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Table Saw Vs Band Saw – Which One Is Suitable for You?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 17, 2024

A table saw takes the place of the centerpiece in a woodworking shop or garage. This is a versatile power machine that allows you to cut the wood into any shape. A band saw, yet, offers you some special advantages you don’t actually get from other saws.

In this article, we would reflect on general ideas about ‘table vs band saw’, and which one is suitable for what jobs.

General Overview: A Table Saw vs A Band Saw

Table Saw Vs. Band Saw

If you’re going to start your woodworking shop, your next investment may be on a table saw. Table saws are capable of ripping and making cross-cuts on materials. The height of a table saw is adjustable that allows you to cut through the wood materials. Making squares, bevels or grooves is not as much of a tiring job when you have a great table saw.

A band saw is better when you need to cut curves or other irregular shapes. The great thing about a band saw is, its blades can cut through thicker materials of more than 3 inches. Different types of blades allow you to cut metals and even meat. But of course, a woodworking shop has nothing to do with meats.

Scale of Use

When it comes to dealing with melamine, hardboard, or plywood, you should apply a table saw. As a table ensures precise, clean, and straight cuts with minimum effort from your side, you are going to enjoy ripping these things and crafting square edges to attach for intensive projects with table saws.

In addition to that, you can smoothly set up a table saw to get repeated cross-cut with minimum time. Its miter fence will allow you to produce angled cuts with high precision. Also, this tool is excellent for DIY projects too, as it’s a beginner-friendly cutter.

On the flip side of the coin, a band saw is used for cutting slightly different types of things. It will perform well when you are working on a project that deals with solid timber. It may not provide you the desired smoothness in your cut, but you will get some real quick cuts. Don’t worry! You can polish the uneven part using any planer. However, you can use a workbench to cut more conveniently with the tool.

You can also put your trust on a bandsaw if you want to cut thick pieces of wood on a large scale. I hope you have clearly understood why do you need a band saw.

Changing Blade

In a busy workshop, you may need to switch from ripping to cross-cutting now and then. You won’t like to endure the hassle of changing blades all the time. In this type of situation, a table saw is suitable for every woodworker. You remove the nut on the arbor, take off the blade, and then fix another blade.

But when you work with a band saw, changing the blade often becomes a hassle. Because to change the blade of a band saw, you’ll need to reset the tension, the tracking, and the bearing. So, this is a time-consuming job as well as annoying.


In terms of portability, Bandsaw outperforms a Table saw as a table saw comes with a table attached to it. Moreover, there are several versions of portable Bandsaw available in the marketplace. So, if you are one of those who want to cut woods carrying your guns to the workplace, then you can invest in a bandsaw.

Price Range

If you forget everything and just care about the cost, you will find Bandsaw less expensive than a table saw. You can get a good quality bandsaw by spending around 250 to 300 bucks.

However, to purchase a table saw of fine quality, you need to spend 400-450 bucks. Actually, the included table makes the Table saw pricier.

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Safety Issues

Working with heavy power tools is not as much of a safe thing to do in the first place. Moreover, we are talking about real sharp blades revolving at an extreme speed. So, this is dangerous for even experienced woodworkers, let alone the novice ones. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid working with these versatile power tools. Only remind yourself, ‘don’t be careless’. So, which one is safer, a band saw or a table saw?

The blade of a band saw goes down towards the Table, whereas the blade of a Table saw cuts towards the operator. There is a common problem faced by many.

The power tool kickbacks where it throws back the material on the operator. In table saws, if the work material pinches on the blade’s back, there is a chance of the blade being thrown to the operator. With a band saw, there is no chance of happening this dangerous thing.

You can reduce this risk by using a riving knife; this is an excellent choice for many woodworkers.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Bandsaw and Table saw

There are some crucial merit and demerits of both saws that you should know before getting one for your garage. In the following part, I will provide their advantage and disadvantage in an organized manner so that you can ponder upon them appropriately.

Advantages of Table saw

  • A perfect saw for squaring manmade materials and end grain.
  • Hassle-free blade changing process.
  • You can effortlessly reshape and re-tension blade.
  • It helps to achieve a precise straight cut every time.
  • Suitable for beveled, mitered, and compound cut.

Disadvantages of Table saw

  • Its cutting depth is limited.
  • Occupy a large area in the workplace.
  • Blade replacement is expensive.

Advantages of Bandsaw

  • It takes small space in the room.
  • Easy to generate curved cuts.
  • A perfect saw for roughly sizing woods prior to planning.
  • You can quickly achieve a deep cutting depth.
  • Blade changing is cost-effective.

Disadvantages of Bandsaw

  • The cuts are not as smooth as the Table saw.
  • The blade changing process is tricky and slow.
  • Less stable while cutting.

Last Statement

After an overview, it appears that a band saw is safer, yet a table saw secures its position as a common-place, versatile woodworking tool. As a woodworker, you may need a table saw first in your shop. But you’ll definitely choose a band saw for unique cuts and remodeling projects.

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