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Best Corded Reciprocating Saws of 2024 (Top Picks & Guide)

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 17, 2024

Once the essential stuff for DIYers, the corded reciprocating saw has ended up being the common choice for all the professionals too.

Why not? Just as the aggressive and alluring performance in cutting wood, metal and plastic, a corded reciprocating saw has all to hit your pocket. Remember it must be the best.

But it was hard to find, and now even more difficult because of the hardcore race among the manufacturers.

We’ve made an exclusive list of the best corded reciprocating saw that comes at a reasonable price packing durability and performance in the pack.

Our Top Picks

Top 5 Corded Reciprocating Saw Reviews

We’ll showcase a few of the best-performing corded reciprocating saws here from the dominant brands and renowned manufacturers. Check out each model to get the best corded Sawzall.

1. DeWalt DWE305 12 Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw – Editor Choice

Dewalt DWE305 12 Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw comes from the world’s renowned power tools manufacturer. We’re happy to find such a well-constructed and capable tool at a reasonable price.

The saw is empowered by an extremely powerful 12-amp motor that is capable of delivering 0-2,900 strokes per minute with a 1-1/8” stroke length. While it comes with a powerful motor that delivers aggressive stroke, its variable speed trigger lets you control and customize speed and stroke for a variety of jobs.

The ergonomically designed saw comes with a rubberized grip that enhances comfortability and control over the saw for perfection and precision. And the placement of the trigger button is inside the grip. It got the best corded Sawzalllabel in the list.

This smart Dewalt reciprocating saw is equipped with a 4-position blade clamp. It brings versatility to the saw by allowing flush cutting. And the keyless blade clamp will let you change the blade without hassle.

Key Features

    • A 12-amp powerful motor that provides 29,00 strokes in every minute. Perfect for heavy-duty use.
    • Variable speed trigger to control and customize speed for the varied cutting job.
    • Comes with a four-position blade clamp without a key. You can change the blade without hassle. It’s humble.
    • Ergonomically designed with rubberized grip and the trigger button inside the grip boost control and easiness.

2. Milwaukee 6519-31 12-Amp Corded Sawzall – Premium Pick

Milwaukee 6519-31 12-Amp Corded Sawzall

Milwaukee 6519-31 12-Amp Corded 3000 Strokes is another 12-amp reciprocating saw yet it gives 3000 strokes per minute (SPM). It comes in a firm race with the rest of the models in our bucket. It offers safety and precision in cutting along with a fast and perfect cutting job.

Its aggressive stroke length leaves a great choice before professionals and factories to adopt it for heavy-duty application. It is equipped with a variable speed dial trigger and quick lock technology.

The variable speed dial is designed to customize the speed and stroke ratio to get the desired result out of the Milwaukee corded reciprocating saw. You can control and get the exact speed by pushing on the trigger inside the grip.

The well-thought feature is the gear protecting clutch. It helps protect the motor and other surrounding gears by absorbing high pressure that happens for the movement. And its internal counterweight mechanism is mastered to reduce vibration that enhances comfortability.

The tool accompanies a polyurethane storage box. The only downside might be for this astonishing tool is the price tag – a little bit expensive.

Key Features

    • Armed with a 12-amp motor that offers 3000 with a 1-1/8” stroke length.
    • Equipped with a quick-lock technology that facilitates keyless blade changing. You can add and remove blades without using any tools.
    • Featured a gear protecting clutch to protect the gear and its surrounding gears that results in longevity and better performance.
    • Constructed with an internal counter-weight mechanism that helps reduce vibration and lets you be good with the tool.

3. Makita JR3050T Recipro Saw – Best for the Money

Makita JR3050T Reciprocating Saw

Makita JR3050T Reciprocating Saw hit our pocket with predominantly one main reason – its dust management. This is an 11-amp recipro saw that has several reasons to think twice about it. It’s straightforward and one of the top-rated saws that offer a good choice for cutting wood, metal, plaster and drywall and plastic, etc.

This 11-amp saw can deliver up to 28,00 speed per minute with 1-1/8” stroke length – fairly comparable with the above ones. It features variable speed for variable cutting jobs. A trigger button will do it with a simple press on it.

This Makita corded reciprocating saw comes with a separate case for saw and blade. Changing the blade might be a complex thing for most saws. Makita JR3050T is equipped with the “tool-less” feature that makes changing blade and shoe adjustment easy without using any tool.

It accompanies a dust blower inside the saw that helps to keep your saw and surroundings neat and clean. It also plays a crucial role in improving visibility by keeping dust and debris well-organized.

It is constructed with all ball and needle bearings that bestow durability and longevity. Its design is the strength of this model. The body is covered with a rubber boot that secures the motor and bearings from the dust and debris.

Along with that, the ultra-soft hand grip and weight keep the saw in the top choice for the carpenters, framers, plumbers and others, while the price tag is another good thing.

Key Features

    • A ball bearing and needle construction that gives the saw durability and longevity.
    • Covered with a rubber boot that makes the motor and bearings secured from all kinds of dust and debris.
    • Equipped with the “tool-less” feature that allows changing blade and shoe adjustment without any tool.
    • Comes with an internal dust container to manage dust properly that results in getting better visibility and keeping all tidy.

4. Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp reciprocating saw comes with the lowest motor power in our corded reciprocating saw reviews. It’s empowered with a 7.5-amp motor that fits the DIYer’s projects and home improvement. So, if you look for a saw for such mission, I guess, you don’t require a saw that comes with 12-15-amp motor power, do you?

Though the motor is poorer than the rest of the models in the list, its 27,00 SPM capacity is fairly considerable for the heavy-duty application. You can have a try for any demanding venture like cutting metal, wood, or masonry with this saw. Who knows, you might like it for all.

However, it is equipped with all professional features. You will find it good with a variety of cutting jobs with the variable speed feature. Activate the speed dial by pressing on the trigger and get the exact speed and precision in cutting.

It comes with a keyless blade clamp that offers versatility lets you change the blade whenever you need without requiring any tool for adding or removing the blade. And the garnered appreciation for keeping the vibration under control by using counter-balance technology.

The Skil corded reciprocating saw weighs 8.46 lbs., quite heavy it is making the model less favorite. But it comes with a pivoting shoe that offers stability and helps you stay on the line when you cut any object.

Key Features

    • Powered by a 7.5-amp motor with modest capacity for cutting. The best choice for DIY and home improvement.
    • Comes with a pivoting shoe to offer more stability and control during pressing against materials.
    • Featured variable speed dial to customize and control speed in terms of the cutting materials just pressing on the trigger.
    • Revised with the Counter-balance technology to keep the vibration under control.

5. DeWalt DWE304 10-Amp Reciprocating Saw


DeWalt DWE304 10-Amp Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt has fame in the market, and we let DeWalt DWE304 Reciprocating Saw hits our pocket because of some distinct features it brings with. This 10-amp reciprocating saw is the best choice for the DIYers because of its smart functionalities, compactness and price.

This 10-amp Dewalt reciprocating saw dwe304 is capable of showing precision and aggressive cutting with 0-28,00 stroke per minute at a rate of 1-1/8” stroke length keeping fast and efficient cutting in nature.

Beyond that, it is designed with a 4-position blade clamp that offers versatility and effortlessness. You can change the blade anytime to cope up with the cutting materials. This blade clamp is also keyless. So, you don’t need to tolerate the hassle of removing and inserting the blade. Just turn and twist the blade and get it ready for whatever you need to cut.

When it is the question of versatility and speed, DeWalt arms the model with a trigger button inside the grip. This trigger button lets you dial a variety of speed promptly based on the speed you need to get your job done.

Another feature of the tool is the weight that is quite inspiring and easy to hold for a longer period. The compactness also offers more control over the tool.

Key Features

    • Empowered by a 10-amp motor that fits for heavy-duty application delivering 0-28,00 stroke in per minute.
    • A 4-position blade clamp that is also keyless offers versatility and maximum comfort.It lets you change the blade for multiple cutting jobs.
    • A trigger button is added to control speed and stroke that results in the precision and perfection in cutting.
    • It is compact and ergonomically designed that lets you turn and twist the tool easily without feeling discomfort.

Key Shopping Considerations

The common concern for all the fresh buyers and beginners ends up the curiosity of what are the most essential features a corded reciprocating saw should have. Well, let me tell you that.

Corded or Cordless – What the Big Deal?

Best Corded Reciprocating Saws

The first thing you’ll encounter is the type. the reciprocating saw ends up with two types of Sawzall – corded or cordless. Get to know regarding both of them to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages to get the right one.

Well, a corded saw is empowered by electricity comes with an extension cord to connect with the power source, while the other one is run by battery. To add, the corded saw comes with endless running time, while the cordless depends on the battery.

The decision will be taken by the type of work, also the place and how much time does your job requires. Predominantly, the latter two aspects will decide the saw.

A cordless reciprocating saw will allow you to go anywhere you like to get your job done as it doesn’t require an electric connection from your home or a certain source. When you’ll have no access to electricity, the cordless saw is the sole option.

Imagine, you’re in a remote job site where you have no access to electricity at all, and you want to trim some tree branches or leaves in the garden, a cordless model would be a savior.

So, if you fall in such a situation where you’re with no electricity, rest assured on a cordless model. And with an abundance of electricity, there is no honest reason to invest in the cordless saw ignoring the mighty corded model.

Cutting Power

As we’re talking about saw whose main job is to cut and trim whatever you like ranging from metal to plastic, the cutting power of the saw, therefore, should be taken as the crucial feature.

Tough and strong cutting power is the essential component of your reciprocating saw. The best models being amazingly capable to cut through rebar effortlessly will never let you regret and force you to spend money twice.

Find at least a 10-amp motor.

Variable Speed

When it comes to a saw for (no matter it is corded or cordless) cutting or trimming job, speed control and sometimes customization become a major aspect. You purchase a saw mostly for a variety of cutting jobs. And when the saw comes in contact with the varied materials for cutting or pruning, it does not require the same speed for all.

To illustrate, when the saw confronts with metal, you need to cut at a slower speed. Because cutting with high speed can damage the blade or occur any danger. Rather, you can speed up gradually as the cut progresses. Similarly, for cutting wood, go fast and steady. It’ll result in precision and fast cutting.

So, your saw should have such a feature so you can increase or decrease the speed according to the object you cut.

You’ll find some saw models which come with a variable speed feature. This feature allows you to control and customize the speed of strokes for the better result in cutting jobs. Some saw models feature a speed trigger for controlling speed and strokes and some other variable speed dial that also serves the same purpose.

Changing Blade

You’ll have plenty of reasons to change the reciprocating saw blade again and again inevitably while working on the project. It might be when the blade gets blur, or sometimes when you change the project. You need to change the blade to fit the materials for fast and efficient cutting.

So, your reciprocating saw should be straightforward enough in swapping the blades taking little time and effort. And changing the blade should be safe for the users as well.

Luckily, most reciprocating saws feature the “tool-less” blade changing mechanism that facilitates the process by a simple lever by the side of the saw.

Size and Tool Length

Corded Reciprocating Saw

Size and length matter when you think of a tool using in a tiny and grim situation. Being a power tool, reciprocating saws tend to be bulky and bigger. It’s challenging for the user to handle and get the best result out of the saw.

Find a reciprocating saw that comes in a smaller size compared to other saws. A smaller saw will let you cut anything into a tiny space like under a car. But if you like to cut or prune trees or branches in the garden, you can rather prefer a bigger one.

So, the size and length should be determined by the needs of your projects and venture.

Stroke Speed and Stroke Length

The saw’s cutting capacity is measured by combining the movement of stroke speed and stroke length. You can measure how much a saw will take to cut certain metal, plastic and a piece of wood by measuring these two.

The stroke speed is described with (stroke per minute) SPM. Stroke speed pushes the saw back and forth. Find out such a saw that gives aggressive speed stroke. A corded reciprocating saw with moderate speed stroke will offer you outstanding cutting capacity.

The most extreme stroke speed for reciprocating saws typically runs from 2700 to 3000 strokes for every moment SPM. A responding saw with a stroke speed of 2900 or more is okay.

Note that, this best electric reciprocating saw review covers such saw that ensures this feature. Check out the models.

Once and for all, the stroke speed and the stroke length together decide how swiftly a reciprocating saw will cut a material. Not only one of them. Along these lines, think about the two when looking for your responding saw.


As a hand-held power tool, a reciprocating saw should essentially be as well-shaped as possible to fit into the hand. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands who design their tools ergonomically.

So, find such a tool that offers you good balance and control over the saw by designing rubber grip and trigger button inside. So, you can access the button to control and customize the speed.

Vibration Control

Vibration control remains another essential feature of the top-rated corded reciprocating saw. Some power tools tend to vibrate causing fatigue on your hand. And all the saws don’t come with any protection to reduce vibration. Some manufacturers shield their saws with a vibration stabilizer to get rid of such a problem.

You can check out Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Reciprocating Saw that is protected by counter-balance technology to reduce vibration. Another good example of such a tool can be Milwaukee 6519-31 12-Amp Corded 3000 Strokes that comes with counter-weight technology.

FAQs about Corded Reciprocating Saw

Is cordless saw weaker than corded one?

Ans. There is a poor tendency among the mass people of thinking cordless saw is weaker and poorer longevity than the corded one due to limited battery power.

However, it was the right judgment when the battery was not so rich. But the recent scientific contribution in the advancement of battery and especially the invention of lithium-ion battery minimized the gap with the corded tools.

What are the common uses of corded reciprocating saw?

Ans. Both the professionals and DIYers made the saw so popular. They use it for a high volume of projects. These are summarized below.

  • For cutting plastic and metal: The recent advancement and wider application of technology made the saw a good choice for construction projects.
  • Good for precision cutting: reciprocating saw comes with the precision in cutting against metals.
  • Overhead cuts: the reciprocating saw is designed moderately to manage overhead cutting. You can use reciprocating saw from any dimension. It’s better than other saws so far.
  • Plunge cuts: it’s terrific when it comes to plunging cutting. Just change the saw’s blade and target any sharp point you need to cut.

What are the key factors of the reciprocating blade?

Ans. Learning about the factors of a recip blade will secure your bucks spent on a recip blade. It involves three essential factors namely, length, width and thickness.

Length serves the deep cutting but the shorter one with tapered back is best-known for plunge-cutting while the wider blade has little possibility to bend and wobble in cutting. And the blade with a minimum 0.05-inch thickness is sturdier than the other with less thickness.

Final Words

We confidently summed up our best corded reciprocating saw with these corded reciprocating saw after a careful study on the handful of corded reciprocating models.

These are top-rated and appreciated corded reciprocating saws in the market. I hope you have already found the one you need. Thank you for stopping by.

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