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How to Cut Marble Tile? – 7 Easy Steps

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

Marble tiles are useful when doing the construction or to add more beauty in an upstanding building. When adding beauty to your room, it may sound expensive to hire an expert to do the cutting while you can easily do it yourself. Are you astonished? If yes, then you should not.

This article is purposely for the DIYs. It gives well-detailed steps on how to cut marble tile without chipping. It describes the cutting process using readily available tools and all the cautions you should take to observe your safety.

How To Cut Marble Tile By A Wet Saw

Cutting a marble tile using a wet saw is appropriate for both professionals and beginners. It has straightforward operations, which will be simple for beginners. Further, this tool reduces the wastage of the marble tiles from breakages. You can choose to purchase a professionally wet tile saw or decide to hire from the nearby workshop.

Tools and materialswet saw

Step 1: Assemble All The Tools

Before starting any activity, you should ensure that you have all the tools required for the process. It helps to avoid wastage of time in search of an item after starting the cutting. Also, it helps to ensure that you have the right items with you to prevent wastage after using the wrong tool. Thus it is crucial to assemble the tools and materials highlighted above before you start the cutting process.

Step 2: Mark The Cutting Points

How To Cut Marble Tile - Mark The Cutting Points

This step is vital on how to cut a marble tile without breaking. Use a washable marker to mark lines on the position you want to have a cut on the tile. The lines should be very straight to avoid any wastage of the tile, which can be expensive. In case of any wrong marking, use a damp cloth to wipe them off. However, accuracy is essential to prevent wrong markings, which will help to save your time. You can prefer to use a ruler for accurate drawings.

Step 3: Wear Safety Elements

Wear Safety Elements when using a Wet Saw
Cuts from a marble tile usually take forever to heal. Not to say that a piece of the tile in your eyes may cause total blindness. As a precaution, you should wear an appropriate safety element when doing this activity. Wear some goggles to prevent the tiny tile pieces from finding their way into your eyes.  Also, rubber gloves will be good for your hands. The rubber gloves help to make the grip of your hand firmer. In addition, handle the marble tile with a lot of attention to avoid any accidental cuts.

Step 4: Install The Wet Saw With A Diamond Blade

Wet Saw Diamond Blade

A diamond blade is a vital tool on “how to cut marble tile without breaking.” When installing it in your wet saw you will need to be keen because it can cause very severe cuts. First, remove the existing blade in your wet saw by unscrewing the existing nuts. After removing the nut, place the diamond blade on the wet saw with the teeth facing on the cutting direction. Then screw back the nuts and ensure that they are tight enough to hold the diamond blade in its place.

Step 5: Fill The Saw With Cold, Clean Water

Locate the reservoir in the blade and fill it with clean cold water. Coldwater is very useful when cutting a marble tile using a wet saw to help cool the blade. Further, the cold water keeps away the dust particles for easier cleaning of the tile.  If you are planning to have multiple cuts, you will have to refill the reservoir. Thus have some more cold water close to you.

Step 6: Do The Actual Cutting

Cut Marble Tile

Place the tile to be cut on a smooth surface with the marked side facing you. Run the saw for some seconds for a good flow of water in the blade. After this, you are ready to do the cutting on the tile. Carefully push the tile towards the saw and ensure that you completely feed it in the saw.  After cutting the tile turn the saw off the tile and remove the tile from the cutting surface.

Step 7: Smoothen The Edges

Rubbing StoneA rubbing stone is essential to have smooth edges of your marble tile. Place the rubbing stone at an angle of 45 degrees on one edge. Rub it slowly and carefully to all the edges until they are all smooth. This step requires a high level of carefulness to avoid breaking the tile or cutting your hands. Hence a critical step on how to cut marble tile.


Cutting a marble tile is a simple task with well-detailed guidelines. In this accord, this article has highlights on how to cut marble tile without chipping. It has the precautions you should take, such as wearing goggles to avoid preventable accidents. It is appropriate for all the DIY’s with the steps you should take to have a clean cut.

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