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Best Reciprocating Saws 2024 – [For DIYers & Professionals]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 12, 2024

What if your tool breaks along with the object you are breaking?

You definitely don’t want that. That’s why it is important to use the right tool for the right job. And for these breaking and wrecking jobs, all you need is a good reciprocating saw.

Reciprocating saw is a versatile tool that can be used on many materials for many purposes. Its versatile blade positioning, flexible blade speed, and working mechanism make it ideal for not only demolishing jobs but also for many other tricky tasks.

This saw can do many things. But its effectivity depends on which reciprocating saw you are using. Every saw will not give you the result you are looking for.

You need the best reciprocating saw if you are experiencing the finest result. So, let’s start the search from here.

Our Top Picks

Top 6 Reciprocating Saw Reviews

In the search for the best reciprocating saw, you will find tons of them and get confused easily. That won’t bring any good. That’s why I have filtered out the top 6 reciprocating saws from the famous brands only for you.

Let’s skip all the fuss and mess, and finally find the finest reciprocating saw you have been craving for.

1. DEWALT DWE305 12-Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt DWE305 12 Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt has brought out a reciprocating saw that hardly anyone can reject. The electrically powered tool is highly capable of accomplishing any of your cutting jobs. Its versatility will amaze you for sure. It is a complete pack in itself.

It is a sophisticated tool with simple design and structure but so many things to offer. It is ergonomically designed for your utmost convenience while handling. The rubber grip handle and the curved body is organized in such a way that your hands will feel both the comfort and grip.

One highly alluring aspect of this tool is its controlling system. This resourceful Dewalt reciprocating saw has an interesting trigger system to control speed. It has multiple speeding options that you have complete control of. The trigger is strategically placed on the handle for you to have full control of the power and speed of the saw.

Variability of speed is the first constraint for having the capability of cutting different materials. And the second one is the compatibility with various forms of blades. You will need different blades with different teeth arrangement for cutting different materials.

So, your saw must allow you to change them frequently. And this saw from Dewalt gives you the complete freedom of doing so.

Changing blades can be annoying but not for this saw. This Dewalt reciprocating saw dwe305 has a tool-less blade changing process. You can easily change the blade with its clamp system which works with a lever mechanism.

The clamp secures the blade with a strong grip. But taking it off is not a hard job at all. With just a click and snap you can take the blade off and implant another blade in no time.

This Dewalt dwe305 12 Amp electric motor-powered reciprocating saw can deliver you with 2900 strokes per minute. With its high stroking capability and 1.125 lengths of strokes, you can imagine how fast and swiftly it can work.

Key Features

    • Multiple speeding system. Useful for cutting varieties of materials.
    • Trigger system for speed control.
    • Tool-less blade changing technique.
    • 12 Amp motor powerful enough to generate 2900 stroke per minute with 1.125 stroke length.

2. MILWAUKEE’S 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

When you hear the name Milwaukee, then you know already that it’s a good saw. The brand has a high reputation for manufacturing quality workshop tools for a long time now.

Many professionals suggest Milwaukee tools and so did for this saw. This Milwaukee Sawzall has gained many good reviews for its high-standard service.

The most highlighting feature for the saw is the inclusion of a smart optimizing system. For Milwaukee’s Redlink plus intelligence system, you get the most effective process for controlling the device.

Thanks to this intelligence system you can save your device from overloading itself and protect it from wearing off utilizing it. Your tool, its battery, and its charger all will have interlinks among them and optimize your total performance for you.

Its performance will definitely surprise you as to how swiftly it works. You can expect the least form of vibrating effect from this tool compared to its counterparts.

Your cutting sessions will be smooth and consistent from the beginning till the end. And it is all because of its strategical structural design. It is built in such a way to eliminate the problems of unnecessary vibration.

Another cool feature to be pointed is its metal shoe. This adjustable attachment also plays a big role in the diminishing vibration problem. It will also help you in balancing the saw on the surface of cutting by resting the total saw weight on it. As it is flexible, you can change its angle and place it accurately on the surface.

It is very fast in its work with the high reciprocating speed that its brushless motor can offer. You can complete your cutting task in minutes with a speed like 3,000 SPM delivered by this best Sawzall.

Milwaukee 2720-20 m18 reciprocating saw is a battery-powered device. It works with 4.0 lithium-ion batteries. The Redlithium x c 4.0 battery pack is the best choice for powering this saw which you can buy separately. It delivers higher work time per charge.

Key Features

    • It consists of the Redlink Plus Intelligence system. Helps in optimizing performance.
    • Has a strategical body structure for delivering zero vibration cutting sessions.
    • Brushless motor delivers persistent power with no overheating issues. Good for the longevity of the device.
    • Consist of an LED light for assisting in dark cutting areas.

3. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20v Max Reciprocating Saw

If you are looking for something under a limited budget, you should give this saw a try. This Black and Decker reciprocating saw comes at a reasonable price and does not lack in any service. It is as good as any pricey reciprocating saw.

This model of the reciprocating saw from Black+Decker is a cordless saw. It is a rechargeable battery-powered device. It utilizes a 20V lithium-ion battery to deliver the highest power for cutting. You get the lithium-ion battery with the saw set. You also have the option of buying the saw with other accessories and cutting items.

It being cordless, you are totally free from the constraint of wires and sockets. As you have to work in different unreachable areas for cutting with a reciprocating saw, it’s better to have cordless ones. You can easily carry it around and do your cutting jobs without any hindrance.

Talking about maneuverability, this saw has a mere weight of 4.5 pounds. You won’t have the slightest issue of tired hands and work fatigue. You can work tirelessly for long hours with this lightweight cheap reciprocating saw.

Its ergonomic structural design is also a factor for its convenient usability. The way its handle and the front edge is covered by a rubber grip, it makes the saw very handy for holding and making successful cuts.

The rubber covering also works as a protection against the work abuse faced by the saw. It tackles all the accidental bangs and saves the saw from serious damages.

Another cool feature to talk about is its blade changing facility. The less tool you can use the better it is. And the Black+Decker makes sure that for you. They kept a fascinating system for blade changing in this saw which requires no separate tool. Just by pulling the side clamp, the blade will come off easily. No extra hassle, no irritation. Work smoothly and enjoy your experience with this Black+Decker bdcr20c 20v max reciprocating saw.

Key Features

    • Cordless battery-powered saw. Powered by 20V lithium-ion battery which comes along with it.
    • Lightweight device of only 4.5 pounds. Can work longer hours without getting tired.
    • Covered by rubber grip for convenience in handling.
    • Easy blade changing system without any requirement of extra tools.

4. WORX WX550L 2-in-1 Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw

WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw with Orbital Mode

What could be better than having a 2 in 1 saw?

Yes, this saw from Worx is a bounty that you will find without spending much. This saw is a combination of both a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. You get both of them in one device.

The magic happens with its pivotal head. All you have to do is move the head at a particular angle to get the facility of each one.

You can immediately turn the jigsaw to a reciprocal saw and vice versa. Thus, this versatile saw will help you to make specialized cuts for both jigsaw and reciprocal saw.

You can cut through plastic, drywall, fiberglass, wood, different types of metals, and even assist in cutting ceramics. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in different fields like gardening, plumbing, home construction works, and so on.

As you have the versatility of cutting different materials, you will be needing blades for each material. Finding the right blade for a designated saw can be difficult at times.

But this Worx reciprocating saw gives you the complete flexibility of using any blade from your nearby store. No constraints in that. You can use any standard blade required to cut your designated material and attach it to the saw with its tool-free blade attachment system.

Besides having such versatility, this cordless reciprocating saw has the total capability of delivering high performance. It consists of a 20V 1.5 Ah battery. You have the flexibility of buying the saw with or without the battery-charger set. Its battery is a highly capable one that can deliver enough power to work for hours in one go.

Sawdust is a common issue while cutting materials with it. They cover the work spot and make it difficult for keeping track of cuts. Luckily for this saw, you won’t be facing the same. Its inbuilt dust blower system will clean all the sawdust floating and accumulating. Thus, you get a clean and clear-cutting spot.

Key Features

    • It’s a combination of both reciprocating saw and jigsaw.
    • Can cut through multiple materials. Suitable for plumbing, gardening, construction works, and so on.
    • Compatible with any standard form of the blade required for cutting different materials.
    • Consists of an in-built dust blower.

5. DEWALT DCS380B 20V MAX Battery Powered Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt DCS380B 20-volt Max Li-ion Reciprocating Saw

It’s another Dewalt reciprocating saw to rank the top list. This model of the saw is very different than the previous one in terms of many aspects. But they both are such good saws that you will get a little confused about which one to get if you want one from Dewalt.

This model of Dewalt saw is a cordless battery-powered saw. It is powered by 20V lithium-ion batteries. It ensures you with high performance in every usage. It provides less downtime for giving the best out of it. In one charge you can go a long way.

For this model, you are given the option of buying the saw only, or with its blade collection or with its starter kit. Among the three, the one with the starter kit is the best option.

The saw can deliver a total reciprocating speed of 3000 SPM. This speed is ideal for cutting wood and other such materials. But for cutting materials like metal you need a slower working speed. For this, the saw offers you with a speed control system in it. With this, you get the complete control of its speed and manipulate it for your designated cuts.

The cutting speed of the saw depends on the length of the stroke as much as it depends on the motor power. With longer stroke lengths you get much faster and effective cuts. And this is something that you can expect from this Dewalt saw. It has a massive stroke length of 1.125 inches. This long cutting stroke ensures the saw blade traverse more distance on the surface and thus make deeper and successful quicker cuts.

One of the cool features to be noted for this saw is its 4 blade inserting options. That is, you can insert the blade in 4 different ways on this saw. Each position allows you to make a cut in different angles. You can make necessary flush cuts, cut out frameworks, cut embedded materials, or even use this facility for making cuts on unreachable places.

Key Features

    • Cordless saw powered by 20 V lithium-ion battery.
    • Has variable speed up to 3000 SPM with a trigger control system.
    • Has a stroke length of 1.125 inches.
    • 4 blade positioning options for versatile cuts.

6. Porter-Cable PCC670B 20-volt Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw

Porter-Cable PCC670B 20-volt Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw

It’s another budget ensured reciprocating saw for you. It can be tagged as the best cheap Sawzall basing on its price and quality. This saw from Porter-Cable is best suited for home jobs. Anybody can use it due to its easy usability and very lightweight body.

The saw has a small body with a very sophisticated look. The design might seem very technical, but you would be surprised by its weight when you hold it. This mighty tool weighs only 4 pounds. It is way too light compared to its counterparts. Its small body and lightweight structure make it very convenient for carrying and handling.

Another advantage of this tiny body structure is that it can help you reach unreachable squeezy spaces to make necessary cuts. The body of this best Sawzall doesn’t need much space and thus can fit large to small areas. It can really help cut embedded material surfaces and make flush cuts.

The structural feature of the Porter-Cable pcc670b reciprocating saw includes the overmolds over its contoured body to boost grip and control over the saw. It will help you hold tight the saw during the harsh cutting sessions with aggressive rebounds. You can hold on it tight without slipping it out.

You might wonder what this small lightweight device can do. But once you use it you won’t ask the same. This is a small but mighty tool. It can offer more than you can expect. Its power is huge when comes to work.

The Porter-Cable reciprocating saw can deliver a maximum speed of 3000 SPM. Such a high reciprocating power is enough to make successful cuts in a very short time. Assisted by its 1-inch stroke length, the cuts become quicker and effective.

Key Features

    • Best budget reciprocating saw.
    • The small lightweight body of merely 4 pounds. Easy to carry and handle.
    • Body covered with overmolds for a stronger grip.
    • Can attain a maximum reciprocating speed of 3000 SPM with 1-inch stroke length.

How to Choose A Perfect Reciprocating Saw

Buying tools really is a hard job. You need to check for various technical factors and then settle for one. I have mentioned here some of the important factors for the reciprocating saws for the ease of your search and help you find the finest one.

Length of the Strokes

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews

The length of the stroke for the best reciprocating saw is an important aspect to be considered. The length of the stroke denotes the distance the blade will traverse during each stroke.

The longer these strokes will be the faster will be the cut. Longer stroke means it will traverse more area that is the blade will encounter a larger surface and make successful cuts.

A lower length of stroke is required for various purposes. Tasks like making plunge cuts require a low stroke length. You can find reciprocating saws with around 0.75 inches length of stroke for your short stroke works. This stroke length can go longer, and it can go up to approximately 1.25 inches.

You will find diverse forms of saws with diverse stroke lengths. You choose the one that suits your work the best.

Versatility in Speed

As you would be working with different materials, you would be needing different speed ranges for each of them.

For example, if you want to cut wood, you need a very high blade speed in your saw. Whereas for cutting other materials like metal, you will require a lower blade speed. That’s why for versatility in cutting, your saw needs versatility in speed.

Many brands induce a trigger speed control system in their saws. This helps in gaining the required speed for designated material to cut. This adjustable speed trigger system is more convenient and easier to handle.

So, when you are going through the saws, make sure your chosen one has the feature.

Less Vibration

Best Reciprocating Saw

Best reciprocating saws work by repeated reciprocation of the blade. When the saw blade hits the cutting surface, it hits hard and as a result, creates the opposite force. This, in turn, creates a lot of vibrating effect. It tends to oscillate sidewise besides moving back and front. This whole situation creates problems for effective cuts. It weakens the consistency of the cut and makes it rough.

Considering the whole fact, the reciprocating saw manufacturers try to make saws having the least effect of vibration. The structural design and the construction material play a huge role in the reduction of this vibrating effect.

While buying the reciprocating saw, make sure your one has the least effect of vibration.

Feature of Swift Blade Change

Changing blades is a work of hassle. But not for all reciprocating saws. You will find many tool-less blade changing features in many reciprocating saws. Such saws make the task very simple and quick. Just by a few clicks and snaps, your blade will be changed.

As for cutting various materials, you will have to change the blade several times. So, an easy blade changing facility will make your saw using experience more relaxing.

FAQs about Reciprocating Saw

As you have come so far, I think you have already got enough information that may help you find your desired saw.

But if you still have any confusion or question, this section will probably help you get rid of them and make up your mind.

Let’s check out some of the most frequently asked questions about reciprocating saw and professional answers.

What are the uses of a reciprocating saw?

Ans. Reciprocating saws are mainly used for demolishing purposes. They make a great tool for demolishing due to their working capability and functionality.

Its compact design makes it very useful to access unreachable surfaces and thus it is perfect for making flush cuts. Its multiple blade positioning system makes it ideal for carving out frames.

Reciprocating saw is highly used in making window frames. This tool is compatible with multiple forms of blades which can assist in cutting different materials. So, whether its tree pruning or plumbing, it is used in all.

How does a reciprocating saw works?

Ans. Reciprocating saw works as the name suggests, by reciprocating. The blade of the saw moves up and down to execute the cut.

Basically, the tool consists of a piston. This piston moves up and down due to the mechanical effect of the motor and thus makes the reciprocation of the blade.

When the sharp teeth blade repeatedly makes friction with the surface of the cutting material by reciprocating, the saw makes successful cuts.

How to maintain a reciprocating saw?

Ans. Maintaining a reciprocating saw is very simple. It is a small device and does not require too much hassle for servicing. All you have to do is use it properly and keep it in check from time to time.

The proper use of the saw is very important. If you fail to do so, your saw will start to wear off and soon be demanding a change. Makes sure the power source you are using is reliable and won’t intend to damage your saw. It is an important factor many ignore and fall into trouble.

No matter how carefully you use your saw, at the end of the day it will have sawdust, oil, and other dirt deposition on it. So, you must take your time to clean them off.

Always try to do a deep cleaning of the saw. You can reach the inner parts of the saw by taking a few screws off which can be attached back easily. The thorough cleaning will keep the inner components of the saw clean and it will work smoothly.

Plus, you can try using compressed air to reach the detailed parts for regular cleaning.

After cleaning always lubricate your saw. Lubrication helps eliminates unnecessary friction against components and thus prevents wearing off.

Regular servicing is very important for increasing the tool’s life span. A little time of yours will help your tool work longer and better.

What materials can be cut using a reciprocating saw?

Ans. Reciprocating saws are highly capable of cutting various materials. It is used for cutting wood, metal, plastic, drywall, and so on. This versatile tool can work even when the material is nailed or embedded in a place.

Final Words

Reciprocating saw is a versatile tool that you would never ever regret about buying it. For one work or another, you would be needing this important tool. So, keeping one in your workshop will be actually a great idea. It can make many of your tasks easier than you do the other way. Its versatility and cutting technique make it very preferable.

But the only problem is which reciprocating saw to buy, isn’t it?

After going through the best reciprocating saw reviews above, I bet you have something on your mind. Nonetheless still being a little skeptic is not a sin; it’s a normal thing.

So, if you want me to give an ultimate suggestion for which one to settle down, I would say the name of Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL reciprocating saw. It really stands out from all others I have seen so far and excels in service.

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