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Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw Review: Must be Read Before Buy

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

When choosing the best band saw for your woodwork needs, you must understand what impact the tool will have in your profession. for a great model, making contoured and complex cuts will no longer be complicated.

Even so, choosing this versatile woodwork tool requires enough knowledge. It would be best if you must look for a saw that’s ideal for both semi and pro needs. A model from a great brand, coupled with cool features, will be important.

One such model is the Rikon10 inch bandsaw. However, to understand what this band saw brings, here is the rikon 10-305 review.

Technical Features

Rikon 10-305 Band Saw Review

Now let’s start with the rikon benchtop bandsaw technical features.

10 Inch Cutting Capacity

This band saw is a supermodel for the woodworkers that do not need a large cutting capacity. It will also come in handy for the guys who don’t have so many pieces to work on. That’s why the saw enjoys a rather smaller design with just about 10-inch cutting capacity.

Motor – 1/3HP Motor

The model is also ideal for artists that don’t actually require so much power. As such, it can do well for the newbies who are looking for a learning touch. Thanks to its Motor – 1/3HP motor that provides a much more ample power that you can use for cutting bowls and pen blanks.

Compact Design

Measuring only 35.5 x 18 x 13 inches in overall dimensions, this band saw is also ideal for the guys that have a limited workshop space and as such aren’t able to carry a larger sized band saw the design. Thanks to its compact design that gives it a perfect fit on the most limited spaces and an additional flexibility under the same roof.

0-45° Tilting Table

The band saw also features one of the easiest operations. It offers a great tilting touch that falls between 0-45° for the table. This is a technology that allows any user to make beveled cuts easily. You can also enjoy greater work flexibility which at the end of it contributes to some of the best woodworking results.

Rip Fence Technology

For someone who has looked at the rikon 10-305 bandsaw review too, the rip fence technology is also a great addition to this band saw’s design. Even so, the rip fence is removable and will do you a greater good if you wanted a hands-free job.

Tensioning Knob

To give you an easy hold and release to the band saw blade is a large blade tension knob that you can easily make use of. The tensioning knob is quite accessible and is often guarded with one of the finest safety gear.

Micro-Adjustable Guide Post

To give you an easy raise or lowering of the guide post height is the micro-adjustable guidepost that you can use to determine the measurement that you intend to work with. The guidepost can be used to adjust the size of cuts and also to get the perfect modeling work.

Thankfully, the guidepost comes with an easy to turn to handle that you can use to make the adjustments quickly.

Cast Iron Table

For a better working experience, there is also the large cast-iron working table that measures just about 13-3/4-Inch by 12-1/2-Inch as I mentioned above. This table, having been made from a sturdy material, provides a high-end work surface that gives you one of the greatest features that you may not typically find on a regular bandsaw.


For a band saw that comes at just about 400 USD in most online buying sites, this model is not bad at all. It is a great buy for any person that wants to complete a huge workload in the smoothest way possible.

It is easy to work with and will minimize any spending on accessories. In other words, it comes in a complete set that eliminates any need for spending an extra dollar on the other accessories.

A saw is, therefore, a good option for medium workshops that intend to get into business for a long-term reason. The rikon 10-305 discussion shows you other additional features that you can get for this great price.

Rikon 10-305 Review: What Other Experts Say

Rikon 10-305 Band Saw Review

Like our rikon 10-305 analysis suggests that this is a great band saw to have, the rikon 10 inch band saw also enjoys the same type of compliments from other experts. For starters, many people agree that this band saw is one of the most affordable models.

You can easily get some of the greatest works at the most affordable pricing. Upon buying this band saw, you will also have a reliable benchtop band saw that most experts suggest will get the job done in no time.

The model they say is ideal for smooth and precise cuts due to its scaled frame. More importantly, the frame they say is durable and will never give any signs of bending; however much it is used.


  • Offers high-end durability
  • Gives great value for money
  • Has a smart blade guide and prevent bent cuts
  • Comes with a durable cast iron technology
  • Gives a simple to learn user manual
  • Eliminates any form of flexing
  • You can easily monitor the saw
  • Safe lever operation for quick feeds
  • Uses the smart blade guidepost
  • Has a rack and pinion technology for adjustment

  • Only cuts through thin workpieces


For better understanding, take a look at these band saw related faqs.

What else can I use my band saw for?

Apart from the woodwork, you can also use your band saw to make designs of thin metal sheets and plastics.

How frequently can I use a band saw?

If the band saw has a good motor, it won’t overheat. As such, you can use it for as much as you want. Good bandsaws are perfect for non-stop work.

Do I need a bandsaw for ripping timber?

No. Bandsaws are finest for intricate designs. If you want to rip timber, you should look for a table or circular saw.

Why Should You Buy It?

Rikon 10-305 Band Saw Review

The rikon 10-305 report shows us numerous features that make this band saw one of the top-rated models that you can have today. But is it really ideal for you? The answer is to the affirmative.

We highly recommend this metal cutting band saw from Rikon because of the following reasons among many others.

The model offers high-end durability, which is very important if you are working on a highly demanding project. With the best versatility, you will easily enjoy better cuts with low-grade wear and tear.

Next, the model is also good at providing the most precise cuts. It provides a seamless integration with bandsaw blade guides to give you precise cuts on wood, metal, and plastic, among other workpiece materials.

More importantly, this band saw also guarantees better freedom when you are working. It offers a wide working table that’s designed with high end cast iron. This spacious design is enough to give you better flexibility and freedom of movement.

Setting up this rikon band saw is also simple. You can easily adjust the saw to fit your needs. Thanks to the large tensioning knob that’s easy to access and also to use when adjusting the blade.


While rikon 10-305 review shows you exactly why this band saw is actually one of a kind, there are many other factors that will come into play when you finally want to buy.

Some of these factors include, the price of the band saw, durability, mode of operation, and the value addition, among other things. As such, anyone who is looking at getting a saw that will give them the best results should focus on these tips too.

Luckily for the people that will own this machine, these traits are already catered for, and you will have a great time with this band saw.

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