Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Cordless SawzallOur favourite cordless reciprocating saw were the models that can make the remolding properly. You can heavily use these models on your ranch, cutting old paling poles for lightweight pine, branching big trees. Here are the top picks for the cordless reciprocating saw of 2020.

And if you ready to buy the best cordless reciprocating saw, right now, you are in the right place. We will provide you with our full cordless reciprocating saw reviews.

Let’s start in detail!

Comparison of Our Favorites Cordless Reciprocating Saw in 2020

5 Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw Reviews of 2020

Here I’ve narrowed down them to five best cordless Sawzall that will satisfy you in so many ways.

1. Dewalt DCS387B 20-volt Max Compact Reciprocating Saw with Tool – Editor Choice

Dewalt DCS387B 20-volt Max Compact Reciprocating Saw with Tool

Main Features

  • Solid and graceful design
  • Fits between hoops and permits you to make slices in limited places
  • The blade clamp permits you to cut flush
  • Provides quicker cutting speed
  • Flexible Speed Trigger with up to 2900 spm
  • You can buy a battery and charger individually

The Dewalt DCS387B 20-volt max compact reciprocating saw is one of the best out there among its types. This is handheld Sawzall is lightweight and compact design would let you make cuts in limited spaces. It delivers fast and efficient cuts with its 1-1.8” stroke extent and variable speed trigger, which makes it up to 2900 strokes per minute.

You can easily change blades for different applications with its keyless, 4-position blade clamp. Another exceptional feature of this Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw is the LED light that would help you operate in darker work areas. It includes the battery as well as the charger in the package. You can use any of the 20V battery in this Dewalt cordless Sawzall.

In Contrast, this is a fantastic tool for lightweight tasks and even for some heavyweights too. With the great features, this saw can help you operate different types of cuts at a fast rate and efficiently.

What We Like:

  • Well-organized and powerful tools
  • Batteries are great
  • Very lighter in weight
  • You can hold up in small places
  • Saw blades are remarkable
  • Easy to Handle
What We don't Like

  • Vibration is not up to the mark
  • Lacking torque
  • Doesn't protected the blade

TIPS- You can use this model for gardening. They work seamlessly for a person who drives a chain saw so rarely. Besides, you can cut metal with these blades as it should be. We think wood might be fine as well, but you may have an additional tool for that.

2. Makita XRJ04Z Cordless Recipro Saw – Premium Pick

Makita XRJ04Z Cordless Recipro Saw

Main Features

  • The adjustable motor delivers up to 2800 spm
  • You can faster install and remove the blade efficiency
  • Adaptable speed trigger will add handiness
  • Solid and powerful design
  • The battery is not included for compact operator weakness

This Makita cordless reciprocating saw has been considered as one of the most efficient of cordless reciprocating saws. Its convenient features are people-pleasing by making it work at a faster rate. It enhances the cutting quality and performance with its long 1-1/4” stroke.

This battery Sawzall includes some great unique features including a two-finger trigger, electric brake to handle it easily and get the best performance of sawing and cutting. You can enjoy easy and quick adjustability and flexibility in installing and removing the blade with the “tool-less” system.

This Makita cordless Sawzall is powered by industry’s fastest charging 18V lithium-ion batteries which will allow you to remain in one single battery platform. It is enabled with quick and fast charging capability to reduce the interval of the charging batteries which allows you fast cutting according to your requirement for long hours without requiring you to charge repeatedly.

What We Like

  • Handy tools for gardening
  • Considerably stress-free to move
  • This model is not excessively heavy
  • You can install and swap the blade is easily
  • The exchangeable battery structure is pretty smart
  • Very quiet and long-lasting
What We don't Like

  • The product manual is not up to the mark
  • Sometimes the delivery box comes damaged
  • Some reviewers complain about the battery life

TIPS- You can buy this cordless reciprocal saw not only for its regular everyday use but also to cut and district elk. These tools are very manageable for your gardening remarkably. It does run through batteries a little fast. Overall We will recommend you buy this model.

3. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2620-20 – Best Cordless Sawzall for the Money

 Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2620-20 cordless reciprocating saw

Main Features

  • Includes Tool only, the battery is not built-in
  • The clutch supports cover the saw lifespan
  • The blade clamp permits you to take away and exchange blades without any tool simply
  • Displays the battery run-time perfectly
  • The adjustable speed trigger allows matching the suitable speed

This Milwaukee cordless reciprocating saw is one of the best cordless reciprocating saws in the market. This Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2620-20 M18 features an 18-volt battery that will deliver you ample power. With a fully charged battery, it can be used for longer periods. Its proprietary gear protecting clutch with this tool which will minimize the resistance that causes overheating. Its motor is extremely powerful that allows up to 3200 strokes per minute to help you with various applications.

The variable speed trigger will help you adjust the speed and also achieve a finer cut. An amazing feature of this tool is the on-board battery gauge. While using, you can always be alerted on the offered power. So you will be able to know on time when to change the battery. This Milwaukee Sawzall 2620-20  features QUIK-LOK blade clamping system which makes blade changing easier and convenient for you.

Overall Milwaukee cordless Sawzall is a top notch gear with a soft and smooth grip handle. Its unique and improvised design makes it one the greatest saw for lighter and medium applications.

What We Like

  • This model is a high-quality tool
  • Battery life is great
  • Decent balance and comfortable grip
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Provide necessary torque for every wood cutting job
  • Cordless and smart design
What We don't Like

  • Slightly heavy for such overhead cutting
  • The design of the lock is terrible
  • batteries burn out fast

TIPS- This model provides you excellent use for pruning and cutting down little trees. Their battery life not up to the mark, but this cordless reciprocating saw is simple to handle and organizes a decent cutting job.

4. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C Battery Powered Reciprocating Saw

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20v max reciprocating saw

Main Features

  • Adjustable speed produce for better control
  • Comes with swivelling shoe for improved resistance
  • Includes Tool-free blade change system

The BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20v max reciprocating saw is one of its kinds with versatility and unique features. This lightweight reciprocating saw has a powerful 3000spm motor that can be controlled with a variable speed trigger. The blade can be changed simply without any tools to provide you quicker and less daunting performance. It also includes an adjusting pivoting shoe that offers enhanced control.

This Black+Decker BDCR20C is very light in weight which increases the control and handling of the tool without any complication reducing stress over your hands when you have to work for long hours with it. Unlike other tools, it does not generate any vibration, rather it includes a dampening technology to reduce the vibration while operating it for great comfort and flexibility. Its maximum initial battery voltage is 20V which delivers as much as 30-percent more work output. It’s designed to operate efficiently even at extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Overall this cheap cordless reciprocating saw will provide you with a fantastic experience with all of its powerful features. And most importantly, it comes with a battery and a charger which will save your work to some extent.

What We Like

  • They provide perfect packaging and fast delivery
  • Great value for money
  • Very easy to use
  • Lighter in weight
  • Longer battery lasting
  • Adjustable speed control is useful
What We don't Like

  • The instruction manual is not up to the mark
  • Vibration is a significant problem
  • Battery life is poor

TIPS- This cheap cordless Sawzall model is very simple to use, well-made cutting saw as well. The adjustable speed is perfect and fast, you don’t require any tool. The manufacturer offers a very confident price for this model; it will exceed your expectations when you are cutting tree branches.

5. Porter Cable Cordless Reciprocating Saw (PCC670B)

Porter Cable cordless reciprocating saw (PCC670B)

Main Features

  • Excellent Performance Drivetrain provides 1-inch stroke size and up to 3000 SPM
  • Robust design permits this instrument to range close-fitting places
  • Includes Tool-free blade change system
  • Flexible speed provides for improved control

Finally, in our list of the best cordless Sawzall reviews is the Porter Cable PCC670B. This Porter Cable cordless reciprocating saw is a quite handy saw with its lightweight and compact design. The design makes it only 14.5” at length that helps you reach tight spaces.

An incredible high-performance drive-train motor delivers 1” stroke and an astonishing 0-3000 spm that will allow you to have aggression cutting speed. You can have the luxury to change blades easily and quickly with its easy blade release feature. While the pivot-shoe helps you to keep in contact with the material, you will be able to enjoy more control over cutting different materials with the help of a variable speed trigger.

What We Like

  • Best device for non-professionals
  • Design is undoubtedly a bit youthful
  • Price is economical compare to other brands
  • Long-lasting machine includes proper speed
  • Sturdy construction and top quality
  • They provide excellent Customer support and fast shipping
What We don't Like

  • Blade changing of this tool is not an easy task
  • Doesn't come with battery or charge
  • Again the blade is slightly sloppy
  • Sometimes it might break after a few use

TIPS- This Porter Cable cordless Sawzall model is an awesome tool. They are great, safe, soundless, and strongly assembled. The manufacturer ensures the highest quality of this model. We are very happy with the model, highly recommended!

Cordless Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

Cordless Reciprocating Saw Reviews

A cordless reciprocating saw is the most multipurpose and useful power tool you have ever seen. These power tools can cut almost every construction thing. But then again they are also perfect for pruning trees.

Nowadays, you might use a regular cordless reciprocating saw blade to prune tree branches, but you will find much bigger outcomes if you are using a trimming blade. Of course, cordless reciprocating saw blade has a standard shank which is consistent to fit all type of cordless reciprocating saws. You will cut through wood and plyboard without any difficulties using a traditional purpose edge with the tool.

You will get a lot of cordless reciprocating saw models based on famous brands, good quality, proper performances, features, and all that. If you are looking for a battery-powered Sawzall, you should go for rechargeable and portable part. It generally depends on the essential features that provide you with similar performance for a long time. No matter which model you choose, don’t forget to consider these following tips I’ve listed below:

Sufficient Power: First Thing To Look

If you require you reciprocating saw for dense and heavy use of cutting, you will require the one with a powerful motor. The model with a mighty motor will permit you to cut through all the things with great strength and stability. It depends mostly on what type of jobs you plan to do with it.

It’s better to search for the models with the powerful motor delivering more power, which offers you a wind range of uses.

Adjustable Power Settings: Next Thing To Watch

Most of the time, an adjustable power setting is the most vital feature that you should be very alert while you are buying your one. You need to choose the perfect model to provide you with easy and quick adjustability. Then you don’t have to go through a complicated process.

If you need faster and precise cutting, you need to choose a model with the fastest setting. Sometimes you might require a lower setting. When you can select these settings manually, change the adjustability fast, and efficiently, then you get the flexibility of cutting, slashing according to your preference.

Battery Power: Effective Feature

cordless Sawzall reviews

As these cordless reciprocating models run only on the batteries, battery power is a significant issue. While you are working on a big project, you always want to keep enough charge on the saw that they never stop on the halfway of your job.

You should select the model that includes a powerful battery to allow you to operate at its full capacity and hold a charge for a sufficient amount of time. It should also come with a fast-charging feature so that you don’t have to wait for long.

Most of the famous brands sell cordless reciprocating saw with battery and charger altogether in a compact package. You can buy additional batteries independently for long term use without needing to charge between working.

Size And Weight: Don’t Forget To Check

You need to hold the cordless Sawzall properly every time while you are doing your job. Therefore, weight is another crucial factor. The weight of the saw depends on where you are going to use your saw. If you can rest it on a little while operating with it, you should go for the models with a bit heavy.

If you research correctly, you will notice most of the lightweight models don’t offer much flexibility and variance in performance. If you are looking for a model for single or temporary tasks you can go with the mini reciprocating saw. But if you are seeking a saw with extremely powerful motor and capacity with lots of adjustability and features, you have to cut some slack at that time. Besides, you should keep your eyes on the size of the saw, remembering about the space you will be working on.

Blade Changing: Important Feature

Cordless reciprocating saw Blade

You must look for the best cordless reciprocating saws with easy adjustability of the blades. Depending on where you will use the battery reciprocating saw, you should know the blade is functioning correctly.

Some of them go together with clamps for easy release of the blades. You can use multiple sizes of blades in your saw. Never forget to contact your dealer and check the product description carefully.

You never wish your blade to go blunt or break in the middle of the job. For precise and accurate cutting, the blades need to remain sharp. You should look for the models where you can change blades of other models, size, quickly to get your job done.

Proper Budget: Most Important Aspect To Consider

In the end, you need to settle the necessary budget before going into the tools shop. This preparation will support you in setting the specific models with the aim that you don’t get stunned by the number of brands.

If you are a devoted worker, the proper price range may provide you with a better choice. Besides, the price of this type of saw is dependent on the top brand or product condition you’re looking for.

Comfort: Additional Feature

Most of the beginners ignore this feature while they are purchasing a power tool, thinking it is not the biggest issue. However, when you are working for long hours with your instrument, you will realize how much it relieves you; prevent stressing your hands out. You should look for the model that offers you a good grip on the handle.

The manufacturer designs the handles with tremendous and comfortable molded rubber grip. Some of the models also come with vibration dampeners that offer a solid grip to keep things stable.

Construction: Last But Not Least

While deciding on an excellent deal, you need to aware that it comes in an outstanding construction. If you require additional durability, you have to choose a compact and lightweight design.

On the other hand, if you would like convenience, that’s what most of the professional workers search for, choose variable speed trigger for better support. Usually, these saws are designed for standard construction or house repairing.

Safety Tips

Cordless Sawzall Safety tips

You might feel you have the perfect cordless reciprocating saw only while you have the model that meets your purpose according to your preference. You can buy the best tool going through the reviews, but it won’t serve you for long.

If you don’t maintain the safety instruction properly, you must go to face in trouble. Everybody should follow the safety tips, no matter you are a beginner or an expert.

After you have gone through all the details and information of the tool you bought, you should check the accessories along with it.

As you need to cut different materials, you should not get in the way of cutting. You should always wear protective gear, including dust masks, safety goggles, gloves, ear covers, proper shoes, etc. while you are operating the saw. You should never wear loose clothing; leave your hair hanging while using the saw. Otherwise, it might get stuck, and you can be seriously injured if you are not careful enough.

  • You should have clear visibility while operating the saw so that you can get precise and accurate cuts. Any destruction may lead to injuries.
  • If you want to save from danger, you must keep your hands and feet away from the blade.
  • Go for the model that comes with great triggers and adjustability so that you can quickly stop the blade spinning using the trigger.
  • The grip should be firm and offer exceptional control in any weather to prevent slipping it away from hand.
  • All of the power tools come with proper maintenance instruction. To increase the durability, strength, and performance, you’ll require taking adequate maintenance of your instrument.
  • Make sure you switch off your small reciprocating saw each time while removing the batteries.
  • Before changing the blades, cleaning the machine, but you must also ensure you have switched it off.
  • If you don’t want to reduce your tool’s lifespan, durability, and functioning, I’ll suggest you not to put extreme force on your power tool. Or else, you might lose the balance of it.

Your reciprocating saw might produce sparks while cutting through metals or other hard materials. So keeping the flammable materials beside might result better. If you are cutting through indoor spaces, it might even result in a fire accident. So it is better to be careful to avoid this situation.

FAQS about Cordless Reciprocating Saw

What is the Best Cordless Sawzall?

Ans. According to my point, DEWALT 20V Max Reciprocating Saw is the best one I have ever seen. This model is a fantastic saw. If you buy it, you will enjoy taking down and cutting into convenient pieces the old tree in your patio. This model cut through the wood with ease.

Are Cordless Reciprocating Saws Any Good?

Ans. These cordless models compete perfectly against products in the upper class and still beat most of them in cutting jobs. The cordless feature will trip you up; they are more useful tools to practice for pulling down work. Not every other saw in this 15-amp class contest on an as higher level.

Should I Buy a Corded or Cordless Reciprocating Saw?

Ans. The best part of these corded reciprocating saw is that they’re curving up to a constant power source; therefore, they certainly not run out of power. On the other hand, the corded reciprocating saw will more or less capable of offering better spin than a cordless reciprocating saw carrying out a similar function.

Is Reciprocating Saw Dangerous to Use?

Ans. As I already have told reciprocating saws are not much familiar, so people mistook it for a complicated tool. But in reality, It a great handy tool that you must handle with care. But you must ensure you follow the manuals and instructions of using it rightly to get the efficient result. And always follow the safety precautions instructed in the details of the product.

Is Reciprocating Saw a Better Alternative for Sawing?

Ans. Though reciprocating saw is unfamiliar with most of the people, they are great handy and easy tools to use once you get through all the details. Most of the models are designed in a user-friendly way with easy and quick adjustability.

Final Words

If you read all this information properly, and our cordless reciprocating saw reviews, I’m sure that you can able to decide which model is the best cordless reciprocating saw for your job? On the other hand, you perhaps notice that finding the perfect cordless reciprocating saw isn’t about seeing the expensive saws or the largest models. You need to get the cordless reciprocating saw that fits perfectly into your job, nearly the extra fittings and mechanisms that you use for cutting purposes.

If you have any questions related to this cordless Sawzall reviews, please comment up below. Our expert will get back to you with proper answering.

Have a nice day!


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