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5 Cool Band saw uses | What Can It Be Used For?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

A person with the slightest of knowledge in woodwork and metal-work knows the real value of a band saw. Its versatility- different types, different working style, along with the scope of a wide range of use of the tool makes it the most loved saw. However, most people hardly realize the proper band saw uses. So, let’s take a look at how versatile a band saw can be.

What Is A Band Saw?

We will keep it simple — no dodgy words or jargon. A band saw is a long blade with numerous saw teeth. The teeth are arranged in a metal band and comes along with two to three rotating wheels.

The blades are tiny in size, allowing users to get more detailed and intricate cuts.

Most Common And Innovative Band Saw Uses :

If you can use for bandsaw with skill, it will turn out to be a gamechanger for you. You can use the piece of the woods to their potentiality and portray your creativity. We have already mentioned the versatility of a band saw.

Now its high time we went deep into the world of the bandsaw uses.

Woodworking Job

A band saw has incredibly enormous use in the woodworking sector. With each cut of the saw, you will understand its true uniqueness. Only then you will know its different applications in woodwork.

You can use the bandsaw to resaw any wood board. It means that you can cut a long piece of wood into two along the width. It opens up the wood into two parts like a book.

Most boards contain somewhat rough edge and face as they come from the mill. However, you are now able to reset the edge and front of the boards with your band saw.

There are many cuts you can perform with the bandsaw, such as miter cut, crosscuts, and straight cuts. What’s more, you can use it for freehand cutting to give your wood the desired shape.

Lumber Ripping Tool

Did you ever face any problem with large lumber to cut it according to your desired size? Ripping large lumbers into different sizes and shapes is a challenging task for woodworking professionals. However, a band saw makes the job more comfortable than you might imagine.

Since the first introduction of the band saws in the early 1800s, it has become one of the most popular accessories to rip lumbers. A table band saw with its ripping ability, and specious table allows you to arrange any rip multiple pieces one by one.

Meat Cutting

I guess you are surprised to see meat cutting as an inclusion here. However, it is a reality. Meat factories or butchers use a particular type of bandsaw to process meat. Butchers use the meat band saw to trim the meats. They even use it to cut large pieces into smaller ones for further processing.

Meat band saws are designed to cut through fleshes and bones with minimum waste. Therefore, it saves energy and prevents the meat from being wasted.

Metal Cutting

Most people think that band saws are used only to cut and to rip wood. However, you can use it to shape some metals by reducing them to your desired size. You will need a top-grade band saw blade to cut through the metals with accuracy.

In most cases, you will probably require different band saws to cut wood and metal. However, you can use your usual saw for metals as long as you choose an appropriate blade. You can use the saw for cutting planks, thin sheets, and tubes effectively.

We also want to let you know that we have a purchaser’s guide where we also show you the top Portable band saw. It can be found here.

Make A Veneer with A Band Saw

Sometimes, thick veneers misfit your woodworking. In such cases, you might need some thin pieces of veneer to get your job done. However, how do you get them?

With the bandsaw, it has become more comfortable. You can now slice the thick veneer into several pieces with the saw blade. Later these veneers can be used for drawer fronts and curved doors. It will give your work an exceptional look.


The opportunities to uses a band saw are limitless. You can use it to accomplish many jobs that too without much difficulty. We have enlisted some of the usual band saw uses to help you realize the multi-dimensionality of a band saw. We would look forward to hearing from you to know some of the strangest use of the saw if ever you experienced something new with it.

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