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9 Best Table Saws in 2024

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

Table saws are the perfect machines for a wide range of professional tasks and DIY projects.

Most of the time these saws are used for wood cutting, but they can also be used for cutting a variety of other materials, such as plastic and tile.

There are different table saws on the market, and the choice of the perfect one may be hard sometimes.

That’s why here we are going to share with you the 9 Best Table Saws that you should consider as good options!

9 Best Table Saws

Here is our list of the 9 best table saws that will make the choice of the perfect saw for its purpose easier.

1. Grizzly Industrial GO881Z

The Grizzly Industrial GO881Z is an outstanding model that includes many specific features which make cutting a better experience than ever. It has combined the cabinet style table and contractor-style table saw features. 

You can use it for commercial purposes, but it can be perfectly used at home too. It ensures safety while operating, since it comes with safety components. It is not a loud saw, it does not produce a lot of noise, that’s why many people like using it at home.

Some of the features that Grizzly industrial offers are Iron table, dust port, and HP motor. It is not a heavy saw, so you can move it around if you want to. This band saw is considered to be ‘best for its price’.

The Grizzly Industrial it’s easy to use, it does not require specific clarifications and training to operate it. It is affordable even if you have a low budget, especially for big table saws. However, you will need an extra blade, since the blade that comes with the saw will probably not last long.


  • good price
  • quite table saw
  • a lot of safety components
  • easy to be used


  • need of extra blade

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The Skilsaw SPT99-11 is an impressive table saw that comes with different tools and features which make cutting an easy adventure. This saw comes with a rolling wheel stand, which makes it easy for the buyer to move it, and to change the blade positions.

Furthermore, the Skilsaw table saw includes a dust collection system, which makes it a clean machine, that can be used both for working place and home. It has a warm drive motor, which produces equally impressive results.

This band saw is considered to make precise cuts, even though the user has to get used to the rack and pinion fence moving. The Skilsaw SPT99-11 is also known as” easiest to carry”, thanks to its rolling wheel stand. However, the price is definitely not a budget one, and compared to competition is pretty expensive.


  • rolling wheel stand, easy movement
  • Good lock system
  • Dust collection pord
  • Worm drive mechanism


  • very high price compared to competition

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3. DEWALT Table saw ( DWE7485)

The DEWALT DWE7485 is known to be a powerful table saw with the ability of making precise cuts. It is lighter than the previous models, which makes it more compact and perfect both for commercial and home use.

This table saw is a very safe model, including a lot of safety measures and guarding systems. As we already mentioned, it makes very precise and good cuts. It is driven by a powerful motor that ensures effortless cutting with most of the material. With this table saw you will have accurate and smooth cuts.

It can be easily transported, since it is not a heavy one. It can be bought at a very good price, and every penny will definitely be worth it. Compared to competitors it can be considered as ‘best value’. However, this table saw does not come with a stand and is not compatible with a blade such as dado.


  • easy transportation
  • precise, smooth and accurate cuts
  • Good safety measures
  • prevention of accidental restarting
  • good price


  • does not include a stand
  • can’t be used with dado blade

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4. BOSCH 4100-10 Worksite Table Saw

As we can guess by the name, the Bosch 4100-10 is the updated version of its brother- Bosch 4100-09. It has excellent quality and is one of the best table saws in the market. It can be used at home, or for commercial work.

This table saw has a powerful 4Hp Motor that gives you the opportunity to make effortless cuts. It comes with gravity-rise wheels, which makes it perfect for transport and easy set up. It also has a lot of onboard storage, so you can store all of your extra tools there for easy access.

This worksite table saw is equipped with a lot of safety systems,so this machine is considered to be very safe even for beginners. The price is very good, even though you may find less expensive table saws. This saw is considered to be ‘the safest one’ in our article today.


  • very good features
  • easy setup
  • gravity-rise wheeled
  • very safe model


  • rip capacity has to be higher

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5. Grizzly G1023RLX Cabinet Table Saw

The Grizzly G1023RLX is a cabinet table saw that includes a built-in table. It can be used at home, but most often it is bought for commercial use. This table saw was awarded ‘Top VALUE’ more than once, thanks to its many features.

The famous features include higher rip capacity, dust collector better than ever, and a very fast system for making good, effortless cuts. This table saw has one year warranty and its price is considered to be good for Grizzly, but higher than competition.

It is a heavy one, so it can not be moved easily. However, this makes it hard standing and equipped with many safety features. This machine has an astonishing  knife release mechanism, and can make perfect cuts.


  • powerful motor
  • solid cast iron table with extension possible
  • safety measures
  • best value


  • very heavy, can’t be moved

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6. Oliver 10in Table Saw

The Oliver 10 inch table saw is one excellent machine for its price. It has a lot of features, and its quality is high. It is a powerful saw that can make very  good and precise cuts. it is 2 in 1, it comes with a sanding disc or blade included.

This table saw has roller wheels, which makes the changing of blades and transportation easy. It includes on-board storage, where you can put all of your accessories. This saw is easy to use even by beginners. Furthermore, it has soft start features that reduces motor noise and vibration

It is equipped with a magnetic on/off switch with good design. Thanks to this feature you can stop the machine and kill the speed if there is an emergency. This table saw is a safety one, it is equipped with a lot of safety features which makes it good for commercial use and home use too.

The Oliver Table Saw is considered to be best for its price, it is not expensive and every penny will be worth it. It comes with a warranty.


  • not a loud machine
  • magnetic switch
  • safe table saw
  • can be transported easily


  • coolant system is not perfect

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7. SKIL TS6307-00 Table Saw

If you want to find a good priced, versatile saw that can be perfect for DIYers- this is your best choice! It is not an expensive model, which makes it perfect for beginners. This saw is easy to use, comes with very good instructions and makes it easier than ever for the user.

Even though it is perfect for beginners, this table saw is powerful. It has a top speed of 4.6000rpm, and makes cutting an effortless job for everyone. This table saw has an excellent performance in every kind of cut, it is not big and you can move it around.

However, it is kind of noisy. Most of the time it will not be good for using it at home, because it makes a lot of noise. It does not have wheels, which makes it a little bit harder to be moved, but it is not heavy. It also comes with a stand.


  • good for its price
  • very good performance
  • comes with a stand


  • very noisy 

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8. Milwaukee 2736-21HD Table Saw

Milwaukee Table Saw is one powerful machine that comes with a very good fence system and surprisingly long run time. It is battery powered, but this does not matter, since the run time is more than ever.

The Milwaukee is a cordless table saw that has very good performance thanks to its powerful motor(M18). It comes with a rapid charger and some other accessories. Furthermore, this table saw can be easily transported. It is not very heavy, but unfortunately, it does not include wheels.

The price is very good. This table saw is considered to be best for its price. The price can vary, but it is usually around 500$. This is a lot of money, but when it comes to a table saw it is a very good price. The Milwaukee Table saw is a very good, powerful machine that has a bigger blade and extra capacity.


  • very good quality
  • cordless table saw
  • amazing performance
  • good price


  • it has less features than competitors

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9. Goplus Table Saw

The Goplus Table Saw can be rewarded as the cheapest table saw from our list, but ‘best for its price’. It comes with a 10- inch blade and it can make 3-inch depth of cut. It is battery powered, and it can work with dado blades.

It does not have a dust extractor, which means that you will need a mask if you want to work with the table saw. Furthermore, you will have to clean it often, if you want it to work well. THe rip fence is not very good and you should be careful with it, you should always check the setting before cutting.

You can make exactlry 45 degrees cuts, they are precise and most of the time the table saw has excellent performance in cutting. The Goplus Table saw is the best option for people that do not have a big budget, or for beginners that still need to learn how to use it.


  • very cheap
  • 10-inch blade
  • can be used with dado blades
  • comes with a stand


  • does not include dust extraction port
  • capability is exactly 45 degrees
  • bad rip fence

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What to consider before buying a table saw?

There are some pretty important aspects and features that you should consider before buying a table saw. Of course, most important is to know the tasks you are going to use it for. Then comes everything else that we are going to list here for you.

Type of the model

A table saw can be portable or stationary, but there are much more types within those two categories.

  • Cabinet table saw- best for professional woodworkers, they are heavy and powerful. Usually these saws are made of cast iron and include a cabinet enclosing the frame in order to have the vibration reduced, the duct collected and the whole saw supported.
  • Contractor table saw- these table saws are stationary and sit atop a sturdy frame. They are large and powerful.
  • Jobsite table saws- the jobsite table saws usually have a stand that is lightweight and wheeled, so you can easily move them around. They are perfect for people that work in different locations every day. They are popular for DIYets and professionals.
  • Benchtop table saws- these table saws usually stay on your workbench. They are good for DIYers, since they are not heavy, not expensive and usually small and portable. However, they have limited performance.
  • Hybrid table saws- theseasaws are combinations between contractor and cabinet tool both in size and power.

Motor used

You can choose a table saw that uses an universal motor, or induction motor. The models using universal models are more powerful, but pretty loud. The induction motors are quiet and can cut denser materials, but you have to adjust them periodically.

Basic Components

There are some basic components that you should consider before buying a table saw.

  • Size of the blade- you should consider the size of the blade, usually, a table saw uses a 10 inch blade, which can cut deep 3 and a half inches.
  • Cover of the blade- the cover is made of transparent plastic and protects the user from dangerous sawdust and debris. This is pretty important as a safe measure
  • Table used- the table is extremely important for the stability of the saw. If you choose a saw with a larger table it will be more stable, but it will take a lot of space. A table can be made of cast iron or aluminium, where the cast iron is more expensive and a better choice.
  • Rip Fence- the rip fence is used to help the board to move in a straight line while making rip cuts.
  • Miter Gauge- the miter gauge secures the board when you make miter cuts. It can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.
  • Bevel gauge- used to help the saw to make bevel cuts.

Rip Capacity

The rip capacity can be referred to the distance between the edge of the fence and the edge of the blade. The rip capacity gives the maximum width of the cuts. So, depending on the type of the project you must consider the rip capacity. 

If you are going to make some deep cuts you should focus on a table saw with bigger rip capacity. On the other hand, if you are not going to make deep cuts you don’t need to spend money on a table saw that has a big rip capacity.

In conclusion we can say that table saws are very popular and powerful machines. They can do a lot of astonishing work, but they may be pretty dangerous or expensive. We gave you the 9 best table saws, and we hope it was useful for you. Keep in mind that you should always consider what you are going to use the table saw for before making a purchase. We wish you good luck with your table saw journey!

Frequently asked questions:

What should I look for when buying a table saw?

There are several components that you should always look for in a table saw. They include size of the table, size of the blades, the safety systems of the table saw and the features. You should look for the best table saw based on the work you are going to do.

What are the 5 most important safety rules for a table saw?

  • Always wear safety equipment, table saws are powerful and may be really dangerous!
  • Keep the area dust free and clean, this will protect you and your saw!
  • Never touch a moving blade, you will harm yourself!
  • Always check if safety features are on before working with a table saw!
  • A push stick is always a good idea to keep your fingers away from the blades.

What are the most important features for a table saw?

The most important features for a table saw are the blade, the miter gauge, the table and the rip fence. The blades are important for the performance of the saw, the miter gauge is important for specific cuts. The table is essential for stability, and the rip fence is needed to keep the board moving in the right, straight direction

Which is the best table saw you can buy?

It is hard to say which table saw is the best one you can buy, since it fully depends on the tasks you need it for. That’s why we strongly advise you to do some good research on the best table saws before making your choice.

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