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Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw Review – An In-depth Buyer’s Guide

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 17, 2024

For a band saw that would last, going for both a great brand and a durable model is very important for any woodworker. Even so, it would help if you must take caution so as not to be duped in buying a tool that doesn’t offer what it promises.

Bandsaws are very reliable, and with a good model, you can make huge strides in your woodworking needs. If you have been looking for a bandsaw that guarantees both efficiency and top results, you can choose the Rikon bandsaw 10-326.

Here is a comprehensive Rikon 10-326 review that shows you why this is the best model for your needs.

Rikon 10-326 Technical Features

Here are some technical features to start with

rikon 10-326 review

Blade Tracking Knob

First, this band saw comes with a large blade tracking knob. This ensures that you keep track of your blade every time you are using it to cut. The saw is also equipped with a wide viewing window that allows you to keep up with your cuts and the saw blade.

Dust Port Technology

As if that’s not enough, there is also the dust port technology that this model comes with. This is a great technology that enables you to fit your band saw with a shop vacuum using a quick hookup technology.

In so doing, you can then enjoy some of the best vacuuming touches for a rather clean working surface.

4-5/8″ Re-Saw Capacity

Even better is a perfect re-saw capacity that gives the band saw a much more versatile edge. The resawing technology is also ideal for users that want to maximize the type of designs that they wish to their band saw to give them.

Solid Steel Design

To ensure that you have the great experience with your band saw, there is also a solid steel design technology that will maximize the durability of the band saw. This rather popular high-end steel makes this band saw one of the most popular designs to work with.

The frame as such is made of a heavy-duty steel plate that is extremely strong and which does not flex at all.

Thrust Bearings

For a rather smooth operation, this Rikon 14 deluxe bandsaw also comes with smooth thrust bearings. It is, therefore, a pretty cool model for those people who want to get some clean cuts without necessarily experiencing any hitches along the way.

Large Cast Iron Table

For a much more durable touch, this band saw also enjoys a large cast iron table. The table is ideal for use under high-pressure. It is also a great model if you wanted to choose a band saw that would last longer and operate better.

Extra Tall Rip Fence

An extra tall rip fence is also available to quickly increase the fence and also re-saw bar height to 6” whenever you need them to. This one gives an added support to the lumber that’s being ripped or even re-sawn.

The rip fence also quickly adjusts for the drift with a simple turning of a knob. There aren’t any tools required for you to enjoy the most complete touch.

Safety Paddle Switch

To guarantee safety usage and to eliminate any form of accidental mishaps is a paddle switch that’s well guarded. The paddle switch is easy to access. However, when the saw is lying unattended, it prevents any accidental turning on that could be fatal.

Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw Price

rikon 10-326 review

This band saw is a highly-priced band saw. However, the price measures up to the features that the band saw come with. From its high-end durable build to the wide throat, this band saw is indeed a great model to own.

The Rikon 10-326 deluxe 14” bandsaw will grant you the perfect durability. It will withstand any type of work and will also work on different designs irrespective of the size of the workpiece. The band saw will withstand the most demanding jobs too.

If you are looking at going for a band saw that would get large amounts of work done in no time without overheating, this is the saw for you.

Rikon 10-326 Review: What Other Experts Say

For the Rikon 10-326 bandsaw review, many people who have used this band saw had this to say. First of all, they agree that this saw will get the job done. They also attest that the double speed technology makes this saw one of the top models that you can have today.

In line with that, some of the experts also suggested that this saw is ideal for huge workloads and also users who want to experience minimal wear and tear. More importantly, for the users who love to work with plastics too, this is the model that many people recommend.

It is lenient to most materials and as such is very easy to regulate in case you need a model that you can rely on.


  • Provides a comfy working height
  • Easy to move around due
  • Smooth wheeling technology
  • Provides the perfect cushioning from warping
  • Highly affordable with the cool price tag
  • Designed with high-end durability
  • Easy to adjust to new measurements
  • Provides precise cuts
  • Simple to use with the quick user manual
  • Wider throat for quick feeds

  • Miter gauge to be bought differently.

Why Should You Buy Rikon 10-326?

RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14" Deluxe Bandsaw
  • Three Innovative, Patent Pending features make adjusting this redesigned band saw easier than ever before!

The Rikon 10-326 discussion has highlighted enough reasons why you should buy this band saw. But then, there are plenty more reasons that we can add to that as we recommend this superior band saw for your use.

To start us off, adjusting this band saw is easier than before. Thanks to the patented features that gives it one of the best versatility. You can also set it up in seconds and enjoy one of the perfect combo speeds.

For resawing purposes, this model also offers one of the perfect heights, which gives you high rate flexibility and ease of work.

The knob technology is also convenient and gives you an easy adjustment depending on the type of cut that you want to make.

This saw is energy efficient and will hardly leave you with huge power bills to settle. For large amounts of work, you will easily enjoy the large throat and the easy to read measurements in metric.

So, looking at this saw and more importantly our discussions, this saw is very commendable for any person that requires a high-end tool for smooth delivery. You can use the saw for large amounts of work too.

FAQs about Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw

The high-end band saws are great and here are additional tips for you.

What’s the Perfect Band Saw for Learners?

Newbies don’t have to spend a fortune on a band saw. They are still learning. As such, they need a model that is affordable to them and one that’s easy to learn.

What are the Best Care Tips for Band Saws?

Follow the user manual, clean your band saw, store it properly, never leave it unattended, and above all that, always lock the switch.

How Fast Can a Band Saw Go?

That depends on the motor capacity and type. Brushless motors will go for long without any overheating.


According to the rikon 10-326 review, this saw comes with a durable construction that assures any user of the best durability. This means that you can use the band saw for a long and also enjoy great value for your money.

In addition to that, it is the construction that puts this band saw apart. You will have a model that performs better than most regular and also the conventional model.

You will enjoy a smooth woodworking design and get your jobs done within the stipulated timelines, and that’s what makes the rikon 10-326 band saw better.

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