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How to Cut A 45 Degree Angle with A Circular Saw

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 21, 2024

Whether you build a table or frames, you would have to add several square joints. And it needs a 45-degree angle cut for creating square joints. Therefore, you should know how to cut a 45-degree angle with a circular saw for your DIY woodwork project.

Moreover, a circular saw is an outstanding choice for getting mitered cuts. For joining two pieces of wood at a 45-degree angle, a mitered cut is necessary. The good news is that the steps discussed in this article for achieving a 45-degree angle cut and numerous miter cuts are going to help you cut precisely at your next project. Let’s see.

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How to Make A 45-Degree Angle Cut with A Circular Saw

Do you know why professionals use circular saws for an angular cut?  It’s because they’re quick, easy to use, give you clean cuts, and smoothly deal with critical tasks. Don’t worry; it’s easy as pie if you follow these instructions correctly.

It’s time to learn how to achieve 45-degree angle cuts with a circular saw.

Put Up with the Preparation

Preparation effect massively on your success rate. To achieve a perfect mitered cut, you should look after the circular saw assembly process, wood selection, and safety precautions.

You should wear safety goggles, thick rubber gloves, and heavy boots as safety measures against any mishaps. Check out the circular saw’s initial and overall condition, if it is fit for work or not. Now measure and mark the wooden piece to get desired elegant cuts.

Setting the Depth

First, you should determine the cutting thickness. Make sure your saw is unplugged.

Now set the saw blade at half inches deep underneath the wood board, then turn the knob to tighten the saw base plate with the wooden piece. This will help you achieve accurate cuts.

Adjusting the Circular Saw for 45-Degree Cuts

To get a perfect 45-degree angle cut with a circular saw, you will need to adjust the saw’s angle guide. Set up the blade with the wooden piece in a proper alignment. Now set the angle guide at 45 degrees and use a clamp to keep it steady.

Saw angle guide tends to slip while working; attaching the clam will make sure you won’t have to worry about that problem. Before turning on the circular saw, recheck everything, the wood piece, the saw blade position, and alignment. After you are satisfied with the stability and overall set up, you are ready to go.

Don’t Quarrel with Your Tool

While working, please don’t shake or thrust the circular saw all of a sudden. If you are too impatient with your tool, you will not only end up with a rough undesired cut but also may face a deadly accident. Now line up the saw blade with the previously marked cutting line,

Now keep a firm grip on the saw.

Beginning the Cut

At this point, you are ready to make that 45-degree angle cut, Turn on and wait for the circular saw blade to achieve its full pace. Make sure there is sufficient light access in your working space. Most of the circular saw comes with built-in LED light to have better visibility while working.

Now softly and slowly push the blade, you don’t need to put any extra effort; the self-weight of the circular saw and the earth’s gravity will make your work easier. However, you can use a worm drive circular saw for the best results.

The dust collection port should be retrieving all the sawdust; check if it’s working correctly; otherwise, you would end up with a messy floor and might catch some dust allergies as well.

Difficulties with 45-Degree Cuts

Cutting 45-degree angles with circular saw is relatively easy. Most of the time people join two 45 degree angle cut wood pieces. However, you need to understand that angled cuts are quite dull and fragile. While joining two 45 degree angle cut pieces of wood, just glues won’t be sufficient; even nails and screws are unable to provide utmost effectiveness. So, you need to strengthen the joints with proper reinforcement. You can use dowels or splines for joint reinforcement.

Reasons Behind A Circular Saw Stopping Repeatedly

There are several technical reasons behind this problem, but if your circular saw is frequently stopping only while performing an angular cut, then it’s because of too much sideways pressure.

You might be applying too much sideways pressure on the saw blade. Try to keep a slow and soft pressure on the circular saw, don’t force it.

Kinds of Cuts A Circular Saw Offers

The circular saw is a versatile power tool. We talked about miter cuts in the article; besides that, you can get crosscuts and repetitive rip cuts. In addition to that, a circular saw will give you an accurate and effortless working experience.


Your DIY projects would need a 45-degree angle cut for joining edges. While you may have access to various saws but a circular saw would be the perfect tool for the job. Once you learn how to cut a 45-degree angle with a circular saw, you would witness an effortless and relaxing working environment.

As a beginner, cutting 45-degree angles with a circular saw may not seem that easy, but don’t forget that you can master this art with adequate practice.  So, use this article as a guide and keep practicing. Best of luck.

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