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How to Weld Bandsaw Blades – 4 Easy Steps

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 10, 2024

When you use a band saw for a prolonged period, the inevitable happens. The blade of the saw may get damaged or broken due to overuse. At this time, you may think of replacing it with a new one. Yet if you know how to weld bandsaw blades, it will help you save a considerable amount of money.

What’s more, welding a bandsaw blade doesn’t ask you to be a professional. Instead, you need to adequately invest some time and be attentive for welding bandsaw blades correctly.

So, let’s begin it.

Tips on How to Weld Bandsaw Blades (Step-by-step)

A man using band saw blade

If you want to repair bandsaw blade without many issues, it is advised that you opt for the welded bandsaw blades for proper functioning. Thankfully, the welding of the bandsaw blade is a straightforward process.

You will need:

  • A broken band saw blade
  • One vice
  • A grinder machine
  • One tig welder

The steps are

Step 1:

In the beginning, you will ardently need to clean the band saw blade properly. When you work with the blade, it accumulates a lot of dust and debris. Before you start repairing the blade, it is crucial to remove the dust from the blade.

The most common cause of a damaged band saw blade is rust on it.  So, check for the rust and use dishwashing liquid to remove the rust from the blade. Also, if the blade has been caught with too much rust, you may not be able to repair it.

Step 2:

The next ardent step of how to fix a broken bandsaw blade is to set the blade securely on an even surface. It will help you grind and weld the blade at ease.

Step 3:

Once you have cleaned the blade, wipe it with a clean piece of cloth to remove the rust. Wear gloves to effectively avoid any cuts from the blade while cleaning and wiping.

Now it is the right time to grind the blade.

Grinding will ensure the blade a tight fit after the welding is completed. The grinding enhances the blade’s sharpness and strength. Use the vice to set the edge in an angled position. Make sure that both snapped ends of the blade overlap.

Then use the grinder to grind the blade edges and position the band saw blade in the vice with an overlapping position.

Step 4:

After the grinding and positioning of the blade, you can start welding the blade with the Tig welder. To weld the blade, turn on the welder machine and preheat it.

After that, touch the welding end in the blade and carefully complete the welding to repair the bandsaw blade correctly; You need to perform the welding on both sides of the blade to ensure that no weak part is left untouched.

After you are done with the welding, use a file to sharpen the teeth of the band saw blade and position it in the saw for further usage.

Why Should You Weld A Bandsaw Blade?

Now that you know how to weld a bandsaw blade, you might wonder about the necessity of the welding process. Well, to be honest, when a band saw blade breaks or gets damaged, most people prefer buying a new one.

We won’t say that it isn’t a good alternative. But welding the blade can save huge money for you. Also, adequately welded bandsaw blades will last enough to make your hard work worthy enough. So, we would suggest you go for welding instead of purchasing a blade when it is damaged for the first time.


A band saw blade will inevitably get damaged, and when it happens, you may wonder what to do with the damaged blade. Well, I suggest you know how to weld a bandsaw blade so that you can quickly fix the imperfections.

This is an affordable option and also doesn’t need much time.

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