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How to Fold A Bandsaw Blade – 5 Easy Steps

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 21, 2024

When it comes to blade length, bandsaws probably have the lengthiest blade in the entire power saw industry. So, it becomes crucial to store the bandsaw blade securely to ensure the longevity and safety of both the blade and bandsaw.

And as part of the bandsaw blade storage, you must know how to fold a bandsaw blade since you can’t store it securely without folding. Also, when you want to sharpen the edge by a professional worker, you would need to fold it before sending it to professionals.

However, there are only very few instructions available on the internet about folding bandsaw blade. While some of them are complicated, others are just trash. So, we thought about mentioning the detailed steps on folding the bandsaw blade properly.

So, are you up for it?

Tips on How to Fold A Bandsaw Blade

Folding a bandsaw blade

When you see the large size of the bandsaw blade and its strength, you might wonder, is it even foldable? Also, naturally, you would want to know if there is a possible method to fold the blade securely for storage and sharpening.

While you can watch YouTube videos for the tutorials, you can always look for our quick guidelines on how to fold bandsaw a blade.

Things you will need to fold a bandsaw blade:

  • A bandsaw blade
  • A pair of gloves without holes

The steps include:

Step 1: Finding the right surface

Since the bandsaw blade is large, you would want an ample surface while folding the blade. Also, make sure that the surface is even and non-slippery. It will help you avoid any unnecessary slippage and unwanted mishaps.

Step 2: Safety first

Even a dull bandsaw blade is capable enough to pierce through your soft tissues if not handled with care and proper cautions. That’s where the importance of wearing good-quality hand gloves becomes even more vital.

Once you have worn the hand gloves in both hands, you can proceed to the first step of folding bandsaw blades.

Step 3: Creating the first loop

Use one of your active hands to hold the blade in front of you securely on the floor. You would want the blade’s teeth facing the opposite direction of you. Since you will be holding the edge directly with your hand and operate it, going bare hand isn’t a good idea.

That’s why we earlier insisted on wearing the gloves at both hands.

As the blade lay flat on the ground and one end at your hand, bend it to create the first loop for folding it.

Step 4:  Creating the second loop

Once you have successfully made the first loop, put your one foot in the loop and hold the blade securely on the floor. We suggest you wear a pair of quality boots to avoid accidents.

Then securely hold the blade on the surface with one end in your hand and fold it again to create the second loop.

Step 5: Finishing the folding procedure

We are almost at the end of successfully folding the bandsaw blade.

After holding the blade securely on the surface and holding one end with hand, lower your back slowly to create the loops. Use your brute strength to fold the edge as the teeth face your opposite direction.  As you slowly lower your back and put pressure on the blade, it will slowly start coiling.

When you reach almost a 360° position and rotate your hand in the right direction, you will find three coils of the blade.  This is the straightforward way of how to fold a bandsaw blade.

Isn’t it simple?

The folding doesn’t require any rocket science. However, it needs brute power, and so, we discourage you from trying the bandsaw blade folding unless you are confident.

Why Should You Fold A Bandsaw Blade

You might be ardently wondering about the necessity of folding the bandsaw blade. To put it shortly, there are two common reasons for folding a bandsaw blade. These are:

  • Storage: A bandsaw blade is one of the largest in the industry. If you have a small workshop, you would want to save some space during the storage of the blade. So, it would be best if you folded the blade correctly to store it in a limited space.
  • Sharpening: Sometimes, you may want to send the blade for professional maintenance and sharpening. Well, you can’t send the blade as it is to professionals since it limits transportation. So, you will require folding the bandsaw blade to send it to a sharpener worker.

Also, as you work with the bandsaw blade, you know how brutal it can get while cutting different materials. So, it would be best if you should fold it to the store to stop accidental touches on edge.


This is our detailed and dedicated discussion on how to fold a bandsaw blade. Fortunately, the folding procedure is straightforward and quick too. Nonetheless, you should wear protective gloves and safety boots to safeguard your feet and hand from any unintentional cuts.

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