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Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw Review: Facts You Should Know

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 22, 2024

While circular saws will do more or less the same type of work, we have different types of circular saws. From these types, we have the smaller models and the larger options. One of the smaller and more compact options that we have is the Makita small circular saw with the 6-1/2″ blade.

But is this saw really worth the chase? For a guy who’s just starting off, using this type of saw may just come in handy. It is also very ideal for jobs that require you to move a lot. Even so, let the Makita XSS02Z review give us the go.

Technical Features

Here are the best features from this circular saw.

Battery Powered

The circular saw is battery powered. The battery capacity is so large and will give the circular saw a longer runtime. You will easily make more cuts and enjoy an even better working capacity for a quick job.

High-Speed Tech

Makita uses the built motor with a powerful capacity. The motor is ideal and delivers up to 3, 700 RPM. This is a good way to enjoy faster cutting and ripping speeds through any wooden planks. It makes your work easy and also timely irrespective of the workload capacity.

Heavy Gauge Base

For even better efficiency, the circular saw also comes with a heavy gauge base. The precision machined base helps any user to get smooth and accurate cuts. It also provided an added durability for a longer-lasting machine with value for money.

Beveling Technology

If you wanted to make angled cuts, there is no better way of doing it than with this battery-powered circular saw. The model is easy to use and will give you up to 50 degrees of maximum beveling cut capacity. However, there are no positive stops that you can make use of.

Magnesium Touch

One thing that assures the user of better durability is the magnesium build. The use of magnesium to design this saw ensures that you get a durable touch to the circular saw. You will also enjoy a lightweight design that you can use for longer without feeling in any way fatigued.

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Cutting Capacity

More importantly, this circular saw also comes with a 6 to 1/2 inches of the blade that delivers from 2 to 1/4 inches of cutting capacity, especially for the people who want a wide range of the best cutting applications.

Computerized Controls

Again, this model is also equipped with the Star Protection Computer Controlled technology. This technology is very important for any user that wants to protect their circular saw against any form of overloading. The same technology also eliminates over-discharging, and as if that’s not enough over-heating.

Rubberized Soft Handle

Finally, there is the use of rubberized technology for the handle so that you can get a soft grip around the handles. This soft grip is the best technology for many new users as it provides them with an increased comfort while on their job. Thankfully, it is another reason highlight for better ratings for this saw.

Makita xss02z Price

Makita XSS02Z is not the circular saw to worry about when you want to buy. The saw is one of the most affordable models that you can find today. The choice is right, and so is the pricing of the circular saw.

If you want something that won’t dent your pocket so much, the Makita XSS02Z circular saw will make an effortless choice. For its affordable pricing, it will also surprise you when you finally find the numerous features that this saw comes with.

It is simple, steadfast, easy to use, and above all, most affordable to every newbie around town.

Expert Opinions

It is no surprise really that this circular saw has also enjoyed some cool reviews from seasoned woodworkers. The Makita cordless circular saw has, for a long time, been at the top of most professional woodworker’s list and has, therefore, been a darling to look at.

In most of the expert reviews, this model is revered for its high-end maneuverability, easy maintenance, and simple control system. This saw is also celebrated for its lightweight touch that allows the tool to be used for longer durations.

The model is ideal for multiple applications and will easily provide users with the best experiences.


    • Delivers a wide range of work speed that you can choose from (700RPM-3500RPM).
    • Best for faster cutting of wood and ripping through planks of wood.
    • Offers a high precision touch for smooth, and accurate cutting.
    • Gives you a lightweight touch for the most complex and extended jobs.
    • Provides the best flexibility for the beveled cuts – provides up to 50-degree bevel capacity.
    • Best for a wide range of cutting applications in any workshop or jobsite setup.


    • Do not come with an included battery pack (battery pack to be bought separately). This comes with an added cost.

FAQs about Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw

What do you need a circular saw for?

Ans. Get a circular saw to rip lumber, cut straight, or crosscuts on wood. You can also use it to cut light metal sheets or plastic.

Which Types of Cuts Can a Circular Saw Make?

Ans. A circular saw makes a wide range of cuts. We have crosscuts, curvilinear cuts, and liner of straight cuts. If you want to make beveled cuts, you should see the user manual to determine the beveling capacity of your circular saw.

What is the Cutting Depth of a Circular Saw?

Ans. Most circular saw models have a 7 ¼” blade. This blade supports cutting depths of up to slightly over 2 ½” when at 90 degrees.

Why Should You Buy It?

There are so many reasons why we recommend the Makita small circular saw. Firstly, this circular saw is small in size. This means two things. It means that the saw is light in weight and that it is also compact.

As such, you can easily carry it around numerous jobsites without feeling any fatigue. You can also hold it for longer and use it for extended work without any sighs of exhaustion. As if that’s not enough, the model is compact and can be stored easily in its carry-on case.

The saw is built to deliver faster cutting speeds for both cross cuts and straight cuts. It is good for ripping wood and will give you speed cuts on stacked wooden planks too. With a beveling touch, this saw will also guarantee easier angled cuts.

You will enjoy smooth machined base touch and also get a highly affordable circular saw to start with. The model works best for tight spaces and will leave you with a great model saw for any tight spaces.

This is the best saw for both newbies and experienced woodworkers who want to enjoy a wide range of cutting applications.


The reason why we love this saw is its compact design. It gives the saw one of the best lightweight touches and also makes it an ideal model for guys that are often on the road. The small circular saw is easy to pack and will hardly leave you feeling exhausted.

If you have many jobsites to visit, this saw will give you the easiest solution. In line with the best Makita XSS02Z review, changing the blade in this saw is also very simple. You can always do it fast without losing any time between your tasks.

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