular saw is its power-producing capacity. And when it comes to strength, Bosch Circular Saw CS 10 has plenty of this power. It equips with a 15Amp engine that will favour the most DIY workers and to some professionals even.

On top of the sheet power, Bosch CS 10 also comes with a 5800 RPM speed. Some may speak that it’s a little insufficient compared to the industry-leading ones, especially with fantastic caliber. Yet, the power pack motor and optimal rotary speed cooperate perfectly to make it one of the stealthiest and suitable circular saws for everyone, from homeowners to expert artisans.

Bevelling Capacity

The Bosch power saw with 15Amp Motor can perform intricate bevel cuts at 56°, which is a perfect match to the industry standard. It can also cut at the mid 45° and 22.5° angle when it comes to the bevel cuttings.

And the regular straight cut facility helps you achieve pleasing results.

Carbide Blade

The blade of this Bosch electric circular saw is made of carbide with powder coating to withstand every wear and tear and help you cut a variety of materials. It includes wood, plywood, plastics, and even some soft metals. Also, the blade offers you different cutting ranges.

You can perform straight cuts with 2-7/16 inches thickness to achieve the desired result every time. And the blade endurance permits you to try it on a variety of materials and gives you freedom at work.

Unprecedented Endurance and Lightweight Construction

Bosch CS10 Circular Saw Review

The Bosch CS 10 circular saw is one of the best power tools when it comes to endurance. The saw base is made of magnesium. So, workers may expect accuracy and endurance together from the saw. Additionally, the Bosch circular saw guide features a remarkable anti-snag technology to make cutting sessions a breeze.

It also safeguards the blade and helps you get a long-lasting service. Another selling point of this iconic saw is its lightweight construction that is partly the result of its magnesium footplate. The saw weighs only 10.2 lbs and makes it one of the lightest circular saws present in the industry. So, you feel less fatigued as opposed to carrying a heavier circular saw during work time and transportation.

Dust Blower

You will commonly see the dust blower as an integral part of the high-end circular saws. Surprisingly, with mid-range pricing, this Bosch power also has a quality sawdust collection system in the form of the dust blower.

What’s more, the dust blower is increasingly easy to operate and captivates workers’ eyes with a neat and clean space. So, no wonder why artisans love using the power saw for different project completion.

The pricing

During our Bosch CS 10 review, we were particularly delighted with the competitive pricing of this remarkable saw. You profoundly rest assured to get the best value for every penny spent on this circular saw.

When we compared its pricing with the DeWalt DWE575, and Makita XSS02Z, we found its price tag even more praiseworthy. It comes with a 15Amp motor and a maximum of 5800 RPM to generate the best possible torque for accuracy and sharpness at works. So, you feel robbed with its pricing instead of chances are that you consider the budget a win for you.

Experts Review on Bosch circular saw CS10

The circular saw has been in the center of ardent attention from experts due to its high selling point and fantastic features. Accordingly, experts have placed their valuable reviews on it.

One of the reviewers is Peter Lynn. He praised its increasing visibility without any obstacles and loved the bevel cutting capacity. However, he was not satisfied with the front construct and told it needs fixing.

Another popular reviewer, Woodwork Boss, came up with a detailed positive review of CS10. They liked its lightweight construction but had negative remarks on its unstable base, likewise Penny.


  • Ten pounds of lightweight design and ergonomics help easy portability
  • The 15Amp motor is built rugged and stealthy for versatility
  • The saw provides unobstructed and maximum visibility to the cut lines for accuracy
  • A wrench is included in the package for easy change of the standard 7-1/4 blade
  • The lower guard prevents snags, and the depth gauge ensures accuracy at cuts

  • It lacks a shallow cutting capacity
  • The base isn’t very stable
  • You will find problems with squaring

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Bosch CS 10 have a blade guide included in the package?

Ans: No, sadly, Bosch CS 10 doesn’t come with an integrated blade guide for module safety. Nonetheless, you can use a universal blade guide for the purpose.

Does Do Bosch provide any carrying bag with CS 10?

Ans: Yes, Bosch is generous enough to provide a good-quality carrying bag with the fantastic circular saw. The bag is large enough to house the saw, one extra blade as well as the wrench to change the blade in times of emergency.

What is the blade specification of the saw?

Ans: The blade depth is 7-1/4” and has 24 sharp teeth for accurate and smooth cuts.

Why Should You Buy it?

Bosch CS10 Review

Bosch CS10 review revealed its classic features and performance-stalked identity to us. The power saw is favorable to tho who want accuracy and smoothness at work. Its high torque means it will cuts different materials more effectively than most other saws of its kind.

Also, the circular saw is a must-have for those who look for a lightweight cutting and shaping tool to avoid hand-fatigue during the long working hours. And add it’d pricing to get the true answer as to why you should ardently buy it!

It’s still not late.



Bosch CS 10 circular saw is a brilliant addition to the market. It has a remodeled and stealthy motor, higher torque compared to former models, and fast cutting capacity. So, it indeed gives the selling points a considerable kick, when it comes to performance.

During the Bosch CS10 review, we loved its lightweight and easy portability, thanks to its 10.2 lbs weight. However, it has a slight stability issues ar the front. And once you fix it, the Bosch CS10 circular saw waits eagerly to surpass your expectations in terms of performance, endurance, and every other sector you may think about really.

So, we end our detailed review to recommend the power saw both for professionals, homeowners, and DIYers alike.

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