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6 Different Types of Bandsaw Blades (with Pictures)

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 14, 2024

If you are the guy who works on woodworking, meet working or something like that then definitely band saw is your everyday used tools. And you love to play with it. But what do you know about the blades?

Did you know how many types of bandsaw blades are exist in the world? If you don’t then no problem. We are going to write this post on the band saw blade types and also their sizes. So, today you’ll know everything about the band saw. Let’s go to the main article.

Types of Bandsaw Blades 

Different Types of Bandsaw Blades

There are so many blades that are available for the bandsaw. But today we’re focusing some of useful and most used top six bandsaw blades.

  • Regular Tooth
  • Hook Tooth
  • Skip Tooth
  • Variable Tooth
  • Diamond Blade
  • Wavy Tooth

Those are the best and most used band saw blades in the world. Let’s study more about them:

Hook Tooth

Hook Tooth blade

This blade is made similarly to the name of it. It looks like hooks. The blade has a positive widely rake angle and has 10 degrees undercut face. With the help of those, you can cut any big or short things very deeply. It’s specially designed for heavy speed and coarse cut. This blade is very helpful for non-ferrous metal and hardwood. The blade is also best for cast iron.

This blade also has some negativity. The blade is short. And sometimes they didn’t give you the accurate finishing.

Regular Tooth

Regular Tooth :  Band Saw Blade Types

This blade is perfect for general metal cutting. Also, this blade can give you a better finishing on woodworking. The regular tooth blades are mainly made with straight-faced teeth. The blade has very deep gullets between every tooth. You can also call it standard saw blades. The blade is very popular for accurate cutting on softwood and also sometimes hardwood.

Variable Tooth

Variable Tooth band saw blade

This blade is also known as broach-tooth blades. This blade is fully different from other blades. There are two types of these blades. Those are:

  • Variable tooth blade
  • Variable pitch blade

Variable tooth blade: The main specialty of this blade is reducing vibrations. With the help of depth gullet and various type of angles, this blade can reduce a small percentage of vibrations.

Variable pitch blade: This blade has some types of different than variable tooth blade. The main difference between this blade is the size. The size is measured with TPI.

The variable tooth is very useful for woodworking. This blade creates vibration like harmony. Which will vibrate the saw and make the woodcut easier?

Diamond Blade

The diamond blade is mainly used for metal works. Sometimes in woodworking and meet working also. But it builds specially for metal works. This blade is created for hard cutting like metal, wood, and any kind of hard things. The diamond blade can cut many things. Like

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Tiles
  • Marbles
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Glass

And many more. With the help of sharp teeth, this blade can spoil anything on this list easily.

Skip Tooth

Skip Tooth band-saw blade

The skip tooth blades have flat gullet and zero rake angle. The blade is quite similar to hook teeth. The blade has an avowedly 90-degree tooth with sharp angles at where the gullets meet. With this type of tooth mostly used for soft cut, woodworking and some other this related thing. You can also cut metal with the help of these blades. This kind of blades cannot give you a proper clean finishing. Without any disturbance, you can cut long things with this blade, but you have to remember that this kind of blades is not giving you a proper smooth finishing.

Wavy Tooth

The wavy is the type of teeth set for the band blade. It helps the saw machines more comfortable to cut a variety of any kind of shapes. This set also helps eliminate tooth stripping when you are sawing any thin sections of pipe, tubing, sheet stock, and many other items.


If you come in here, then I can say now you know many kinds of band saw blades. But without our list, there have many kinds of blades are exist in the world. We are being ready to show you all one by one. After reading the full article we hope now you have a huge idea of the band saw blade types.

If anyone asks you know that how many types of bandsaw blades exist in the world? Now we hope you can answer this question. Those all blades are not the same every blade has its own different power and also, they are not the same on the size of cutting your desired product on your favorite tool. Every band saw blade size are different. So, be sure about the size before you purchase any of the blades.

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