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Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws 2024 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 21, 2024

Planning to buy a cordless reciprocating saw?

Randomly searching the market will be a great hassle. You will find saws of various qualities that will also have differences in features, strength, functionality, and so on.

Scanning through all these variations, differences and features will be a very time-consuming and tiring job. Besides all these, there is always a risk of choosing the bad ones.

To save you from all that exhausting work and help you find the finest one easily, I have made this review list with only the best cordless reciprocating saws. It won’t leave you with a chance of taking any wrong decision. Searching only among the finest ones you get only the best cordless Sawzall.

Our Top Picks

5 Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw Reviews in 2021

The lesser the number the more time you can give on each review. That’s why I have made the list short with exclusively 5 of the best cordless reciprocating saws and reviewed them impartially here.

1. DEWALT DCS367B 20V MAX XR Compact Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS367B 20V MAX XR Compact Reciprocating Saw

The first reciprocating saw to rank on the first position of the list is from the famous brand Dewalt. This Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw is one of a kind that you will find on the market. The standard maintaining saw will be a great help for your construction work.

Your comfort and convenience have been highly prioritized in terms of the structural design of the saw. The handle, position of the motor, the pivoting shoe, all are given such that you are facilitated from them. It has been constructed strategically to give you full control of the saw.

You will have a great time using the saw without any questions. Its lightweight body is the perfect handheld tool to be used for long working hours. No chance of wearing off. Its feather-like 5-pound body will give you the utmost comfort of use.

Speaking about strength, this 20V saw is one potential tool. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery and can deliver variable speeds. You can adjust the speed from the initial resting position to a massive 2900 SPM. The deeper the strokes go the faster get your cuts.

A very important addition to the saw is its LED light. You might not require it while working in a bright space. But it is very helpful for working in dark spots. When working inside cabinets or small spaces, you can get the space illuminated by the light.

Why did we pick it
    • Strategically designed body for providing you with the utmost comfort.
    • Very light in weight. Weighs merely 5 pounds. Can be used for long hours.
    • Has a variable speeding option up to 2900 SPM. Effective in fast cutting.
    • Includes a bright LED light feature. Can illuminate dark working spaces.

2. MILWAUKEE’S 2720-20 M18 Cordless Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

MILWAUKEE'S 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee took the game to the next level with this model of their reciprocating saw. Its power and working capability are unmatchable. It is way ahead of its competitors.

This reciprocating saw is one powerful cordless saw that genuinely has the potential of a corded one. Your construction work will gain huge momentum with its 3000 SPM capability. Its hardcore working ability can take you far from your expectation.

The saw runs on an exclusive power state brushless motor. Its brushless motor facilitates the saw immensely. Its friction-free high torque running capability gives it enormous power to generate high reciprocating speed.

A highlighting feature of this saw is its Redlink plus intelligence system. The inclusion of this smart technology enhances the performance of the saw manifold. It gives the saw protection from overloading. The smart interference works among the tool, battery, and charger. Through the process, it optimizes the operation and delivers the finest result.

It doesn’t only have technical benefits, but also includes additional advantageous features. One such example is its hanging hook. It might seem like a mere hook on the side but it is a valuable attachment.

When you are working on certain heights and you need to work hand-free, this hook will allow you to hang it from your jeans loop or other places. It can bear the total weight of the saw and help you free your hands to work.

Why did we pick it
    • Powerful cordless saw with a massive reciprocating speed of 3000 SPM.
    • Has a brushless motor. Gives frictionless performance and can last a long time.
    • Has a unique Redlink plus intelligence system to offer improved performance.
    • Includes a hanging hook. Allows working free-hand in times of need.

3. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit 

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

This Black + Decker is a budget-approved saw. You don’t have to count too much to get a hand on this saw. This cheap cordless Sawzall doesn’t lack in any respect. All your requirements can be fulfilled at an affordable price.

Easy functionality is extremely essential for any type of tool. This factor is given much importance in this saw. Anybody even without any prior knowledge can operate it. From changing the blade to running it, all the functions are super easy.

Its convenient switch lock blade fixing system is a must-talk feature of this saw. This facility makes the changing of the blade effortless. You do not have to move around with extra tools to take the blade out. Just pulling off the switch will help you take out the blade easily. You can simply change the blade on the go.

The compact structure with a light bodyweight makes it very convenient to use. To increase grip, the front head and its handle are overmolded with rubber. This gives a slip-free holding capability and better control of the saw.

Reciprocating saws need to have a front shoe to keep balance while working. This saw didn’t ignore the fact and includes a pivoting one. This gives you the chance to place the saw on your cutting material at a certain angle as you desire.

In this set, the saw comes with a blade, 20V lithium-ion battery, and charger. It’s unbelievable that at such a low price you can get that many components.

Being a part of the Black + Decker 20V max system, you can use this battery to power any other Black + Decker battery-operated tool.

Why did we pick it
    • Very straightforward operating system. Anybody can use the saw.
    • Tool-less blade changing system.
    • Has a pivoting front shoe to give proper balance while making cuts.
    • Comes in a set along with a 20V lithium-ion battery.

4. WORX WX550L 2-IN-1 Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw

WORX WX550L 2-IN-1 Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw

What could be better than getting facilities of 2 paying for 1? This Worx reciprocating saw is such a tool that will allow you to use it as both a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. And this magic happens by the virtue of its pivoting head.

The saw can efficiently work both as a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw one at a time. You can fulfill all your necessities of both just by this one saw. This comes in a set with a battery, charger, and 4 different types of blades.

You also have the flexibility of using blades from other brands whichever you require. Different blade options are given to assist you in cutting from wood to plastic to even metal.

All the strength for making successful cuts comes from the 20V lithium-ion 1.5Ah battery that it comes with. You can use this battery even on other Worx power share compatible tools. So, if you buy a bare tool from Worx, you can use the battery of this saw.

An important feature of this saw is its automatic dust blower. The blower is strategically placed just underneath the handle. As you keep cutting your required material, the blower blows away all the unnecessary sawdust that comes in the way of your cut.

Another such thoughtful inclusion is the LED light on the cutting head. It illuminates the cutting site and gives you a clearer view of your cuts. Thus, you can make accurate cuts in every attempt.

Why did we pick it
    • 2 in 1 reciprocating saw plus jigsaw. Can use either one just by turning the pivoting head.
    • Comes with 4 different types of blades and also has the flexibility of using blades from any brand.
    • Powered 20V 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery that can be used in other Worx power share compatible tools.
    • Has a dust blower facility that cleans all the sawdust from the way.

5. PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 20V MAX Battery Powered Reciprocating Saw

PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 20V MAX Battery Powered Reciprocating Saw

It is another budget maintaining reciprocating saw. At a little price, you will hit a jackpot. This proficient rechargeable reciprocating saw can give you far from what you expect.

This is a 20V reciprocating saw that can gain high blade speed to make successful cuts. Its variable speeding system allows you to adjust the speed as per your requirement. You can go up to 3000 SPM with this saw.

You can cut multiple materials with such speeding variations. It increases the control over the saw and helps you to make steady cuts. It can assist you in cutting through drywall, plywood, particleboard, MDF, and others.

For fast cutting, you need the blade to move long distances in one stroke, and you get that from this saw. This capable saw can go a massive 1 inch deep inside the material cutting per stroke.

To cut through various materials of various density you will be needing to change the blade. Each time changing the blade can be hassling for many saws but not this one. The saw has a tool-less blade changing facility. Just turn the blade and pull it out. The instructions are given on the blade itself. You don’t have to be a pro to do it.

The compact and small body of the saw gives you a huge facility. You can fit this tiny thing in any tight space without any problem. Either it’s a closed cupboard or small cabinet, you can work anywhere with it.

Why did we pick it
    • Affordable cordless recip saw that can deliver a massive blade speed of 3000 SPM.
    • Has a variable speeding facility. Gives more control over the saw.
    • Can make fast cuts with a massive stroke length of 1 inch.
    • Small compact lightweight body. Can fit small tight fit spaces to make successful cuts.

How to Choose a Perfect Reciprocating Saw

Buying any kind of tool is really a hard job. You need to check for various technical factors and then settle for one. I have mentioned here some of the important factors for reciprocating saws to make your search easy and help you find the finest one. These are the reciprocating saws shopping considerations professionals always suggest. Make sure you do not overlook them while making the final purchase.

Weight and Portability

Cordless Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Handheld tools are supposed to be light in weight and easy to handle. The more complexity faced in this context the harder it gets to work with that tool. That’s why weight and portability must be highly prioritized while buying such a tool.

A Reciprocating saw is such type of saw that is operated completely using a hand and needs to be carried around during the total session while working with it.

In this case, the heavyweight of the saw will be a huge drawback for it. Your hands will start aching and you will get tired easily. You won’t be able to complete your task properly.

In corded vs cordless reciprocating saw, the corded ones are usually lighter than the cordless ones. The cordless reciprocating saws have their battery attached to them which adds to the weight.

However, not all the battery reciprocating saw is heavy. The modern battery-operated reciprocating saws are manufactured strategically to have a lightweight body. All the saws of the above list are good examples of such an ideal lightweight reciprocating saw.

Thus, while making the purchase you should take a deeper look at the weight as this will have a great influence on your work.

Sidewise Oscillation

A reciprocating saw has quite a different working mechanism than other saws. Its blade moves in a reciprocating manner through the material to make a cut. The saw creates a lot of bouncing effect as it moves back and forth. In each attempt of piercing through the dense material, the saw faces a reaction force backward.

It is normal to face back and forth movements in a reciprocating saw. But the problem arises when the saw starts oscillating sidewise. The sidewise vibration hampers the accuracy and retards the cut. In short, such action compromises the effectiveness of the cut.


The speed of reciprocity of the saw must be known before you make the purchase. The speed of the blade for a reciprocating saw is measured as SPM, stroke per minute. That is the number of strokes the saw can have per minute. It is an important factor that influences the speed and effectiveness of cutting.

A common thing found in reciprocating saws is that you can adjust the blade speed. Such saws normally have a variable speeding facility. With the highest point being fixed, you can run the saw at any speed within the range.

Charging Battery

The battery-powered reciprocating saw generally needs its battery to be separated from the main tool to charge it. During that period the work has to be stopped. That’s why the batteries that can work longer hours per charge are the finest ones. Such batteries do not need to be charged frequently.

Different branded reciprocating saws have differences in terms of how long the battery can work per charge. They are built likewise with differences in their strength.

Again, an important aspect that influences the factor of battery charge is the saw’s motor. The motor is the core component that takes in the energy from the battery to generate power for the saw.

Now, if the motor is not an efficient one, it will waste a lot of energy from the battery. Such an inefficient motor can create overloading issues or might have overheating problems. These issues drain the energy of the battery really quickly and put the battery in a position where it needs to be charged again.

Thus, these key factors should not be ignored to have a saw with a longer run time.

Handling Facility

cordless Sawzall reviews

The technique of handling doesn’t solely rely on how you can manage but also on the fact of how much the saw can provide. The saw must have enough handling facilities to make it easy for you.

The most common form of handling facility is the presence of rubber covering on the handle and the main body. This helps in increasing the grip. You can have a slip-free working experience with such an addition. Your grasp becomes firm and you get greater control over the saw.

Other aspects include the structural design of the saw. The saw structure must be user-friendly. It should make handling the saw 100% effortless.

FAQs about Cordless Sawzall

Let’s now focus on some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. These common FAQs will help you decide what and why to choose a cordless reciprocating saw from the above list.

Does cordless reciprocating saw remain heavier than the corded ones?

Ans. The cordless reciprocating saw comes with a battery. It remains attached to it during work.

On the other hand, the corded one does not require such additional attachment. Considering it, the corded reciprocating saw remains lighter than the cordless one.

However, the difference between the weights is not too much. The modern cordless reciprocating saws are manufactured with light construction material. They do not gain much weight and thus do not make it hard to carry.

Can I cut wood effectively with cordless reciprocating saws?

Ans. Sure, you can cut through wood with a battery-powered reciprocating saw. The greatest part about using a reciprocating saw is that you can even do that vertically.

If the lumber that you are working is nailed somewhere, you can still manage to work on it using a reciprocating saw.

What facilities do I get from a cordless reciprocating saw over a corded one?

Ans. Cordless reciprocating saws are battery-powered tools. The finest facility that you can find from a battery-powered Sawzall is that you would not be shackled in a place.

You have the full freedom of moving around with your saw. You can take it anywhere you require without having to search for a power socket or power board.

Also, you won’t have to face any problems regarding cord tangling. You can work freely without getting annoyed due to such issues that you may normally find while working with a corded one.

Final Verdict

As you made it to the end, I hope you have a clear idea about the key characteristics of the best cordless reciprocating saws. At this stage, it will be much easier for you to make your decision.

No matter which reciprocating saw you choose, you don’t have the chance to get a bad one. Each of the saws of this cordless reciprocating saw review list is standard maintaining and quality ensured. All the saws had high reviews based on their strength, functionality, portability, and other important aspects.

Even though it’s hard to rank these best cordless Sawzall, but there is always one that stands out from others. 

Among all, the finest one on this list is Milwaukee SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw (2720-20 M18). No matter from which aspect you judge this saw, it shines in every way!

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