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10 Must-Have Table Saw Accessories (with Pictures)

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 11, 2024

In order to take your woodworking skills to the next level, you’re going to need some quality accessories to assist you. Just as a ‘good workman never blames their tools’; a great workman relies on the finest accessories.

If you’re keen to improve your workflow, whilst creating a safer space to operate, then read on. In this article, we’re going to look at the 10 must-have table saw accessories. Then you can head over to Data Power Tools to expand your workshop with these quality essentials.

The List of Must-Have Table Saw Accessories

Must-Have Table Saw Accessories

1. Safety Power Switch

POWERTEC 71054 Table Saw Safety Power Switch

When you’re operating your table saw and the board gets stuck between the blade and fence, you need to be able to turn your saw off immediately, without taking your attention away from the cut or ultimately having to let go of the stock.

A little red switch simply isn’t going to cut it! With a safety power switch accessory however, you can have a large bar installed over the switch so that you can easily cut the power without taking your eyes off the task at hand!

Sure, your friends might call you a wuss for taking such precautions, but when you eventually make it to retirement with all of your appendages intact, you’ll be the one having the last laugh!

2. Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled

If you want to be able to make the most precise cuts, every single time with the greatest of comfort, then you’ll need to get your hands on one of these awesome crosscut sleds. It is incredibly simple to install, and even easier to use!

Being able to adjust in ½ a degree graduation allows you to make the most precise adjustments and ultimately create the finest cuts. It’s a no brainer!

3.  A Power Twist Link Belt

Grizzly T21992 Power Twist Link Belt

Traditional V-belts stiffen and develop bumps and disfigurations. When this occurs, your saw will feel underpowered and begin to produce poor-quality looking cuts (even if it’s finely tuned)! If not addressed, your saw may even start bounding around which is a terrible nuisance and especially dangerous.

Power Twists (made up of twist-together urethane elastomer/woven polyester links) never deform, even after using the machine for months. In addition to that, each link moves independently allowing the belt to remain flexible, absorb shock, and help your saw to perform smooth and soundly.

4. Lockable Mobile Base

Lockable Mobile Base for Table Saw

This might not be for everyone, however, if you work in an especially tight space, then you’ll likely have to move your table saw around a fair bit in order to leave enough clearance for certain planks of wood that need cutting. Having a mobile base allows you to effortlessly wheel your saw around the workshop, and then lock it into place when you’re satisfied. Another great benefit is having adjustable feet so that you can operate on a surface, even if it isn’t perfectly flat, without any discomfort.

5. Contractor’s Saw Dust Collector

This beauty is all about saving time and ultimately making your life easier. If you’re fed up with having to sweep up all of the time or being told off for dragging sawdust through the house whenever you come home, then the contractor’s sawdust collector is a must-have.

This easy accessory can be attached to the base of your saw via Velcro strips. Once connected, it will collect up to 80% of the sawdust created when operating your table saw, which is a significant amount! Easy.

6. Rousseau Portable Table Saw Stand

If you typically use a portable table saw, but would like more rip capacity and enough room to cut large wood stocks to size, then a Rousseau portable table saw stand and extension table is without question, must-have addition to your workshop.

The beautiful thing about this bit of kit is that it is compatible with pretty much every table saw, including the DWE7490, Bosch 4100, Bosch GTS1041A, Makita 2705, Rigid R4513 and Sawstop JSS.

Other great features include extensions wings and a T-Style locking fence system which provides additional accuracy, allowing you to make the finest cuts on the go!

7. IncraMiter Express Table Saw Sled

An express table saw sled is able to work wonderfully with a normal miter gauge, allowing you to create a perfectly balanced system for making crosscuts. It eliminates errors that may otherwise occur if you were only using your traditional miter gauge. Simply drop, lock, and slide!

Additionally, there is a built-in miter bar that allows you to make adjustments on the go in order to prevent any side play along the track. This means that even if your miter gauge is a little bit loose, you can make the necessary adjustments using your built-in miter bar to prevent any errors and produce the most accurate cuts, every single time.

8. HTC HOR-1038 Outfeed Roller System for Table Saws

This beauty is a personal favorite as there is something really rather aesthetically pleasing about having large sheets of ply roll off the table effortlessly without any assistance.

This piece of kit allows you to handle the ripping unassisted, with the outfeed roller acting as a buddy, receiving the stock at the other end.

This flawless design allows you to feedstock straight and level without any friction whatsoever. Setting it up is painless and it is compatible with the majority of 10-inch table saws.

When using this handy accessory, you’ll feel like a well-oiled machine indeed.

9. Pushblock for Table Saw

GRR-RIPPER Pushblock for Table Saw, Router Table

If you’re a big fan of safety (as you should be if you’re attached to your fingers), a Pushblock is the perfect accessory to add to your inventory.

Even without a blade guard, having a Pushblock will help you to guide your stock effortlessly through the saw as you rip the wood, without risking taking any of your fingers with it!

Additionally, a Pushblock provides extra control allowing you to prevent kickback and remain completely in control of the cut.

10. Zero Clearance Insert

Having a zero-clearance insert is one of those accessories that when you finally get one, you wonder how you’ve worked without it beforehand. Some table saws come with one installed, most do not. In any case, you’ll want one!

This is an ideal bit of kit for controlling kickback and improving dust collection (by preventing dust or other chunks of wood to enter in between the blade).


These are just a handful of the accessories that are available for table saws, but they are by far the handiest! If you’re serious about taking your woodworking game to the next level, we would highly recommend checking out some of these must-have table saw accessories. Good luck!

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