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Milwaukee Sawzall Vs Hackzall – Which is Perfect for You?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Saws are used in a variety of industries, such as construction and forestry. They are also used to cut wood for DIY projects or home improvement projects.

In this blog post, we compare Milwaukee Sawzall vs Hackzall. Two prime saws from the infamous Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Sawzall is a heavy-duty tool with reciprocating blades used for woodwork, metalwork, cutting concrete, and demolition. On the other hand, the Hackzall is a one-handed, easy to maneuver tool which is good for cutting in tight spaces and can be used for light woodwork and metalwork.

Now, let’s dive right in, and find out which one is better, Milwaukee Sawzall or Hackzall, and discuss why one over the other would suit you…?

General Overview: Milwaukee Sawzall vs Hackzall

Milwaukee Sawzall Vs Hackzall

Milwaukee Sawzall

The Milwaukee Sawzall has some of the fastest models in its class. It has higher battery life than most other of its contemporary reciprocating blades (up to 2.5x higher in some models).

They have very durable blades with wear-resistant blade change, anti-corrosion blade clamp among other specifications. You can even connect the cordless ones to your smartphone and customize and track your tool.

Management of your tool’s performance has also become easier through this feature. Tool customization makes connecting and controlling different settings more straightforward. They also have tool memory, which allows you to save up to three different easily accessible custom profiles.

Milwaukee Hackzall

It is the fastest and most powerful one-handed reciprocating blade that Milwaukee has to offer. You’ll experience 50% faster than all other one-handed reciprocating blades due to its excellent brushless motor.

Moreover, the one-handed design makes it able to cut in tight spaces, making it easier to maneuver. It also has 400% less vibration than other usual reciprocating saws, making it able to cut metal faster while reducing fatigue on the user.

It has more battery life than other blades of its generation. Also, you get waterproof protection from a rubber seal. Debris won’t be able to enter as there are various weep holes..

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Types of Milwaukee Sawzall

Now, the Milwaukee Sawzall is not a singular entity. It has various models with different specifications that you can choose from. Here are some of them with their key specifications mentioned with them :

*M18 Fuel™ Sawzall®: It gives you higher battery power and maximum performance under stress which enables it to protect itself from overheating, overloading, and over-discharging.

You can select where your cut ends which enables the blade to stop reciprocating when the cut is over. It also has integrated tool tracking which helps the user with full visibility to where the tool is being used across your network and how.

*M28™ SAWZALL® Recip Saw: It has a high-powered motor to help you cut faster and hands you a performance boost. Also, it has legendary durability due to a gear protecting clutch.

*Sawzall® Recip Saw Kit: Out of all the other Milwaukee Sawzalls, you get the best speed on this one. Also, it has a gear protecting clutch, which protects the tool from great impacts. This has a redesigned front grip area as well.

*360° Rotating Handle Orbital Super Sawzall® Recip Saw: No other model is this versatile. The handle can rotate 360 degrees with an increment of 45 degrees and you won’t need to go back to the original position. This also comes with a carrying case that is impact resistant making it durable in more ways than one.

*15.0 Amp Super Sawzall® Recip Saw:  This was the fastest and most durable Sawzall in the world when it first came out. It is the first Sawzall to have Constant power technology which enables it to maintain a constant speed and power making it the number 1 choice for cutting performance. It has the greatest overload protection in the whole industry.

Types of Milwaukee Hackzall

Like the Milwaukee Sawzall, the Hackzall has various models as well with various different specifications.  Some of them are mentioned below :

*M12 FUEL™ HACKZALL® Recip Saw: This is the most durable and fastest of all tools in its class, with a whopping 600% longer tool life. It outperforms all other competitors with its constant power output. It’s lightweight, which makes it the perfect tool for cutting overhead.

*M18 FUEL™ Hackzall®: This is the most powerful one-handed reciprocating saw. It cuts 1.5 times faster than its other competitors.

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Making up your mind: Milwaukee Sawzall or Hackzall?

Now, seeing the specifications of both the tools, you definitely have a question in mind,’ which one should I use, Milwaukee Sawzall or Hackzall? And for what purpose?’ or ‘what is the difference between a Sawzall and a Hackzall?’ Let me help you a bit more here.

If you are looking for maneuverability, the Hackzall is your go-to tool. It is easier to use in tight spaces as well as its smaller stature makes you able to use it with only one hand.

But one major drawback is that you can’t use it to cut tough metal and it has relatively shorter cutting strokes,  which means if you are willing to cut a long piece of wood or metal, it will take a longer time.

Now, on the flip side of the coin, a Milwaukee Sawzall is a two-handed tool, giving the user better control over the tool. It’s better for cutting heavy metal bars or even concrete slabs.

Are you looking for a tool for your demolition job? A Milwaukee Sawzall is just the right tool for you. But it isn’t without its drawbacks too. Its heavy bulk means you can not carry it as easily as you would a hackzall. Also, you can not cut anything in tight spaces with this big boy.

So, you can choose either of these excellent tools depending on what kind of work you want to use them for.


The difference between Milwaukee Sawzall VS Hackzall lies in their uses. But it can not be denied that both the tools are excellent for their respective purposes. I have done my best to help you answer the following  questions:

  • Milwaukee Sawzall or Hackzall? And why?
  • What the difference between Milwaukee Sawzall and Hackzall?

Now, it is up to you to choose one or both of them depending on your task at hand. Good luck.

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