Best Reciprocating Saws 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Reciprocating SawCutting through several types of materials is a necessity for any kind of demolition job. Even so, the job is never easy, but it can be done. If you need the best results possible, you should get the right tools for the job.

In my experience, working with the best reciprocating saw is the most advisable thing to do. These types of saws will often tackle whatever it is you throw on its way. They are specially designed to work on rugged environments and make work easy.

The saws have better gear protection. They also absorb high impact forces and give a powerful cut for any cutting project. Their ease of operation is a darling of many, and that’s the sole reason they are common today.

Let me show you some of the best reciprocating saw reviews. I hope that by the end of the reports you should quickly pick your perfect saw too.

A Comparison of Our Favorite Picks:

Image Description
Best Choice
DEWALT DCS380B (Editor Rating: 4.8/5)
Premium Pick
Milwaukee 6519-31 (Editor Rating: 4.7/5)
PORTER-CABLE PCC670B (Editor Rating: 4.7/5)
Makita JR3050T (Editor Rating: 4.6/5)

10 Best Reciprocating Saws Reviews of 2020-

1. DEWALT DCS380B Reciprocating Saw – Best Choice

DEWALT DCS380B Reciprocating Saw

The DEWALT DCS380B 20V is one of the best reciprocating saw that you can find in the market today.

The saw uses features a patented 4-Position blade clamp. The blade clamp allows the user to flush cut the materials easily. It also enables an increased positional versatility using the tool-free blade adjustments.

Even so, I love this reciprocating blade because of its 1-1/8″ stroke length. The length delivers a faster cutting experience. It also leaves you with several speed triggers. t will provide between 0 and 3000 spm (strokes per minute), which leaves you with one of the most excellent blade controls.This blade control also results in faster cutting speed. Nonetheless, many users love this Dewalt brand because of its pivoting adjustable shoe.

The shoe extends the blade life and also enables the user to achieve a better depth of cut and control. And what makes the experience better is the rubberized molding over the handle, which provides a comfortable grip.

It also delivers easy control and faster working ability. The saw also features the double oil sealing shaft that resists any kind of contamination.

The shaft is good at increasing the saw durability and also the battery life. One thing that you have to know is this, while the saw is versatile, the Lithium-ion battery sold separately and you must spend an extra dollar on it.


  • Perfect Clamp: 4-Position blade clamp
  • Flush Cutting: flush cut the materials easily
  • Flexibility: increased positional versatility
  • Fast Cutting: 3000 SPM (strokes per minute)
  • Adjustable Shoe: pivoting adjustable shoe
  • Better Cut: 1-1/8″ stroke length
  • Safe Grip: Rubberized Molding Handle

  • No Battery: The Lithium Battery Sold Separately

2. Milwaukee 6519-31 Corded Sawzall – Premium Pick

Milwaukee 6519-31 Corded Sawzall

Another versatile best reciprocating saw is the Milwaukee 6519-31. The 6519-31 Sawzall is an easy model to use.

It delivers one of the perfect cutting speed, durability, and also power. The saw has 0-3,000 strokes per minute and will make your work faster and easy all the way through.

Like the other model that we just saw, Milwaukee 6519-31 also comes with a 1-1/8-inch stroke length. The stroke length is a better way of boosting the cutting speed.

The saw rides on the 12 Amp motor, which is a very good way of also getting the required power to start or power up the saw.

When I looked at this saw, the one thing that I loved about it was the protecting clutch around the gear. The protecting clutch helps to extend the gear and motor life. It absorbs the high impact forces.

In addition to that, the saw also features a patented QUIK-LOK blade clamp technology. The technology is unique and offers the fastest tool-free blade adjustments and changes.

However, to provide even greater comfort, this saw focuses on the counterweighted mechanism. It is a technology that helps to reduce vibration so that you can have a smoother operation.

On the grip is a redesigned front handling area that also provides awesome ergonomics and easy control of the blade.


  • Perfect Cut Length: 1-1/8-Inch stroke length
  • Powerful Motor: 12 Amp motor
  • Fast Speed: 0-3,000 strokes per minute
  • Safety Lock: QUIK-LOK blade clamp technology
  • Easy Adjustments: tool-free blade adjustments
  • Minimal Vibrations: Weighted Mechanism

  • Pricey: Costs slightly more compared to regular saws

3. PORTER-CABLE PCC670B – Best Reciprocating Saw for Money


While the similarities of this saw to the other reciprocating saws that we have seen is clear, it has its unique pros and cons.

For starters, the PORTER-CABLE PCC670B is a powerful saw. It features a higher performance drivetrain, which enables the user to enjoy the better speed of cut.

The saw is able to deliver 1″ stroke length, which is as good and efficient for anyone who is running a home-based workshop.

Nonetheless, the SPM is higher and sits at 0-3,000 same as the one you will get when you use the top models that we have. The SPM capacity is highly reliable and will leave you with an aggressive cut speed too.

One thing that I noticed about this saw is its compact design. The design will allow you to use the tool in hard to reach spaces. It also makes packing and transportation of this reciprocating tool an easy task.

At only 14.5″ in full length, this saw has the tool-free blade release system, which enables the user to enjoy one of the fastest and easiest blade changes.

In addition to that is the variable-speed trigger, which provides additional control you can use to cut several materials.

Its pivoting shoe also helps you to keep constant contact so that the material you are cutting is always in place.

Thankfully, this saw has the contoured molding over the handle that is designed to increase comfort. Unfortunately, the 20V Max battery is sold separately.


  • Length of Cut: 1″ stroke length
  • High Cutting Speed: 0-3,000 SPM
  • Compact Design: 14.5″ in full length
  • Speed Trigger: Three-steps variable-speed trigger
  • Adjustable Shoe: Pivoting shoe technology
  • Safe Grip: Contoured Molding

  • No Battery: 20V Max battery is sold separately

4. Makita JR3050T 11 AMP Recipro Saw

Makita JR3050T 11 AMP Recipro Saw

Our next best Sawzall is the Makita JR3050T. I must say that this saw was never my favourite until I tested it out for this review. It turns out that this saw is one of the ideal saws that you can have.

Take it from me. I was very wrong about it; too much for judging the book by its cover. So what makes the Makita JR3050T special?

The saw uses a powerful 11 amp motor. This means less energy. Such an efficient energy consuming saw is a great addition for anyone who wants a simple saw for their daily chores.

This Makita is also very light in weight. It weighs just about 7.3 pounds, which makes it easy to handle, transport, and use for extended periods.

Another great thing about its weight is this. It allows you to use the saw easily in tight spaces. This is ideal for anyone who is looking to boost their overall work performance.

The 11 amp motor provides a variable speed of 0-2,800 SPM, which is not bad at all. The speed is fast and falls just slightly below the three models that we already have.

Yet even with that speed, the blade stroke is at 1-1/8 inches. This is good for an efficient cutting experience.

You can use the saw for metal cutting, drywall, woodcutting, plaster, and plastics. It is also suited for remodelling and demolitions.

The Makita JR3050T also features one of the most excellent internal dust blower systems. The system is ideal for clearing any type of debris from your line of cut.

The technology is an awesome option for anyone who needs to boost their visibility when cutting.  But that’s not all there is. This saw also features a heavy-duty shoe. In addition, it also has a tool-less blade change.

The tool-free system allows for faster blade change, adjustments, and removal. Thankfully, you can use this saw for a very long time as it comes with the all-ball and the needle bearings that extend its lifespan.

And if you want a durable body with a protective rubber boot, this model has the best when it comes to sealing the motor from the dust and debris.


  • Lightweight: 7.3 lbs
  • Powerful Motor: 11 amp motor
  • High Cutting Speed: 0-2,800 SPM
  • Perfect Cutting Length: 1-1/8 inches
  • Clean Work: Internal dust blower systems
  • Durable: heavy-duty shoe
  • Easy Setup: Tool-less blade change

  • No Colors: Limited hues to choose from



Next in line is the BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B. The BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B uses a lithium battery to power up.

The 20v lithium reciprocating saw makes for a good home tool collection too. It features the tool-free blade change technology. So just as the previous models, you will enjoy a faster blade change, adjustments, and removal without necessarily using any tool.

More importantly, the reciprocating saw also has a variable speed trigger system. It has a pivoting shoe that’s very easy to use and much more reliable too.

Compared to the saws above, this reciprocal saw also offers 0-3,000 strokes in a minute. The high number of strokes means that the saw is efficient. It has a better cutting speed and will help you to finish your work faster.

The stroke length is 7/8″, which is not bad for anyone who wants to use the saw for small-time jobs at home.

The tool also features a reliable switch lock-off system that prevents unintentional operations. That’s a good technology that will also allow the saw to work around the family members or loved ones.

For guys who are looking for an easy to use recipro saw with better build and ultra-light touch, this is the saw for you.


  • High Speed: 0-3,000 strokes in a minute
  • Longer Cuts: stroke length is 7/8″
  • Safe: Reliable switch lock-off system
  • Easy Use: Tool-free blade change technology
  • Portable: Better build and ultra-light touch

  • Less Info: Shallow user manual

6. Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK

Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK

Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK 11-Amp is the next best Sawzall for guys who want an easy to operate the handheld saw.

The Bosch RS7 like the other models is a 1 1/8 inch saw. It has a good length of stroke, which also adds to its cutting speed.

The saw is very reliable and offers up to 3,000 strokes per minute. The saw is versatile and will perform several jobs, including Cutting, demolition, and sawing.

The one thing that many users love about this saw is the hearty 11-amp motor. The motor consumes less power but is quite efficient when it comes to pushing the saw for longer hours.

Even so, it is a good thing that this saw has a compact. It also enjoys a lightweight touch. The combination of these two traits makes the saw easy to use even in tight spaces.

Nonetheless, it is the metallic build with an additional hard plastic touch that has made this saw one of the most useful in this group. That’s why I can recommend it for guys who want a saw that lasts. One difference that I can confirm is this, Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK 11-Amp has the best precision-ground teeth. It also has thick blades and is a better performer when it comes to cutting into wood.


  • Better Cuts: 1 1/8 inch
  • Faster Speed: 3,000 strokes per minute
  • Powerful: 11-amp motor
  • Lightweight:  8 lbs in weight
  • Durable: Metallic build

  • Blade Change: Blade dulls with time

7. SKIL 9216-01

SKIL 9216-01

Next in line is the SKIL 9216-01 9 Amp reciprocal saw. Unlike the other saws, this one has a pink touch to it, which makes it more attractive.

This tool, nonetheless, like many others before it, is very versatile. It runs on a very powerful 9 amp motor. The power makes it ideal for various applications, including the toughest demolition jobs.

One thing that I love about this saw is its power-on indicator. The indicator enables you to know when the saw is properly plugged in. It also alerts you if the saw is on power in case it was lying around.

And to match up to the fittest tools, this saw also has a tool-less touch when replacing blades, changing blades, or adjusting the blades.

It is characterized by a heavy-duty metallic casing that adds durability to it. Even better, this heavy metallic casing also minimizes vibrations.

Apart from the casing, is the variable speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed of cut easily. As if that is not enough, you will also get a non-slip rubberized touch on the handle for easy handling.


  • Powerful: 9 amp motor
  • Reliable: Power-on indicator
  • Easy Use: Tool-less touch
  • Durable: Heavy-duty metallic casing
  • Safe Handling: Non-slip rubberized touch

  • Not Cordless: You have to plugin

8. Ryobi P515 One+ 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Ryobi P515

Another top rated reciprocating saw that you could use is Ryobi P515. This Cordless reciprocating saw is great for demolition, and also renovation works.

Nonetheless, we used it for landscaping when testing it, and it also performed at the top. Ryobi’s can also work for you on drywall, slicing wood, or when cutting branches.

It goes to a maximum of 3,100 reciprocations in a minute, which makes it one of the top runners among our top rated reciprocating saw reviews.

And as it serves you around the yard, it is important to understand that the saw is also compatible with T-shaped blades. This makes it versatile and flexible.

The blades can be swapped without any tool. Thanks to the tool-free technology that it employs. The technology also comes in handy when adjusting or replacing blades.

In short, it requires no Allen key to either install or even remove the blades. The saw is compatible with the Ryobi 18V batteries. It employs the anti-vibration handling technique, which provides easy handling.

To make the anti-vibration work better is an additional rubberized grip. This tool is among the most affordable tools that we have here too.


  • Quick Speed: 3,100 reciprocations in a minute
  • Flexible: Compatible with T-shaped blades
  • Easy Setup: Tool-free technology
  • Safe: Anti-vibration handling
  • Easy to Handle: Rubberized grip

  • Battery: Uses Ryobi 18V batteries

9. Craftsman 315.CRS1000

Craftsman 315.CRS1000

Now to the next Sawzall, we have the Craftsman 315.CRS1000. This is one of the latest recipro saws. Fortunately, this saw has taken the market by storm and is one of the most celebrated models.

The Craftsman 315.CRS100 comes with the cordless design. This means that if you buy it, you can use it anywhere. You can move around the backyard and cut the tree branches without any worries. Thanks to the ultra-light touch of the saw too.

The tool is battery powered and offers power and also the convenience that you need for various chores around your home. It is great for remodeling and cutting through the wood in the workshop.

What many users love about this saw are the variable speeds. In just a minute, the saw can easily hit 0-3100 SPM. This is a great speed for any homeowner who has a heavy job for the saw in a limited time frame.

In addition to that, the saw has a soft-grip handle. The handle of the craftsman also enjoys and overmolded design that makes it easy to handle.

Personally, I love this tool because of its adjustable shoe. The shoe makes it highly versatile. It also enables it to be very efficient and among other things very easy to use around the home.

With a 7/8-inch blade stroke, this tool will save your day. It will also leave you with a fast cutting experience and a better blade life.

Thankfully, there is also a blade clamp that allows you to change your blades without the use of any tools easily.


  • Lightweight: 8 lbs ultra-light touch
  • Quick: 0-3100 SPM
  • Safe Handling: Overmolded design
  • Durable: Adjustable shoe
  • Cut Size: 7/8-inch blade stroke

  • No Add-Ons: Battery or charger not included



Finally, we will close our best reciprocating saw reviews with the DEWALT DWE304. The DEWALT DWE304, like its sister above, is a very versatile saw.

It has many cool features too. The features are more or less similar to what the sister has. However, there are minor differences that make this one an even better option.

For starters, it is very much energy efficient. This reciprocal saw runs on a 10 amp motor. The motor consumes less power but is still very ideal for the heavy-duty applications.

The saw has the 4-position blade clamp. This feature makes this saw a good option if you want to take up flush cutting and at the same time, increase versatility. In addition to that is a fixed shoe that makes it reliable for heavy jobs.

When I took a look, I also fell in love with the keyless lever-action. The action makes it easy to change the blades.

This, however, has a lower SMP. It operates at a maximum of 2,800 strokes for every minute and will offer up to 1-1/8″ stroke length.

This speed, however, is not bad for any person who loves DIY projects. It will deliver fast Cutting, and you will also enjoy a variable speed trigger.


  • Fast Cutting Speeds: 2,800 strokes for every minute
  • Longer Length of Cut: 1-1/8″ stroke length
  • Powerful: 10 amp motor
  • Safety: 4-position blade clamp
  • Easy Setup: Keyless lever-action

  • Heavier: 10 lbs

Buying Guide

Best Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

Now that you have seen the best Sawzall reviews, you can choose an option that suits you the most. However, before you do that, you must understand the need to get the best out of the pack. Now, I will give you a simple and smart buying guide to help you through it all.

Powering Option

The first thing that you should look at is the powering option. Ask yourself, how does this reciprocating saw power up? Often you will get saws that are powered by the motor or the battery option.

The type of saw that you will choose here will depend on your power source. It will also depend on where you want to use the saw. Reciprocal saws that are carried to the field where there is no electrical power are best when powered by Lithium Batteries.

Saw Cutting Speed

The cutting speed or power of the best Sawzall is equally important. You need a saw that can work faster, save time, and spend less energy. The saws here will provide you with 0-3,000 strokes per minute.

This is a good speed. You can easily work with it for bigger jobs and still get a better time rate. In addition to that, if the stroke length is ideal, you should get faster cuts. I recommend the blade stroke of 1-1/8 inches for home-based jobs.

Portability Touch

You know by now that these saws are used for cutting through wood, metal sheets, or for demolitions. All these jobs take time and might not occur at the same point. It is important that you get a reciprocal saw that can move around easily.

A portable saw is easy to carry around. A light saw is easy to use for long. A compact saw is superb for even the tightest spaces. Keep an eye for all these three specs. It should be easy to carry, light in weight, and compact in size.

Type of Construction

A poorly built reciprocating saw is never reliable. It can stall in the middle of your project, bring a huge downtime, and leave you with nothing but losses. However, a properly built saw will last. It is sturdy and quite reliable.

You should look for metallic casing with heavy ABS plastic designs. Metallic build withstands heavy use. It is a great option for someone who is looking for value in a saw. Always choose a metallic build to get an awesome experience with your saw.

Pivoting Sawing Shoe

Pivoting adjustable shoe is great for any seasoned or new user.  The shoe will extend the blade life. It also allows you to have a better depth of cut and easy overall control. When the shoe is adjustable, you will realize that your cuts will be very accurate.

Blade Lock Technology

These saws are machines. If you leave them unattended, there is a high chance something will go wrong. However, to minimize such cases, looking for saws with safety add-ons is very important. You can always look for blade lock technologies, among other things. This is especially important if you are using the saw around other people.

Powerful Sawing Grip

You also need a powerful grip when using your reciprocating saw. A good grip will prevent the saw from slipping off your hand. It also enables better control over the saw and around the cut.

Some of the best grips that you can focus on include the rubberized molding, over the handle, which provides a comfortable grip.

You can also focus on the saws with the counter weighted mechanism. This is a technology that helps in the reduction of the vibrations by doing that that you can have a smoother operation with minimal or zero shakes.

Tool-Less Blade Change

Finally, a good technology to focus on when buying these types of reciprocating saws is a tool-free blade change. It means you don’t have to use any tool to change the blade when you need to. So long as you have gloves on, you are good to go.

This technology saves time. It also makes your work easy and you will enjoy what you are doing. Imagine having to fidget with wrenches and spanners for an hour to replace a simple blade – it can be that bad.

NOTE: When buying a saw for your use, make sure you look for a versatile tool. Go for a tool that will easily handle several jobs. I finally have the Makita JR3050T, and I am glad it can do a lot. I have used it to cut through metal piping, plywood, cement board, drywall, laminates, and PVC.


In addition to the buying guide, here are some faqs to help you understand these power tools.

  • How Does The Reciprocating Saw Work?

    Reciprocating saws come with a switch on button. You will press the safety lock button to release it before you can power up the saw.
    To keep the saw on working mode, you will squeeze/ press on the on/off switch continuously. Finally, when your work is done, you can turn off the saw/motor by releasing the trigger.

  • What Care Tips Do I Need To Follow?

    If you want your reciprocating saw to last, you need to take proper care of the saw. Some of the perfect care and maintenance tips that will help you to do that are many.
    1-  You should follow the user manual.
    2- You should store the saw properly.
    3-  Always service the tool after some time
    4- In case the warranty is valid, use the warranty for repairs.

  • Can My Battery Sustain Damages?

    Using a battery-powered reciprocating saw is good. However, you should take proper care of the battery. Batteries are often delicate, and if you don’t charge them to capacity before using, they will damage. You can also buy a replaceable pack on the sides.

  • What Other Factors Should I Look At?

    When buying your reciprocating saw, keeping an eye out for the price is important. Buy the best that you can afford. Watch out for the reviews, and any offers too. I always recommend buying a saw online.

    With online buying, you will get a variety of products to look at. You will also have deliveries at your doorstep. However, the best part is that prices are often affordable.

  • Which Is The Best Reciprocating Saw?

    All these saws are great saws. However, the best reciprocating saw for your use depends on you. It depends on your needs, the money you want to spend, and what you are looking for. Some people are even influenced by the color of the saw.
    NOTE: When looking for a reciprocating saw for your use, ensure that you take your time to compare features. Some saws even offer additional blades. The features will differ, including the blade stroke and also the SPM.


The best reciprocating saw is often loaded with enough power, precision, and even design features that will allow any type of user to take on the biggest and most challenging projects. Even so, it is important that you choose the right type of saw for your use.

With these tips that we have here, I believe that choosing your perfect option is no brainer now. It’s important that you focus on your needs fast before you buy this type of saw. When you buy it, you should also practice the best care and maintenance practices always.

Learn your saw before you choose to engage it. Go through the user manual properly. If possible, you can always ask a pal that has one to help you out. It is the most dependable way to hit the ground running with these types of saws.

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