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Grizzly G0457 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw Review

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 16, 2024

When looking for some of the best accurate cuts on a woodworking project, the band saw will never be written off. This tool is best for complex and contoured cuts on any wooden material. Nonetheless, there are several models that you’ll encounter when looking for an ideal band saw for your use.

One of them is the grizzly 14 bandsaw. While it may serve some people better, it is important to determine if this bandsaw is also ideal for your needs. As such, we have decided to give you the Grizzly g0457 review for a start.

Technical Features

Grizzly G0457 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw

Let’s dig into the numerous features that make this 14″ bandsaw an industrial-grade tool.

Steel Frame

Firstly, this bandsaw is designed from a high-grade steel alloy frame. The frame is a 1-piece frame that’s welded and in addition to that reinforced. Because it is made of steel, the frame will easily allow the bandsaw machine to withstand even the most demanding jobs.

High Accuracy

While the frame is made up of durable steel alloy, it is also designed to offer higher tolerances inaccuracy. This is because the technology used on the frame doesn’t allow the frame to experience any form of frame flex or even twist. As such, it will remain in shape and maintain its original settings.

High-Grade Motor

Additionally, this newly designed bandsaw also comes with a 2 HP motor technology. The 110V/220V motor provides enough power that will get your work done in no time. The motor provides the perfect speeds and will easily enable you to meet deadlines too.

Wheeling Technology

Again, this band saw also comes with computer balanced wheels. The wheels are designed with the cast iron alloy and, as such, will last longer. They can withstand any form of wear and tear and will ensure that you can move your machine around easily.

Blade Guides

To ensure that the design that you finally come off with is also accurate and fits the final project, there is the introduction of the ball bearing guides for the blade. The guides will ensure that your designs are done with so much accuracy.

Blade Tensioning

For the bandsaw to work well, the guides must work with an easy to maintain tensioning technology. The quick-release tensioning system for this bandsaw’s blade is also a good technology for any person that loves the best designs.

Resawing Fence

To sweeten up this deal, you will get a patented 6″ resaw fence. The tall fence for resawing can be installed simply as a low profile guide on the side of the saw and can be used for making easy cuts on narrow stocks.

Wide Space

For your working space, this bandsaw offers a wide space that you can easily use with so much freedom. The working table size measures 19-3/4″ x 14-3/16″ x 1-1/2″ thick in overall dimension.

Wide Cutting Throat

Again the cutting throat or the capacity of cut comes to 13-1/2″ for this bandsaw, which is a huge chance for any project that requires fast of quick workload to finish. The model will boost results and also help the user to have an easy time.

Cutting Capacity

Again, the maximum cutting height of the bandsaw is about 10″ while the blade length is 106″. The blade delivers the speed of up to 3000 FPM for a quick and reliable finish. Thanks to the Grizzly g0457, you can learn the saw better using the user manual.

Grizzly g0457 14 Inch Deluxe Bandsaw Price

Grizzly G0457 Deluxe Bandsaw, 14"
  • Blade size: 106in long * Blade width: 1/8in - 3/4in * Blade speed: 3 000 FPM Approximate shipping weight: 214-Pound carton -1 Carton -2: 70-Pound

If you are looking for a bandsaw that you can get for a price that doesn’t hurt at all, then the Grizzly g0457 is indeed a model to look at. While it is highly efficient with some of the coolest features, this band saw also offers one of the greatest bargains for people who need a great bandsaw for home use.

It is highly affordable and will give you great certainty if you were on a fixed budget and still wanted a great bandsaw to go with. The model offers more on its competitive price and thus gives you a worry-free buy.

Grizzly g0457 Review: Other Expert Opinions

Grizzly G0457 Review

Across the globe, many experts have used this high-end band saw model; as such, they have also given their expert opinion about it.

For most experts, the grizzly 14″ bandsaw is ideal for many applications. Thanks to its high horsepower capacity. The model also comprises of a bigger cutting throat that gives it a highly flexible touch.

In many reviews, one thing that is clear is the band saw’s ability to provide a timely and versatile table tilt for the perfect cuts and designs. These discussions are, therefore, important if you want to get better knowledge on the band saw.


  • Offers an easy operation touch with an easy to access on and off button.
  • Gives the user the best quick-release blade tensioning for smooth operation.
  • Highly resistant to rust and corrosion thanks to its powder-coated finishing touch.
  • High-end durability with the best precision-ground cast-iron technology.
  • Keeps the working area clean with its large dust port design technology.
  • Easy to fit in your measurements, thanks to the smooth adjustment technology.
  • The re-saw fence is easy to remove and replace just in case you need to do so.

  • The band saw comes with a welded steel frame that adds it extra weight.

Why Should You Buy Grizzly G0457?

Grizzly G0457 Review

Buying the grizzly 14 inch bandsaw is more of a case of taste and preferences. Even so, we highly recommend this band saw for both learners and also seasoned woodworkers. This is because it is easy to use and comes with a simple to follow user manual.

More importantly, the band saw also comes at a great price. It is very affordable and will never dent your pocket. The model is easy to care for and requires no hard maintenance practices except for the replacement of the blade, among other things.

Again, this model is also made of a hard-metallic alloy frame, which means that it is durable, and no amount of use can wear it out. The machine, therefore, holds much better accuracy tolerances since it doesn’t flex or twist around the frame.

The other thing that you will find to be quite ideal is also the motor power. It is enough to power up the machine to higher speeds that will ensure that you enjoy fast cuts in tight deadline jobs. Thankfully, you’ll also have a machine that is easy to move around when you need to. Thanks to its durable wheels.


What is a band saw used for?

A band saw is used for cutting curves. It is also good for thick lumber and ideal for creating cabriole legs. It is commonly used to cut irregular shapes, resawing, or for ripping lumber to thinner slabs.

What is the top bandsaw for the money?

This is a bandsaw that allows you to buy when on a tight budget but still gives you the leverage of enjoying high-end features.

Why doesn’t my bandsaw cut straight?

If your band saw cuts crooked, the cause could be improper feeding. Another potential cause can be loose blade tension and above all the lack of the workpiece guide.


According to the Grizzly g0457 review above, this band saw offers blade speeds of up to 3000 FPM. This is fast and will make your work easier and guarantee results faster. This is why many people who have used this band saw model love it.

Even so, when looking for intricate cuts, it is important to learn more about the working features that this band saw comes with. You will have to look through the user guide and also find what other users say about it.

Make sure that you take your time to determine how the bandsaw works and what you can do with it.

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