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How to Cut Plexiglass with a Circular Saw – 3 Easy Steps

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Plexiglass is the most popular and mostly used glass in modern times, and it is one of the best alternatives for regular glass. You might find it everywhere, from your kitchen cabinets to tv screens, even on the airplane veil. So, it’s not that surprising to use plexiglass in household projects.

Whether you are a professional craftsman or an occasional worker using plexiglass for DIY projects, you need to know how to cut plexiglass with a circular saw. Moreover, experienced artisans prefer 10-inch size 80 tooth with carbide tipped circular saw blades for cutting plexiglass smoothly.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the cutting procedure.

Cutting Plexiglass with a Circular Saw in 3 Simple Steps

To get a clean-cut, I would recommend using a circular saw over a hand saw or table saw. Also, a circular saw is affordable and quite popular among artisans.

Enough idle chatter, let’s talk about the best way to cut plexiglass and some tips and tricks for effective cuts.

Required instruments:

  • Fixing Clamps
  • Measuring rulers
  • 10-inch Circular saw blade with 80 tooth carbide tipped
  • Safety Goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Earmuffs
  • Plastic film or an adhesive tape
  • Marker
  • Coolant spray

Safety first

Please put on the safety gears first, protecting your most vulnerable areas. Cutting plexiglass with a circular saw can be quite noisy and dangerous as well. Wearing safety goggles will ensure that the broken glass particles won’t reach your eyes and your earmuffs will protect the eardrums from excessive noise pollution.

Step 01: Setting up the glass

Before cutting the plexiglass, clean it properly. Set the plexiglass on your sawhorse, attach the clamps and make sure the glass isn’t in a loose state. Remember, it should be stabilized properly.

Step 02: Measurement

Use the measuring rulers and marker to draw your desired cutting dimensions on the glass. After that, put adhesive tape or plastic film on the cutting line to avoid splinter bursting everywhere. Leave the marked part freely hanging in the air.

If you want a straight cut, then take a straight piece of wood and put it on the top of the lines. Keep it as a reference while using the circular saw blade for plexiglass.

To protect the plexiglass from scratches, please put the protective film on. It will be a very easy peel off after you are done cutting.

Step 03: Cutting the glass

You should use a coolant spray on the blade to avoid overheating while using the circular saw blade for plexiglass. While cutting a half-inch thick plexiglass, wait for the circular saw to reach its maximum RPM (3400 to 3500) and then push it slowly in a soft motion. Please don’t try to use excessive force while cutting, it will surely damage the glass.

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Handy Tips for cutting plexiglass

1. Use soft and gentle push, don’t force it to be fast, or you will damage the glass. Try to maintain a moderate pace. If you are going too slow, then you might face an overheating problem. I would recommend you to keep the cutting rate at 3 inches per second.

2. Always use a sharp blade, broken teeth in a blade will give you quite a kickback. You won’t get desired consistent cuts.

3. Keep the rake angle between five to ten positive degrees for best results.

4. Keep the blade half-inch below the surface of the glass

5. If you can stabilize the glasses properly, cutting more than one glass at a time is possible.

6. Use a coolant or mix of detergent and water solution onto the blade to avoid the overheating problem.

7. Don’t stop in the middle of cutting and don’t let the circular blade rest in contact with the glass, otherwise, it will heat up and stick to the blade.

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Final words

Plexiglass is a wonderful element to work with. A decent circular saw will give you your desired cuts and you will have a smooth experience while working. Please follow the safety precautions and fix or stabilize the glass appropriately before cutting.

If you are inexperienced or underage, please cut plexiglass with a circular saw under expert supervision.

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