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Rockwell Rk3440k Vs Rk3441k Compact Saw – Which is Best?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

Rockwell tools manufacture different types of tools for different purposes. Likewise, Rockwell rk3440k and rk3441k offer you different features and possibilities of various cuts. Hence, it is worth knowing the differences between the two to choose the most appropriate one for your project.

Although they look almost the same, they are different in many ways. While the rk3440k is popular for its versatility, rk3441k is well-known for its accuracy and precision. Here, I have discussed their common features as well as their differences, however. Read this article to take a side in Rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k debates.

General Overview: Rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k

Rk3440k and Rk3441 are mini circular saws that cut through materials, easily and efficiently. Most woodworkers choose them for their compact design with the ability to precisely cut through wood materials. Let us take a deeper look at their differences first.

The Differences: Rockwell rk3440k and rk3441k

Rockwell Rk3440k Vs Rk3441k Compact Circular Saw


As both tools can cut through wood, the rk3440k has separate blades for cutting metals and ceramics. In other words, it has a kit of 3 blades which makes it more versatile than the VersaCut rk3441 saws. For instance, it has a 24T carbide-tipped blade for working on different kinds of wood.

Besides, a 44T HSS blade in the rk3440k is perfect for cutting through aluminum and PVC. In addition, the Diamond Grit blade enables the saw to cut through materials like ceramic tiles and cement boards.

On the other hand, the rk3441 mini circular saw has only one blade for cutting wood materials. It appears that the rk3440 model takes the lead in this regard.


Another unique feature of an rk3440k VersaCut is its laser guide which saves the time and effort that you might require in measuring a cut twice. Besides, the laser guide assists you to perform a precise cut on the material.

On the other hand, the rk3441k saw does not have a laser guide. However, you can still make precision cuts for its blade happens to be on the left side, making the cut-line more visible.

Bevel Capacity

Rk3441 is handy when you need to make a bevel cutting. When you need to make a bevel cut for greater accuracy, you should choose an rk3441 circular saw.

An rk3440k is not the best saw for performing a bevel cut. Hence, artisans do not recommend it for a bevel cut.

What Makes Them Similar?

Besides these differences, both tools have many similarities as well. Both are portable and easy to use. To understand them better, take a sharp look at their similarities here.


Both rk3440k and rk3441k offer an speed up to 3500 RPM. The 5-amp motor of rk3441 makes it able to cut through materials as thick as 2 inches. However, the 4-amp motor of rk3440k can still perform on different types of materials.

In comparison to traditional circular saws, the blades of both rk3440k and rk3441k are noticeably thinner. This is understandable as their motors are not as powerful as the ones found in traditional circular saws. Hence, the blade of these two mini-circular saws is perfectly compatible with their motors.


Both of the saws have a slim rear which means you can hold the saw with your hand. This way you can have a good grip and control over the saw that is necessary for balance and precision.


Due to their compact designs, they look almost the same. Moreover, the materials used in these two circular saws are sturdy and durable. Hence, you can rely upon their promises of longevity and strength.

If you are not yet ready to choose between the two saws, consider some of their pros and cons.

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw: Pros and Cons


  • Due to its compact design, rk3441k is very lightweight and portable. Hence, this is easy to use and maneuver.
  • The slim grip facilitates you to hold it more comfortably which means you get more control over the saw.
  • Thick pieces of wood are not a concern when you have an rk3441k mini circular saw.
  • It enables you to perform bevel cutting.


  • It is not the best saw for cutting glass or heavy metals.

Rockwell RK3440K Super Compact Circular Saw: Pros and Cons


  • Laser Guide helps you maintain accuracy and precision.
  • It has a security lock that prevents automatic start. This component provides an extra sense of safety and assurance.
  • The 3-Blade Kit makes it super versatile when it comes to cutting various materials.
  • Easy to grab and control.


  • You cannot rely on this saw for bevel cuts.
  • You have to choose the right blade for the material. Otherwise, the blades can damage.

Last Statement

Rockwell makes both of these mini circular saws in a compact design. Both are comfortable to use and maneuver. Besides, the cutting capacity of these tools is undoubtedly amazing. Making plunge and rip cuts are not something of a concern when you have one of these tools.

However, choosing between Rockwell rk3440k and rk3441k depends on the materials you work on. If you happen to be working with various types of materials such as wood, metal, and ceramic- an rk3440k is your tool. However, if you work on only wood, an rk3441k can be your go-to saw.

I have tried to be impartial so that you can get a clear idea of both saws. Hopefully, you can make good choices when it comes to rockwell rk3441k vs rk3440k.

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