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Best Portable Band Saws of 2024 – [Details Reviewed]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 16, 2024

Carpentry, masonry, or any work that entails a lot of cutting be it wood or metal or even plastic requires the right kind of tool. As a professional, you know how much customers value work with an elegant and classy touch. The only way you can make such an impression to your buyers has the right tool.

The professions we have mentioned above require accuracy while cutting for fitting purposes. As such, in this article, we shall provide you a review of the best portable band saw.

This is a tool that will give you precise cuts to help bring out a classy product with a professional touch.

Our Top Picks

Top 9 Portable Band Saw Reviews

1. Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw – Premium Pick

Milwaukee, 6238-20, Deep Cut Portable Band Saw

A famous brand comes with confidence. Many experts will tell you that it is essential to stick to well-known brands as they have minimal chances of counterfeits since they have a lot to lose. One of the famous brand of saw bands to go for is the Milwaukee portable band saw. With this, you are guaranteed of a top performer tool.

Moreover, this portable band saw is available in plastic and metallic. The plastic is suitable for light cutting tasks while the metallic one comes in handy for the hard work. Interestingly, the plastic can perform some hard work thanks to the durable and top-quality material that it is made of. More importantly, it is quite easy to use.

Design is one of the crucial things, and the manufacturers of this tool have not failed on that. It has an 11 Amp motor. This enables the tool to give you the best and optimum performance. Besides, it is light in weight for smooth movement.

Safety is also crucial, and the designers of Milwaukee considered this significant. They equipped the tool with a gear clutch. This ensures that you can have control of the speed of the tool with ease.

While the tool shoe is made adjustable and locks free, the blades can cut as deep as five inches. The capacity ranks the tool among the deep-cutting one in the market.


    • Cordless for easy movements.
    • Lightweight hence less effort needed to use it.
    • Suitable for both hard and soft tasks.
    • Easy to use.
    • Gear clutches for safety.
    • Comes with a powerful motor.
    • Deep cutting capacity blades.


    • The idler wheel moves a lot making the blades wobble.

2. DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw – Editor Choice

DEWALT Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5-Inch (DWM120K)

One of the best customer attraction strategies that big brands have mastered perfectly is packaging for safety. Such is the case with the DEWALT manufacturers. They have ensured that the DEWALT portable band saw is among the safest tool you will come across in terms of storage and packaging.

Why do we term this tool safe? It’s simple. The portable band saw comes enclosed in a top-quality plastic casing. Importantly, the casing has an extra room that you may use to store other complementing tools. Power is an essential feature of these tools. This one comes with a 10 Amp powered motor, guaranteeing to complete the hardest of tasks.

Additionally, the blade capacity is top class with depth abilities of up to 5 inches. Interestingly, the depth capacity cutting options can either be round or rectangular. Its steel shroud, which is serviceable and the rubber bumpers allow for safe working without risks of damages.

If you find yourself working in a limited lighting area, then do not worry. The designers of this band fitted an LED light for such experiences. For perfected cuts, the LED light is aligned with the cutting line for precision.

The portable band saw also comes with handlers at the front and a position bale for the steady holding of the tool. Some hooks help in easy hanging with limited chances of damaging the tool.


    • Has a rubber bumper that ensures limited shifting of the tool.
    • Storage case for the safety of the machine and other items.
    • Deep capacity cutting blades.
    • Powerful motor.
    • Hooks for easy hanging of the tool.
    • LED light for precise cuts and lighting.
    • Front handlers and position bales for steady holding.


    • Some come in a box instead of the plastic casing.

3. Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B – Best for Money

Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Compact Band Saw

We all want to provide our customers with the most excellent product. As such, it is essential to buy a tool that will work on, not only the easy parts but also the tight angles. Such is the case with the Bosch bare portable band saw. The manufacturers concentrated on making a tool that will stand tall over the others.

To begin with, the tool is arguably the lightest among all other portable tools. Being the most compact tool among competitors, surprisingly, it is about 60 percent lighter. For perfect and precise cutting, the tool comes with LED lighting that is aligned to the cutting line. Thereby it can act as a source of light in case of limited view.

The portable band saw blades have a cutting capacity of about 3 inches. With the portability uniqueness, the tool stands among the best to work with on tight spaces and also tricky angles. But the tool battery and charger are sold separately. Additionally, the base of the tool is made of aluminum to reduce the chances of the tool rusting.

Moreover, the tool comes with an electric cell protection feature. This ensures that the battery is protected from risks such as overloading, deep discharge, or even overheating. If you are a person of class, then this is the ideal tool for you.


    • Deep cutting blades.
    • Perfect to work in tight angles.
    • Aluminum base to limit rusting.
    • LED lighting for precise cutting.
    • Very light for easy working.
    • Electric cell protection feature for battery protection.


    • The blades are quite challenging to mount.

4. BAUER 10 Amp Deep Cut Band Saw Kit (Portable)

 10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit

Balance and stability often help inaccurate cuts. While shopping, it is essential to try out your tool to feel stability. For the BAUER portable band saw, such issues should not worry you. The manufacturers have made it with the top skill to ensure that it is among the most comfortable tool.

Power helps to get the work done, and this tool has been given perfect consideration. Its motor is powered by a 10AMP with a speed dial variable of 0 to close to 420FPM. This makes it among the most efficient, robust, and work enduring tools you can ever come across.

Consequently, the blade cutter matches the power of the tool. It comes with a cutting capacity of up to 5 inches deep. Portability should not be a strain, and the designers of this tool have not failed on that either. The tool weighs just about 16lbs, ranking it among the lightest tools available in the market.

There is one unique feature of the BAUER portable band saw that makes it stand out among many tools that are it happens to consist of ergonomics features.

The advanced feature enables the tool to balance hence ensuring that the cuts are very accurate, clean, and perfect. Importantly, the ergonomic provides that you use limited effort while working thus less fatigue.


    • Affordable.
    • Powerful motor.
    • High rotating speed for faster work.
    • Deep blade cutter.
    • Lightweight for easy portability.
    • Ergonomic features that enable proper balance and less effort.


    • Not very suitable for hard work. The motor is prone to shorting, and constant replacement is required.

5. Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT Cordless Portable Band Saw

 Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw

Affordability and quality are a rare combination to dig in any tool. In most cases, quality is often costly. However, when it comes to perfection, the manufacturers of the Makita XBP02Z stands among the best in the market.

This particular tool is a must go for you. It is merely a combination of quality, safe, effective, and affordable tool all in one.

For the Makita portable band saw, it comes in a compact, ergonomic design. This ensures that it is perfect for any work with minimal effort resulting in less exhaustion. It is also a versatile tool in that it can cut both metal and wood. However, it works best on metal material.

The usability of this tool is quite a thing. Additionally, it comes with a LED light which comes in handy while cutting, as it aligns with the cutting line, and also offers light in case you work in dark areas. The rubber bumper ensures maximum protection of the material and the saw from any possible damages.

Furthermore, the tool is powered by an 18volt battery that is of Lithium-Ion series. However, while buying, the tool does not come with battery or charger. You will have to buy it separately. The blades come with a deep cutting capacity of about 4 inches. Also, they are easy to fix.


    • Ergonomic design for minimal effort.
    • LED lighting for precise cutting and lighting.
    • Rubber bumper for limited shifting of the tool.
    • Powerful motor.
    • Lithium-ion battery that fast charges.
    • Deep blade cutting capacity.


    • The charger and battery are sold separately.
    • Quite costly.

6. WEN 94396 Handheld Portable Band Saw for Metal

While working, you must ensure you have the right tool for the job. Some brands specialize in specific materials that are either wood or metal. If you are concerned with metal, then you may want to try out the WEN 94396 portable bandsaw. You will not be disappointed with this tool.

As we had mentioned above, this tool is quite suitable to work on metal. All this is attributed to the fact that it comes with a 10AMP powered motor. The blades also rotate at a variable speed of about 60 to 400 per minute. This makes it stand among the fastest working tools and time conscience.

Consequently, the blades have a cutting depth capacity of 5 inches. For portability purposes, the designers gave the tool their best. It weighs about 15 pounds. This makes the tool stand among the lightest in the market. It also comes with a clutch that acts as a speed regulator while cutting with precision.

The front handle on the tool is adjustable for stability and precise cuts on delicate surfaces. Importantly, the blades are supported by ball bearings hence limited shifting. It comes with 10/14 TPI blades that are specially made to cut metals.

Moreover, there is also an external tension lever fixed on the blade section to ensure that you have control of the length and proper authority of the cut.


    • Perfect for metal cutting.
    • Powerful motor.
    • High-speed blade rotation.
    • Lightweight for portability.
    • Adjustable front handler.
    • External tension on the blade.
    • Blade supporting ball bearings.
    • Clutch for speed regulation.


    • Does not come with a battery you will have to buy it separately.
    • Its blade is prone to breaking on some metal.

7. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band Saw

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit

Experts in this field tend to advise that before buying any portable band saw, it is important to note how many products one company offers. This way, you will be able to distinguish distinct features from one tool to another and importantly buy what you need.

This is what the manufacturers of the Milwaukee tools have offered. Two great band saws with great features to suit specific needs.

With this particular one, handling has been made easy. It comes with a one-hand handler that allows for one-handed cuts. Importantly, it has been made so compact and lightweight, making it arguably one of the lightest cordless tools you can ever come across. You cannot feel the weight experiencing less fatigue.

Also, the motor comes can be powered by 12V. Also, the blade’s variable speed is about 0 to 150 in a minute with a three-quarter deep cut in 3 seconds. It is also compatible with the XC battery. The blades are big and wide with measurements of about 27 by ½ by 0.20 to allow a cutting depth of about 2 inches deep.

The tool comes fixed with an LED light for perfect cuts as it is aligned with the cutting line. Additionally, it has adjustable tension on the blade.

Besides, it is designed with the right length for secure handling since we had mentioned it is a one-hand handling tool. It is also very light approximately less than 7 pounds making it one of the lightest in the market.


    • Very light in weight.
    • Powerful motor.
    • LED lighting.
    • Adjustable tension on blades.
    • Blade tracking.
    • Easy handling.


    • Comparing the motor power, it has quite a small cutting capacity.

8. DEWALT DCS374B 20V– Best Battery Powered Band Saw

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, Tool Only (DCS374B)

Big companies often provide alternatives. You may need a tool that can fit in a storage space of another tool you had bought. As such, you may not require to pay for another casing. That’s what the DEWALT manufacturer’s offers when they launched this particular portable band saw to provide uniqueness and compensation too.

This DEWALT portable saw band comes with a blade cutting capacity of 5 inches deep with one single cut. Also, it comes with LED lighting in case you have insufficient lighting in the area of work. Again, the light is aligned to the cutting surface for better accurateness.

The speed variable comes with a trigger and also a dial. This, in turn, allows the tool to be versatile and in proper control. There are also integrated hooks that ensure your tool is safely hanged after use. This is an alternative storage option since the tool does not come in a casing like the sister tool.

The motor is powered by a 20V source to enable the tool blades to work efficiently. Sadly, the battery and the charger do not come with the tool. You will hence need to buy them separately.

It also comes with a rubber bumper that limits shifting and keeps the tool from wearing out quite fast than anticipated. The tool is among the lightest in the market with a weight of fewer than 12 pounds.


    • Powerful motor.
    • Rubber bumper.
    • Deep cutting blades.
    • Speed control triggers.
    • Hooks that ensures safe storage.
    • LED lighting for precise cuts and lighting in case of limited light.
    • Weighs less than 12 lbs.


    • Comes with no charger or batteries.
    • Quite expensive.

9. Bosch GCB10-5 Deep-Cut Band Saw

Bosch GCB10-5

Having options is the best feeling for any shopper. Most big companies tend to offer this to their customers. It keeps them relevant in the market while also winning more customers.

Bosch has mastered this art perfectly and have another saw band in the market; the Bosch GCB10-5 Deep-Cut portable band saw that comes with more exciting options.

Unlike the other tool, this one is much more subcompact. It comes with a mighty motor that is backed by 10AMP. This ensures that you get cleaner and more delicate cuts with just one sweep and no reworks. Importantly, it does not mess with the color of your material. Isn’t that exciting!

For safety, the manufacturers of the Bosch portable saw band had not failed either. It comes with an anti-sparks system to ensure that chances of fire on your work site is impossible. Again, for the cuts, the blades have a cutting depth capacity of about 41/2 inches single cut, making it perfect with the motor power it comes with.

The design as mention is much compact making it a very light tool to work with. It weighs about 14 pounds or less. The blades and the tool are strong and stable hence ideal for stubborn and hard work.

One unique feature is the ability to adjust the variable speed automatically. This enables the tool to act on any material in the right place. Such a feature helps in ensuring that the content being work on does not get damaged.


    • Compact and lightweight for portability.
    • Powerful motor.
    • Anti-spark feature for safety.
    • Deep single cutting blades.
    • Automated variable speed for proper cuts.


    • Comes with no hook nor a case hence quite challenging to store and unsafe.

What to Consider Before Buying a Portable Band Saw

There is always confusion when buying anything for the first time. You are almost uncertain about what to look for. As we know, you are purchasing a portable band saw. This means that you ought to have it as light and straightforward as possible.

Here are some of the critical things to watch out as you buy;


Best portable band saw buying guide

As we mentioned, you are purchasing a portable tool. As such, it should be in its purest form and easy to move around with. We mostly recommend the cordless tool in such cases since they are easy to move around with no limitations.

You do not want to bring the tools to the machine, but vice versa. More importantly, you want to work in the best, fast, and less effort applying process. Portability is then crucial, and you should look out for it.

The Source of Power

There are two kinds of power sources that support the best metal band saw. It can either be corded or battery-run. Both have their limitations and merits. For instance, those that are battery powered have better portability options than the corded since they have their power source inbuilt with them.

On the flip side, batteries have a short life span, and as such, you would have to change them regularly compared to the corded that is always powered as long as there is electricity or a power source to the plugin. Although it limits you in terms of movement and portability, power is not an issue with this.

The debate on this boils down to personal preference. If you are a professional that requires a lot of movement and working on timelines, then you need to have the cordless.

However, if you need a tool for simple tasks at home that do not need so much technical approach or proper professional touch, then the corded ones are the kind of tools for you.

It is also important to note that almost all cordless tools do not come with batteries. You will have to buy it separately. It is essential to indicate whether the tool you purchased comes with batteries or not. Ideally, almost all these band saws use the same standard battery so, it should not be an issue to get one.

The Capacity of the Cutters

A handheld band saw ought to cut close to about 5 inches in thickness. In the metal cutting band saw reviews above, you may have noticed that some have a much lower cutting. If you get such a tool, you should not be worried. They are just perfect for small cuts.

It is, however, our recommendation that you go for those with high cutting capacity to reduce the chances of being limited. However, if you do not need it for deep cuts, then the lesser capacity might save you a few bucks.


There are other small additions that you may get. They may be not crucial but might come in handy. They include:


Some of these handheld portable band saw come fixed with LED lighting. This will help if you are working in poorly lit areas. Consider one such as an extra addition.


The safety of your best porta band saw is critical. As such, you must get one with a casing. This way, you might even have extra room to carry your additional working tools and limit losing some of the tools.


Best Portable Band Saw blade

From our metal band saw reviews, you may have noticed that a few of the saws come with a blade. It is essential to note that this blade may not be convenient in some cases. In the long run, you will have to buy other blades for certain kinds of tasks.

In most cases, the included blade tends not to be fit for certain kinds of materials you may be working on. They manage their unfinished touch or at times may lead to breaking while buying check to see the sort of portable bandsaw blade available so that you may know which ones you will buy separately.

Rubber Bumpers

Safety, as we mentioned, is essential. Again, you want your tool to last for quite some time. This is where these rubber bumpers come in handy. Band saws portable and equipped with these kinds of rubber that tend to be somehow resistant to wear and tear. Also, they ensure that the tool does not shift while working for precise cuts.

Many experts, however, explain that the rubbers may not be a suitable way to keep your tool durable. If you are the kind whose tool will engage in hard work, it is recommended that you get a tool that is heavy and meant for such a variety of tasks.

That is the best way to avoid a constant return to the shop for a new tool. To mention, any of the above tools can serve you for a long time thanks to their durability features.

Benefits of Using Portable Band Saw

We may assume that cutting is an easy task. However, that is not the case. There are many benefits that a portable band saw offers. One of the major keys is precise and professional cuts. In the long run, this will help in proper fitting and professionally made products.

Other benefits include easy usage, less noise production, and makes work much faster. Change of direction is much straightforward, and its management is much accessible. Also, it is a much safe tool to use. Why struggle with ancient tools? Enjoy these benefits at a pocket-friendly price.

Safety Tips

Best portable band saw safety Tips

Every new tool comes with several complications. You may be unable to start it or fail to use it effectively. Consequently, you may end up damaging the tool or hurting yourself in the process. Safety is crucial, and that should always be your number one priority.

For the cordless band saw, they are not that complicated. However, to ensure you are secure, always consult the manual book that comes with the product. They always provide step by step processes on using and setting up. Again, you can always ask for a demonstration of usage while buying.

Another essential safety feature is the casing. Always lock up the tool in the case immediately after use. Kids are quite adventurous, and you do not want the damage that may come with that. Rubber bumpers can also be fixed to limit shifting and wearing out. These are the key issues that you need to look out for.


In this section, we will answer some of the most common portable band saw related questions for better understanding.

Do saw bands come with blades?

Ans: Yes, they do. However, they do not serve all kinds of cuts. Hence, you will have to spend on extra blades to match the type of cut you want. Mostly, they come with one standard straight blade.

On average, how much does a saw band cost?

Ans: This will depend entirely on what you want, the kind of task it will perform, and the depth of the cuts. In most cases, the tool ranges from as low as 32 dollars to as high as 300 dollars. The powerful the tool and the deeper it can cut, the higher the price.

Do all band tools come with bumper rubbers?

Ans: No. Some do not. You will have to buy separately and fix them by yourself.

How deep can a saw band cut?

Ans: The general standard saw band can cut up to 5 inches deep. However, some can cut slightly lower than that like most of what we have reviewed above.

Do all cordless saw bands come with a charger and battery?

Ans: No. In most cases, they come with none of the two. Very few manufacturers can provide either one of the two. It is of the essence to check and see what you need to buy.


From the above portable band saw reviews, it is now evident and easy for you to walk into a hardware store and choose the best portable band saw that would suit your kind of task. Depending on the work, preference of cuts and the difficulty, go for what suits your needs and favors your pocket.

Otherwise, any of the above nine tools will serve you right, for long and most easily and comfortably. Go out and buy one!

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