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Grizzly G0513 Bandsaw Review – You Must be Read Before Buy

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 13, 2024

One of the most popular semi-professional woodwork tools that you will find in most workshops around the world is a band saw. While it may look ordinary to you, this woodworking tools is one of the perfect options if you are looking for complex or contoured cuts.

Even so, making the right choice when looking for a model of your own may be quite difficult. Thanks to the many models that we are seeing today. Most reviews, however, recommend the grizzly 17 bandsaw.

But what makes this bandsaw the perfect option? Let us take a look at the Grizzly g0513 review to find out.

Technical Features

Now for the Grizzly g0513 review, let’s start with the technical features.

Cutting Capacity

For those who need the perfect cutting capacity from a band saw, this highly affordable band saw offers a maximum 12″ cutting capacity. This makes this 17″ band saw with a heavy-duty touch a great model for a wide range of cutting needs.

Coupled with the 16-1/4″ throat, this band saw is indeed one of the best if you have a wide range of applications to go with.

2 HP motor

The band saw also comes with a 2 HP motor. The motor is very powerful and will trigger the band saw into quicker working style. The motor is also reliable and will eliminate any form of heating.

Deluxe Fence

More importantly, this saw also comes with a deluxe heavy-duty fence. It has a high-end miter gauge and will work with the two features to deliver a great user experience. The model is reliable and will eliminate any form of flexing that could interfere with the precision of your work.

Dust Ports

To keep your working environment clean, this band saw also offers a dual 4″ dust port. The dust port will suck in all the dust and dirt and as such, leave you with a rather clean workshop with minimal or zero injury risk.

Adjusting Table

In addition to all these, this saw also enjoys the micro-adjusting feature with a smooth geared touch for its work table. This is a great set up that allows you to enjoy quicker delivery within the most minimal timeline.

Blade Guides

To maximize on the precision of every cut that you make with your band saw is a decent blade guide. This type of blade guide is a European style design that’s often found on the very best models.

High Speed

The 2 HP 110V/220V motor for the single-phase TEFC capacitor gives up to 1725 RPM. This is one of the highest speeds that will guarantee time-saving technology whenever you are on a tight schedule.

Cast Iron Alloy

For the perfect levels of durability, this model is also made from the high precision-ground cast-iron table that ensures you enjoy high levels of durability. Iron is good at ensuring that your band saw withstands the most demanding jobs.

Table Tilt

Again, this table also tilts at 10-degree to the left and 45-degree to the right. It is easy to tilt, and you will enjoy a safety technology that you can easily work with for the perfect beveled cuts with your band saw.

Wheel Technology

The wheels are also computer-balanced and are designed with a cast-aluminum and polyurethane to provide them with a light touch and high-end durability. The disc also enjoys full enclosure for the perfect protection.

Other Features

  • Floor to table height: 37-1/2″
  • Cutting capacity/throat: 16-1/4″
  • Maximum cutting height: 12-1/8″
  • Blade speeds: 1700 to 3500 FPM

Grizzly g0513 Bandsaw Price

Grizzly Industrial G0513-17" 2 HP Bandsaw
  • Blade sizes available 1/8-Inch - 1-Inch Standard blade length: 131 1/2-Inch Blade speeds: 2 speeds 3500 1600 FPM Approximate ship

Unlike most conventional bandsaws that will give you a run for your money and offer you poor features, the Grizzly g0513 bandsaw doesn’t. On the contrary, this model is highly efficient and will give both seasoned and newbie users some of the greatest results.

The model is highly affordable and will serve anyone with a tight budget well. It offers a great warranty that also justifies its high-end affordability. While most models may not offer this touch, this bandsaw guarantees a pocket-friendly price for anyone that needs to use a bandsaw in their workshop. That’s why it’s highly commendable.

Grizzly g0513 Reviews: Other Expert Opinions

Being one of the top-selling bandsaws that we have today, this model is enjoying lots of love from many experts. This has ensured that it gets some comprehensive discussions too.

The grizzly 17 bandsaw reviews bring out this model as one of the most powerful options with a wider catch. At 17 inches, the model offers additional leverage compared to the 14-inch models.

More importantly, the reports highlight more on its high speed and the use of a standard blade length. These are some of its strengths that contribute to a smooth run, especially if you want better results.


  • Offers wide cutting capacity for faster and cuts with precise finishing.
  • Easy to adjust to your required measurements, thanks to the micro-adjusting gear table.
  • A heavy-duty fence that guarantees perfect durable touch and extended lifespan.
  • Maximum safety for users due to its full enclosure technology on bearings.
  • Comes with two blade speeds that you can choose from depending on your needs.
  • Easy table tilting technique for perfect beveling cuts and intricate angled cuts.
  • Comes with durable, lightweight tires that enable you to move it around easily.

  • Slightly heavy but thankfully has wheels for easy movement.

Why Should You Buy It?

Grizzly g0513 review

Most people who are new to woodworking will not understand why the grizzly 17 inch bandsaw is ideal. However, here are some cool reasons.

First, the band saw has a wider cutting capacity and will work well for a variety of designs. You can rely on it for heavy workload too since it has one of the perfect cutting speeds. The band saw is heavy and will easily eliminate any forms of shakes when you are using it to make your designs.

Apart from these, this saw also has a wider through that makes it ideal for several applications. As such, you don’t have to buy additional saws or blades to get other ideal forms of applications. As if that’s not enough, the working area will be clean.

Thanks to the 4″ dust ports that this model employs. Most users, however, love it because it is durable and it will easily guarantee you both longer lifespan and also better value for money. It is certified and keeps you safe whenever you are using it.

The cutting height is also adjustable, which means that you can easily fit in your measurements so that you get the greatest results.


Do I really need to use a bandsaw?

Ans. For a one inch timber, there won’t be any need to use a bandsaw. Instead, use a hand saw. But if the wooden piece is over four-inch, a bandsaw will be ideal.

Why does your bandsaw blade wobble?

Ans. When ripping wood, ensure that you are slow enough for the blade to clear waste. Feeding the blade faster may trigger some wobbling.

Between a bandsaw and a scroll saw, which is better?

Ans. Well, the band saws give more power, they are perfect for intricate cuts and will cut through metal if you give them the right blade. More importantly, the band saw is also open to its front and also rear and as such supports the use of long pieces.


Most people who have used the grizzly 17 bandsaw for their woodworking projects understand that this model is durable, versatile, and ideal for the most complex woodworking designs. It is, however, easy to work with and will give you the greatest experiences.

This 17-inch band saw offers enough power for any type of project that you may want to indulge in. It is a good thing to look keenly at the Grizzly g0513 review so as to get an even better experience when you finally settle down to work with it.

Make sure that your band saw is used in the right way so that you can have a better work experience.

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