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Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw – Which One’s Perfect for You?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 11, 2024

corded vs cordless circular sawHello, welcome to you all in today’s interesting debate, a debate that has been going over many-many years and still hasn’t been resolved. Yes, you guessed it right. We are going to see which power tool is right for you- corded vs cordless circular saw

In general, a circular saw is an excellent carpeting tool that artisans have been using for decades now to accomplish intricate cuts and shaping timbers. These circular saws are available in two forms- corded and cordless.  Each works brilliantly in its sector.

However, depending on the particular usage, both can be effective for the carpenters. So, today we will dig deep into the fact to see which one is ideal for what type of woodworks and also which one is preferable.

Shall we start then?

Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw: An in-depth Discussion

Corded Circular Saw

As the name suggests, these are circular saws that operate with a cord. The cord is connected with an electrical source. It supplies the power to the saw to cut through almost anything from giant logs to hard metal.

People mostly like the corded circular saw because of its easy maintenance, user-friendly operation, and sheer power. Moreover, corded circular saws come with larger blades that enable it to pierce through even the sturdiest metal.

corded circular saw


Extreme strength: Corded circular saws operate with direct electrical power. It enables the saw to generate more working strength while cutting materials. What’s more, the power generation remains constant throughout the entire working time.

Also, the corded circular saws are meant to perform the heavy-duty task. So, they bring more power at work, which allows you to accomplish even the hardest cutting job with convenience.

Ideal blades:  Most corded circular saws come with large blades measuring about 7.25 inches. Larger blade means it will reach far from the saw axis and also will move faster. It allows the blade to cut through large timbers.

Hence, the corded device is perfect for tough DIY and contract projects such as continuous woodcutting, masonry, and metal cutting.

Replacement tools not necessary: One of the most convenient advantages of having a corded saw is that you won’t need any replacement tools. Also, it comes ready for operation so that you won’t need any rigid assembly as well.

Superior performance: Corded saws are made for heavy-duty cutting jobs. It gives the power tool a distinctive edge when it comes to cordless vs corded circular saw. Moreover, operating a corded saw is hassle-free that adds to its tally.


Limited reach: Since the corded circular saw is connected with an electrical source, it can’t reach everywhere. Also, due to the cord users’ movement gets limited, which interferes with the overall efficiency during projects.

No electricity, no operation: Once the power is gone, you will have to stand still and wait when the power comes back with corded saws.

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Cordless Circular Saw

In modern workshops and homes, cordless circular saws are extremely popular. Since they operate with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and doesn’t require cords, the saw is suitable for working both in open and congested space.

cordless circular saw


Convenience: The best part of these saws is the premium convenience at work. Although the saw lacks the power of corded ones, they make it up with their user-friendly interface. These saws are also lightweight. So, you can carry it anywhere. Moreover, you won’t need to look for electricity and power source with the cordless ones.

Safe operation: Cordless circular saw comes with small teeth. The smaller teeth man that even if you mishandle the saw, these teeth won’t harm you much. Also, without the cord, it won’t lack your movement. The cordless operation also ensures that you won’t fall while tangling with the wire. Hence, the cordless circular saw is safer and easy to operate than the corded ones.

Time-saving tool: With cordless power tool, you won’t need to meander around looking for a power socket to get-go. Just push the on button, and you can kick off your project. Also, you won’t have to stop work on electricity cut-offs.


Limited operational time: Cordless circular saw operates with a battery. And even the most capable battery won’t last more than a few hours. So, with cordless ones, you will get a limited working hour’.

Lacks power: The most prominent disadvantage of the cordless circular saw is its limited power. Batteries can’t generate as much power as the electric ones, so these are not ideal for large projects and hard metals as well.

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Final Words

It’s tough to select one when it comes to corded vs cordless circular saw. Both are effective and high-performing. Also, the two are made for accomplishing different jobs. So, we can only rest the decision on your requirements.

But here’s our pick- for a large project and sturdy metal and woodworking task, the corded circular saw is better with increased power. On the contrary, for homeowners as well as congested areas, the cordless circular saw is preferable with long-distance working ability.

Now, choose wisely.

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