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Rikon 10-306 Band Saw Review: Finding A Perfect Saw for You

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 22, 2024

Rikon 10-306 Band Saw Review

Usually, buying a great tool for your woodworking needs will go a long way. Apart from just making your work easy and much more efficient, buying a great tool minimizes the cost of production and maximizes the profits.

Bandsaws are some of these great tools for your woodworking needs. They will help you to make the most complex cuts and designs of wood in no time. However, with many models creeping up in the market, caution is vital when buying.

Follow the best brands, such as Rikon to get a great model. Let’s look at the rikon 10-306 review to show you what a great option it is.

Technical Features

Rikon 10-306 Band Saw

Take a look at the technical features of the band saw first.

Dust Port Technology

Coupled with what we have seen is a dust port technology. The technology is designed to work with normal shop vacuum hookup and to eliminate any form of dirt around your workstation quickly.

The model gives a high suction power that you can rely on to remove dust, dirt, and debris from your working area.

Solid Steel Design

More importantly, it is a solid steel design technology that maximizes the band saw durability. The saw is designed with the popular high-end steel that makes it one of the most popular designs too.

The frame is designed from a heavy steel plate that’s extremely strong and as such, eliminates any form of flex.

Safety On/Off Technology

For this model, the switching on the button, which also switches off the band saw with a simultaneous press comes with a safety paddle that prevents any form of accidental switching on and off. As such, anyone who buys this band saw can be rest assured that they will easily enjoy some of the best safety measures too.

Compact Design

The saw also measures 35.4 x 18 x 12.7 inches in overall dimensions which makes it one of the most compact band saws that we have seen. This reduced size is very ideal for anyone that’s looking for a band saw that’s easy to transport and also to store when they aren’t using it.

Moderate Cutting Capacity

Rikon 10-306 Band Saw

The cutting capacity of this band saw is also a moderate one. You will get a cutting height capacity of 5″ and a cutting width capacity 9-5/8″ among many other measurements. This capacity makes this saw a model that you can rely on for quite a good range of cuts.

Tool-less Blade Guides

This is another rikon 10″ bandsaw that gives you a precise cut in the easiest way possible. The model enjoys a tool-less blade guide technology that you can engage when you need some of the most precise cuts.

Blade Tension Lever

The model also has one the best quick-release blade tensioning lever. This is a mechanism that you can use to remove and replace your blade or to fasten your blade to the band saw frame easily. It is greatly reliable, especially for the new users that want to learn how to use a band saw quickly.

5 Year Warranty

Finally, you also get the chance to enjoy one of the longest warranty offers. This band saw comes with a 5-year warranty that is arguably one of the longest for most band saw models. You can, therefore, rest assured that you will easily attend to all manufacturing defects without spending a dollar more.


This band saw offers 5 years of warranty for any person that buys it. Such a warranty means that you will get your band saw fixed at no cost for the next 5 years just in case you get a manufacturing defect.

It opens a new channel of saving money and eliminating any unnecessary spending. Looking at the rikon 10-306 bandsaw review, it is, therefore, quite evident that if you spend on this band saw, you will be saving so much money.

The rikon 10-306 bandsaw thus makes up for a great buy for both new users, and also seasoned band saw users that require better designs for their work.

Rikon 10-306 Review: What Other Experts Say

Rikon 10-306 Band Saw

According to the other experts who have provided us with the rikon 10-306 10 inch Bandsaw review, this is a saw that’s worth your money because of the following reasons.

The saw boasts of a very stable frame that will not flex or bend under any job. They agree that since this model is designed from a single frame, it won’t flex or even give a nudge under any weight.

The model is also ideal for learners since it comes with simple operating systems. In addition to that, most experts also agree that the user manual is simple and extremely easy to follow through.

You can, therefore, use it for learners or simply have it for long term purposes around your workshop.


  • Keeps your work place clean with dust ports.
  • Single frame design no flex or twisted cuts.
  • Easy to feed because of the wide frame.
  • Quick tracking window.
  • Joy to use due to the low noise levels.
  • Durable cast iron table.
  • Best resistance on heavy jobs.
  • High rate speeds for large amounts of work.
  • Very spacious design.


  • Comes with no movable band saw stand.

Why Should You Pick It?

Rikon 10-306 Band Saw

The Rikon 10-306 review assures you of a great band saw for your needs. It isn’t wrong. From what we had experienced with this saw when we tested it, you can never go wrong with this model.

The model provides you with two different speed levels. You can, therefore, choose the speed depending on the amount of work that you have, timeline, and what you want to cut. This is a good step since it allows you to enjoy better flexibility.

There is also a larger cutting capacity which allows you to enjoy a wide range of cuts. As such, you don’t have to purchase more than one machine even if you have tons of work to do. All you need is to adjust your cutting depth and enjoy the best results.

With this band saw, health complications that are caused by harmful sawdust will also be a thing of the past. Thanks to the dust port technology that allows you to connect a shop vac easily and to clear your working area.

There is also a safety paddle on the on/off switch that you can rely on to prevent any form of injury by accidental switching on.

FAQs about Rikon 10-306 Band Saw

Newbies can use these FAQs to grasp more about band saws.

Do I need a dust port in my band saw?

Ans. It is recommended that you get a dust port. A dust port allows you to connect a vacuum system that will eliminate dust and keep your work area clean. Sawdust when breathed in can be harmful.

When can I replace my band saw blade?

Ans. When the blade dulls up, it is time to replace it. If you don’t, the saw will struggle and might warp your designs.

How can I minimize poor results from my band saw?

Ans. Ensure that you take proper care and maintenance of your band saw. You can also follow the user manual.


Unlike the many regular band saws that you will find today, this model has proven beyond doubt that it matches up most of your woodworking needs. And looking at our rikon 10-306 review, you will easily realize that the features of this band saw are top rated.

As such, this model is ideal for woodworking and will guarantee some of the best results too. If you are working with this band saw, you should first of all understand it.

Reading through your user manual will help you to shed more light on how to operate the machine.

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