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How to Cut A 4×4 Post with A Circular Saw – 3 Easy Steps

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

A Circular saw is man’s best companion on craftsmanship. Its portability and versatility make it the number one choice of every professional handyman. Its adaptability makes it the best power tool for cutting various materials. There are multiple models and specifications available on the market, and you can cut timber, metal even concert masonry. So, you just need to pick the right one.

In households, a circular saw is mostly used for cutting and shaping the wood. Generally, cutting a thin piece of wood is relatively easy, but when it comes to thick slices like a 4×4 post, it’s going to be tricky. In this article, I’ll guide you on how to cut a 4×4 post with a circular saw.

Cutting 4×4 Post with Circular Saw

Cutting 4×4 Post with Circular Saw

While buying a Circular saw, You are most likely to find a 7 or 6 inches saw blade, which will generally give you a 2-inch perpendicular cut. A regular circular saw ain’t giving you a straight 4 inches cut at one go, and you will have to make 2 or 3 passes to cut 4×4 with a circular saw.

Don’t worry; if you are a little bit cautious, you won’t have to compromise on the clean and smooth finish. There are a few easy-to-follow steps that will ensure that you get your desired result.

For cutting  4×4 post with a circular saw, you will just need a measurement scale and a pencil, and you are ready to begin. Put on a heavy pair of gloves and boots and save the most vulnerable part of your body. Wear safety goggles and earmuffs. As you will be dealing with a thick piece of wood, please keep a person nearby to adjust and help you rotate it.

Step 1: Clamp & Stabilize

You can keep the 4×4 wood piece rest on a flat surface or a table. Make sure that it doesn’t overhang on any side; you can put support on both sides of the wooden piece, clamp down and make sure it doesn’t slide or drag down.

Step 2: Measure & Mark

The proper measurement and bold and precise marking will be a great assist in the cutting process. It would be best to use a measurement scale and pencil while drawing the lines and making sure all lines meet at right angles.

Step 3: Cutting A 4×4 with A Circular Saw

Now keep a moderately firm handgrip on the blade and give it a gentle push. You should make sure the blade is perpendicular to the base plate after the first cut rotates the 4×4 and gives it another go. Turn it again to make another, and at 4th go, you’re all done. You will have to be extra careful while ripping 4×4 with a circular saw. You would be rotating the piece several times, which might mess up the stability. You will have to be decently skilled to cut 4×4 with a circular saw.  If you are an absolute amateur in craftsmanship, you might not get a proper, elegant cut, but you will be able to get the job done with a Circular saw.

The Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting A 4×4

A few considerably notable modifications of the circular saw are available on the market, which can fit up to 12-inch size blades. A bigger blade will make the job more comfortable, and you won’t have to cut a thick piece several times. Yes, you can cut up to 4 inches with a single pass with this blade.

Compared to other blades, a 12-inch blade is heavier and may overload the motor, and it needs a specially modified circular system that won’t fit into your regular saw. Using a heavy blade, putting a strain on the engine will eventually end up with a wear-down circular saw.  And you will have to replace your saw now and then.

Manufacturing companies are trying their best to develop a better saw. The beam saw has been quite prominent and getting popular nowadays. They are manufactured with utmost safety measures, relatively easy to use. It has a 16-inch blade and a powerful motor to handle the overall strains. It will weigh up to 12kg; you won’t have to worry about any thick piece of wood; you can cut a 4×4 in one go with a beam saw.

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The article is focused on the question; can a circular saw cut a 4×4?  Yes! It can. The easy-to-follow steps on how to cut a 4×4 post with a circular saw and selecting the best saw for the job will surely help you with your woodwork.

If you are regularly cutting thick wooden pieces, then you should put your money on a beam saw. If you don’t have access to a larger blade, then a normal saw will be enough for you.

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