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How to Cut Granite with A Circular Saw – 7 Easy Steps

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

If you want to spice things up in your life, start redecorating, changing your house environment slightly. Adding Granite to your kitchen and bathroom will bring an elegant and relaxing touch to your life.

Moreover, Granite is the most functional, affordable, and reliable choice for your home redecorating project. Home remodeling can be quite expensive if you hire professional workers, but you will save a lot of money if you do it yourself. So, roll up your sleeves because I will teach you how to cut granite with a circular saw.

Instructions on Cutting Granite with A Circular Saw

cutting granite with a circular saw

You will need a few decent tools if you want to cut Granite. Keep in mind that Granite is a dense and quite rigid material. You will have to possess proper tools and cutting techniques to get clean satisfactory cuts.

Required Tools

Circular Saw

A circular saw is the perfect power tool for this job. Always use diamond-equipped blades to cut granite. It will possess the proper strength to cut through the dense granite. A dry saw might trouble you with too much dust. I would recommend using a wet saw.


Granite dust is irritating and will cause pain if they get into your eyes. To save your eyes, you should always wear safety goggles.


Granite dust is quite harmful to your breathing system. To avoid inhaling any dust particles, wear a proper safety mask.


Cutting granite with a circular saw is going to be quite noisy. To avoid irritating and torturing your eardrums, always wear earmuffs.

Measuring tape 

To get the perfect measurements and to draw straight lines, always use a measuring tape or ruler. It’s a must-have for your arsenal. You can put your money on a painter’s tape; it is effortless to use.


To create a visual guide, always draw bold and noticeable lines with markers.

Clamps and Workbench 

You would need clamps to stabilize the Granite piece while cutting.  It will give it firm stability without ruining the Granite surface. C-clamp would be perfect for the job. Any workbench will do; just make sure it’s stable. Don’t use any bench which will start moving with just a push.


After cutting the granite, an angle grinder will surely come in handy if you see any rough edges.  It will smooth the ragged edge, giving you an elegant finish.

After knowing and getting all the necessary equipment, without further delay, let’s move towards the cutting procedure.

Step 1: Putting the Safety Gear on

Before starting the cutting process, please put on all the safety gears. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2: Set Up and Stabilize

Now place the Granite onto the workbench and use clamps to keep it stabilized. Put a clamp at every few feet for better stability. Don’t worry; the clamping won’t put any scratch on the granite surface.

Step 3: Taking Measurements

Try your best to get accurate measurements. Use the scale to mark dimensions. After it’s done, put painter’s tape to the cutting area. Now use the marker to draw a bold and visible line.

Step 4: Preparing the Saw

Set the diamond-equipped blades to the circular saw. Don’t use any regular blade; it won’t have the proper strength to cut through the dense granite. You should use a wet saw to avoid excessive dust and system overheating.

Step 5: Slicing the Granite

Now let’s begin the cutting process. First of all, stand to the side, keep a firm grip on the circular saw. Hold the saw with both hands and give it a gentle push along the drawn line. My words may sound a bit commanding, but I have seen so many people messing up things just because they weren’t careful with the saw.

Standing to the side and keeping a firm grip is basically for safety reasons, but people find weird ways to stand and do goofy things. Please don’t force it; you will surely mess up the entire project if you lose your patience.

While cutting granite, if you are using a dry saw, you would need a partner to spray water onto the Granite. It will help you avoid overheating and excessive pressure buildup. I will always recommend a wet saw; its built-in spraying system will spray water onto the Granite surface and make the job a little bit easier for you.

Step 6: The Finishing Touch

Always keep your eyes on the blade and be careful handling the circular saw. After you are done with the cuts, Inspect the piece properly; if you are satisfied, you can repeat the same procedure. However, if you aren’t convinced with the cuts, you should stop.

Check where you messed up; it is always the silly small errors that give annoying results. Perhaps the Granite’s stability is a little bit off; use a few more clamps if necessary.

Step 7: Polish the Rough Edges

Now use the angle grinder to smooth all the rough edges. You can get your desired shape with this power tool.

Final words

Cutting granite countertops is relatively easy if you know how to cut granite with a circular saw. Following the proper strategy, the process will be time-convenient and effortless.

It might take you a few short hours to set up and get the right cut, but once you catch up to it, it’s going to be easy as pie.

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